Character Profiles: Inner Scouts

English Name: Amy
Japanese Name: Mizuno Ami
Transforms To: Sailor Mercury
Age: 14
Birthday: September 10th
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Likes: Books, Chess
Dislikes: Practical Jokes
Hobbies: Reading, Chess, Computers
Favorite Food: Sandwiches, Anmitsu
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Subject: Math
Dream: To be a doctor

Ami is the brainy Sailor Scout. She is a cat lover, so that is why she is often seen holding Luna.
English Name: Raye
Japanese Name: Hino Rei
Transforms To: Sailor Mars
Age: 14
Birthday: April 17th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Likes: Meditation
Dislikes: TV
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Food: Fugu(Blowfish), Thai Food
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Animal: Panda
Favorite Subject: Classical Literature
Dream: To be a head priestess

Rei spends a lot of time and her grandfather's temple. It's called Hikawa Temple.
English Name: Lita
Japanese Name: Kino Mikoto
Transforms To: Sailor Jupiter
Age: 14
Birthday: December 5th
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Likes: Romance Novels
Dislikes: Airplanes
Hobbies: Cooking
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Animal: Horse
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Dream: Having a cake shop, being a bride

Lita hates planes because her parents died in a plane crash.
English Name: Mina
Japanese Name: Aino Minako
Transforms To: Sailor Venus
Age: 14
Birthday: October 22nd
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Likes: Sports, Dance
Dislikes: Show-offs, Police
Hobbies: Playing Games
Favorite Food: Curry, Gyouza (Stuffed Dumplings)
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Animal: Birds
Favorite Subject: Gymnastics
Dream: To be an idol

Mina was the first Sailor Scout and was known as Sailor V.