Treize's Speech

"...tradition is a history. it's the history of caring built by the deep, true feelings of people. i do think, that fighting in battles can indeed at times seem beautiful. but at the same time, i'd like to express my regret over the lost souls by appealing to you to recognize how priceless man's life is. i beleive what mankind needs is not absolute victory, but a certain demeanor in fighting. an attitude toward fighting. i fear that the era of the soul-less mobile dolls, in other words, the era that the romafeller foundation is creating, may become an embarrassment to the people of the future. i used to think that the ideals of people in the space colonies, such as their highly priced pacifism, were just pitiful complaints born out of their ignorance of tradition.... new warriors were born that surpassed even my ideals, the gundam piolets.... tradition appears blurred in along side their pure feelings. from a historical point of view, warriors who have lost what they were protecting, and were further betrayed by what they were protecting, are losers. but they do not recognize themselves as such. not only that, but they retain a strong will to continue fighting.... the emotions of those who are thought to be beautiful, are always full of sorrow. and honored tradition disappears in the cry of the weak. winners of a battle will eventually decline in power and become losers. and then those losers will cultivate a new leader. i'm telling you i want to be a loser.... with a fancy gun that has long forgotten the meaning of war, i would feel no emotion even if i were to shoot and enemy right through the heart. it's not that a pure person has no emotions, it's that their mind is free.                                             -treize kushranada