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Yoruichi Shihouin

Alias(es): Flash Master
Race: Soul Reaper
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5'1" (156 cm)
Weight: 92.6 lbs (42 kg)
Voice(s): Wendee Lee, Terrence Stone
Character Description:

Yoruichi is a noble and is the former Guundanchou, or Head of the Military, in Onmitsukidou. However, she is a very laid back person and insists Soi Fong calls her Yoruichi instead of "Ruling Commander."

Yoruichi has the ability to transform into a black cat, and, as part of her disguise, her voice deepens to sound male. However, the ability she is best known for in the Soul Society is flash step, and she is known as Shunshin (Goddess of Flash). She also created a technique that combines hakudo (hand-to-hand military combad) with kidou (demon arts). This is refered to as Shunkou, or flash release. It is undetermined if Yoruichi possesses a zanpakuto.