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Bejiita's Fansubs

Distribution - OPEN
Trades - OPEN...!!!


I am proud to say, I'm Back!!! After so many months, I am back. And I am stocking up, hopefully by next two or three months, I should have every single Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT episodes every made. For now, I have tons of tapes already. And, for holidays I am having specials, and again I have special deals if you buy sagas or sets of tapes. For all the specials and deals and all sorts GO TO THE FANSUB PAGE. Located on the menu bar to the LEFT!

Thanks to Dania, and all those other people that have bought tapes from me in the past. You guys built this. dance.

1/10/00 - I just got the website up!
2/1/00 - I just got the Majin Vegeta Saga, AWESOME SAGA, episodes 224-239. I also just got GT episodes 1-4.
In the next two weeks, I will have all OF GT, that's right, episodes 1-64.
4/23/00 - As of now, i have the Garlic Jr. Saga, Trunks Saga, Android Saga, Non-Perfect Cell Saga, Cell Games, Tenkai Ichi Budokai Saga, Majin Vegeta Saga, Gotenks Saga, Vegitto Saga, end of DBZ, Movies 7-13, Both DBZ specials, and all of GT episodes some are misssing but basically all.

This is a Sour Production.