Shishi Gami

The Shishi Gami or the God of the Forest is a supreme being that has the power over life and death of all that lives in the forest. At every step plants and flowers sprout from the place where his feet touch the ground and die off immediately afterwards. He has the power to take life and give life. He doesn't seem to carry any grudge against humans in spite of their efforts to conquer the forest and to get hold of his head. All creatures in the forest respect and obey him altough the faith of the Boar Gods has been dealth a serious blow after they learned that he saved Ashitaka's life while he let the Boar God Lord Nago die. When he crosses a lake or a pool he walks on the water surface. The Shishi Gami is born during the new moon and repeats his life and death cycle every month according to the phases of the moon. It is believed that his head carries the power of eternal youth.