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Final Update: 10-30-04

Well, everyone, it's been lots of fun, but we don't have time to run this site anymore. It will remain up, but it will be static. We hope you all enjoyed it, we sure did. Best wishes, all.

Katsu is cleaning out her collection and has FY stuff for sale! Look here.

New rule! If you write to all of us, please limit the letters to three questions. When we get long strings of questions to all seven of us, that can result in 50+ answers per letter, and we just can't do it. Thanks for understanding!

Wondering what those new Eikou Den OVAS are about? Katsu has written synopses for the first two episodes. Check them out here.


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Tsutsuji put up some of her Otakon 2000 pictures. See them here.

Tsutsuji likes to make dolls as a hobby. Check out pictures!See them here.

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