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10th Division

Name: Toushiro Hitsugaya
Alias(es): Captain Hitsugaya, The Genius
Race: Soul Reaper
Age: Approx. 13
Birthday: December 20
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Teal
Height: 4'11" (151 cm)
Weight: 90.4 lbs (41 kg)
Status: Captain
Division: 10th
Zanpakuto: Hyourinmaru
Voice(s): Steve Staley
Character Description:

Hitsugaya is the youngest Captain in the Soul Society. However, he is far more mature than the other Captains in spite of his age. Unfortunately, he is not always given the respect he deserves for his position. He is typically well composed when fighting until someone he is close to is attacked. His inexperience due to his age shows in these moments because he loses control.

His zanpakuto is the strongest ice/water type in the Soul Society. Its shikai is a large ice dragon that is capable of controlling the weather and freezing any surrounding water, including water that is in the air. His bankai grants him large wings of ice that allow him to fly.

Name: Rangiku Matsumoto
Race: Soul Reaper
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Sky blue
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 125.7 lbs (57 kg)
Status: Lieutenant
Division: 10th
Zanpakuto: Haineko (Ash Cat)
Voice(s): Megan Hollingshead
Character Description:

Not much is known about Matsumoto's past. What is known is that she was orphaned as a small child. This is revealed when Ichimaru asks her what her birthday is, and she says she does not know. Together, they decide her birthday will be the day they met because it was the day she was no longer alone.

Matsumoto is free spirited and easygoing, which is a stark comparison to her Captain Hitsugaya. She often annoys him when she does not do her paper work.

She is never able to achieve the final release of her zanpakuto.