A Few Rules and Suggestions

1) This is not an R-rated site. Therefore, profanity, extreme hentai, racial or otherwise offensive slurs will not be tolerated, and your letter will not be answered. ANY abuse directed toward the website owners will NOT be tolerated! People who engage in such contact will be blacklisted and no letters will be answered nor will any response be given. We're sorry to have to put this, but we've had some trouble.

2) "I hate you, die" etc. is not a letter. We understand you may not like some of us, but flat out hate mail will not be answered, so please don't waste our time or yours.

3) Often, we get so many letters it is nearly impossible to answer them all. We try to answer at least one from each writer, but if you write seven and only three get replied to, don't be upset. We simply don't have the space.

4) Please check the archives for responses...if we get too many repeated questions we won't reply to all of them.

5) Tomo and Soi are aware some people don't approve of their lifestyles. They don't care.

6) None of us are looking for a significant other right now, so please don't ask.

7) This site is updated whenever Tsutsuji has time. Sometimes that's a week, sometimes a month. We aim for every two weeks but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Sending "update your site!" letters to the seishi or Tsutsuji not only slows this down, it really gets annoying, so don't. We will update when there is time, period.

8) If you've checked all these and your letter still didn't get answered, please try sending again. It's likely it got lost or we ran out of space.

Fanfic rules: We like to read fanfics, but please only send them on these conditions:

1) No hentai/yaoi. We don't like it; frankly, it's boring. The first thing they tell you in writing school is never write sex; it's usualy boring and poorly exectued. (Or, so bad it's funny.)

2) Absolutely no self-insertion. That's only interesting to the person writing it. We actually dislike this far more than hentai.

3) Unless it's a parody, please keep the seishi in character.

That said, please send fanfic to Tsutsuji. Please keep in mind, if you ask for a review, we will give you an honest, editor's review. (Tsutsuji is an editor and writer herself) If you're looking for someone to just say "this is good" you won't find it here. But, if you want an honest opinion and want to improve your story, we will review it. We only review if requested to do so.

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