Character Profiles: Outer Scouts

English Name: Michelle
Japanese Name: Kaoiu Michiru
Transforms To: Sailor Neptune
Age: ?
Birthday: March 6th
Astrololgical Sign: Pisces
Likes: To play the Violin
Hobbies: Collecting Cosmetics
Favorite Food: Sashimi
Favorite Color: Marine Blue
Favorite Subject: Music
Has Trouble With: Sea Cucumbers
Dream: To be a violinist

Sailor Neptunes Attacks:

Deep Submerge
Neptune Planet Power
Aqua Mirror Reflector

In the Japanese version, Michiru and Haruka are lovers. However, this was censored in the English version. So instead of being lovers, they are cousins.
English Name: Amara
Japanese Name: Ten'ou Haruka
Transforms To: Sailor Uranus
Age: ?
Birthday: January 27th
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Hobbies: Driving
Favorite Food: Salad
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Subject: P.E.
Has Trouble With: Confessing
Dream: To be a racer

Sailor Uranus's Attacks:

- World Shaking
- Uranus Planet Power Make Up
- Space Sword Blaster
English Name: Hotaru
Japanese Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Transforms To: Sailor Saturn
Age: ?
Birthday: January 6th
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Hobbies: Reading, Collecting Lamps
Favorite Food: Nihon Soba (Noodles)
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Subject: World History
Has Trouble With: Marathons
Dream: To be a doctor
Sailor Saturn's Attacks:

- Silence Glaive Surprise
- Death Reborn Revolution

Sailor Saturn becomes Mistress Nine when she swallows Rini's heart crystal. She is Professor Tomoe's daughter.
English Name: Trista
Japanese Name: Meiou Setsuna
Transforms To: Sailor Pluto
Age: ?, College Student
Birthday: October 29th
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Hobbies: Shopping
Favorite Food: O-Cha (Green Tea)
Favorite Color: Dark Red
Favorite Subject: Physics
Has Trouble With: Cockroaches
Dream: To be a designer

Sailor Pluto's Attacks:

- Dead Scream
- Pluto Planet Power Make Up
- Dark Dome Close