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English Name: Darien
Japanese Name: Chiba Mamoru
Transforms To: Tuxedo Mask, Moonlight Knight
Age: ? College Student
Birthday: August 3rd
Astrological Sign: Leo
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Subject: Physics
Has Trouble With: Serena's Crying
Dream: To be a doctor or Geneticist

Darien is Tuxedo Kamen(Mask), Protector of Earth. He was Prince Endymion of the Golden Kingdom of Earth in the Past. He was Evil Prince Endymion when Beryl kidnapped him and is also King Endymion in the future "Crystal Tokyo". He is also the Tsukikage no Knight(The Moonlight Knight).

Tuxedo Kamen attacks with razor sharp red roses or a cane. In manga, he has kinetic powers. Moonlight Knight attacks with white roses and is skilled with a sword.
English Name: Rini
Japanese Name: Chibi Usa
Transforms To: Sailor Chibi Moon
Age: ?
Birthday: June 30th
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Hobbies: Collecting Usagi Goods
Favorite Food: Pudding
Favorite Colors: Red, Pink
Favorite Subject: Drawing
Has Trouble With: Taking of the house
Dream: To be a lady

Sailor Chibi Moon can transform into Super Sailor Chibi Moon. She is Princess Serenity of Crystal Tokyo, a city in the future. Her parents are King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity. She goes back in time to help Sailor Moon fight the Dark Moon Family. She also goes back in time later to become a Sailor Senshi (Scout). Chibi Usa falls in love with Elios, who appeared to her in a dream as Pegasus and asked for help. During the second season of Sailor Moon, Chibi Usa becomes Wicked Lady of the Dark Moon Kingdom.
English Name: Translates Small Small
Japanese Name: Chibi Chibi
Transforms To: Sailor Chibi Chibi
Age: 2
Birthday: June 30th
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Favorite Food: Donuts
Favorite Colors: Red, Blue

The History of Chibi Chibi:

Chibi Chibi floats from the sky with an umbrella. She is adopted as Serena's little sister. She often gets into trouble. She is from the future, but her origins are from the past.
A long time ago, during the Sailor Wars, Chaos ws taking over the galaxy. Sailor Scouts from all over the galaxy came to fight, but Chaos was too strong for them. It looked as though the whole galaxy would be destroyed.

The only Senshi strong enough to defeat Chaos was Sailor Galaxia. She was the Golden Queen and Guardian of the Galaxy. She was able to trap Chaos inside of her where Chaos could not be released. But, then, Chaos started taking over Galaxia and turned her evil as well. She could not release Chaos, or the galaxy would be destroyed.

Before all the good inside her was lost, Sailor Galaxia released her Star Seed, "The Light of Hope", in the hopes it would one day defeat Chaos inside her. Her Star Seed was Chibi Chibi.

Galaxia became evil as Chaos overcame her. Whe waged a war to give Chaos control of the Galaxy Cauldron, the place where all the stars are born. She does this by taking the Star Seeds that belong to all the Senshi in the universe, the ones that shine forever. If a senshi's star seed is taken, she dies unless she becomes one of Galaxia's servants, the Sailor Anima Mates.

Galaxia gains more and more power as she collects star seeds and Chaos takes control of the Galaxy Cauldron, becoming part of it.

Sailor Moon gives her life to fight Galaxia. When it looks as though they've lost, Chibi Chibi's tears form a new star seed that enters Eternal Sailor Moon. In a pink light, Chibi Chibi becomes Sailor Cosmos. In the future, Sailor Cosmos is the final transformation of Sailor Moon.

This future held only death and destruction. Sailor Cosmos travelled back in time to help Sailor Moon destroy the Galaxy Cauldron, controlled by Chaos, so the future would not suffer. Chibi Chibi persuades Sailor Moon to fight and kill Galaxia, using herself as a sword. Galaxia destroys the sword, but Sailor Moon finds the good in Galaxia. She is then freed from Chaos, who is still imprisoned inside her. This gives life back to Chibi Chibi and all the others that died when there star seeds were taken by Galaxia.