Other Fushigi Yuugi sites:

Ask the Suzaku Seishi The place to find the Suzaku side

Ask the Mikos The place to find Yui and Miaka.

Ask Yui and Tasuki A fun site to visit for some very interesting answers...

Tomo no Miko's Page A shrine to Tomo, also with clubs, Gaiden scans and lots more.

Aoi Ryuu Lovely site dedicated to all of the Seiryuu Seishi. Contains a variety of information and some rare MP3s.

Dark Stranger Chaotic Serenity's site, full of intelligent essays and great fanfiction. Definitely check this one out.

The Fire of Suzaku's Wings Excellent comprehensive Fushigi Yuugi shrine. One of the best general FY sites we've found.

The Shrine to the Psychotic Yo-yo Boy of Love Suboshi really likes this one. Lots of pictures and sound files.

Eternal Flame: A Shrine to Nakago and Soi Crystal_tiara17's shrine, with good information, images and other fun stuff about Nakago and Soi.

Hieisan no Homepage Image galleries, not only of us but of Rurouni Kenshin and Yuu Yuu Hakushou too!

Tears of Amber, a shrine to Tomo A great fanfiction and fanart archive devoted to Tomo

Illusions: A Shrine to Tomo Still under construction, but a good start to a Tomo shrine! Fushigi Yuugi Info Lots of great Fushigi Yuugi sites are archived here.

Want to explore Chinese opera?

Peking Opera: Listen to the Chinese opera!

Taiwanese Culture page: Great information about the opera

The Roles in Chinese opera: includes pictures and sound samples! (Tomo is a jing, in case you were wondering)

Other Anime sites and miscellaneous:

Tsutsuji's Anime Trading Cards Tsutsuji's own stash of trading cards for sale or trade. Katsu's page, devoted to Gundam Wing and other anime, including Fushigi Yuugi. Also contains a place to buy stuff.

Lucid's Japanese Sales PageMy friend from Japan has good stuff to sell here, ranging from manga to dvds and beyond, for reasonable prices. Go take a look!


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