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Ryuk is a Shinigami and owner of a Death Note. He drops his in the human world in the hopes that a human will pick it up and use it. Ryuk does not like Light and often finds amusement in his misfortunes and fails to tell Light key details about the Death Note. However, he will help Light when it is to his advantage, especially if he is trying to obtain apples.

Rem is the female Shinigami that gives Misa her Death Note. She cares deeply for Misa and even gives her life in order to save her. She tells light she will kill him if Misa dies before her time. She trades Misa for her Shinigami Eyes the first time.

Shido is the third Shinigami seen in the human world and is the original owner of the Death Note Ryuk drops at the beginning of the series. Sidoh follows Ryuk for an extended amount of time demanding he give back the Death Note, but Ryuk eventually admits he has no idea the whereabouts of Sidoh's Death Note. He eventually finds his Death Note, which has fallen into the hands of Mello, and informs Mello of the incorrect rules written within.