Trowa's Speech

"oh, quatra, it doesn't matter how it happened, but the colonies have teamed up with oz. and we have to keep in mind that it does mark the end of a war. at the same time it means that our missions have come to an end. from our point of view, it's disappointing that the colonies we have been fighting for have changed their perspectives. that's what happens in wars. we've got no choice but to accept it. the only question left, is what happens with the remaining soldiers. what happens within our hearts. with us gundam piolets, we were completely trained to be soldiers before we even realized it. when you put everything into a battle you start to think that you can change the times all by yourself, don't you. but quatra, you're not the only one who feels that way. we all do. but the kinder you are, the bigger the toll it takes on you. we have to fight with ourselves, within our hearts. and we have to do it harshly in order to come to the right conclusions, even if it means our battles today are meaningless. we have to acknowledge the facts. the five of us have become nothing more than the gundam soldiers, quatra. so now, lets accept it, turn back into the nice guy i once knew. i just hope that something triggers your mind and calms you down. something..."                                             -trowa barton