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Momo Hinamori

Race: Soul Reaper
Birthday: June 3
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 4'11" (151 cm)
Weight: 90.4 lbs (41 kg)
Status: Vice Captain
Division: 5th
Zanpakuto: Tobiume
Voice(s): Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Character Description:

Momo Hinamori is a sweet and caring person. Unlike many of the other Soul Reapers, she despises fighting and tries to solve problems by non-violent means. She is naive and easily deceived, which is apparent when she thought Hitsugaya was trying to destroy the Soul Society.

Even though she does not like violence, when she is upset, she can lose complete control over herself and ignore her preference of a peaceful resolution. This is typical when something happens to someone she cares about because she feels the overwhelming need to avenge them.

Hinamori's zanpakuto acts as a focus for her spirtual power, concentrating it into pink-colored energy bursts capable of cratering floors and breaching walls. She can also compress her power into a single massive energy ball.