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Uryuu Ishida

Alias(es): Quincy
Race: Human/Quincy
Age: 15
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (54.9 kg)
Blood Type: AB
Voice(s): Derek Stephen Prince
Character Description:

Ishida is a character that often separates himself from others. He keeps himself busy by joining a sewing club.

Ishida is of the Quincy race and initially feels it is necessary to defeat Ichigo because of this fact. The Quincies were once regarded as Soul Reapers until it was discovered that the Hallows they destroyed weren't purified. Because this could eventually lead to a disaster of apocalyptic proportions, the Soul Societed created a law demanding the destrection of all those of the Quincy race.

When Ishida initially finds out he is a Quincy, he immediately wants to learn to nurture this side of him. When his grandfather learns of his intentions, he is thrilled that someone wants to continue the family's bloodline. However, his father disapproves of his decision and forbids him to do so. His grandfather then agrees to teach him all he knows about his Quincy heritage in secrecy.

After Ishida's grandfather teaches him to perfect his powers, his grandfather is killed by Hollows and is taken away by the Soul Society. The Soul Reapers stood by while the Hollow killed his grandfather, and this is the origin of Ishida's hate for them.

Later in the series, Ishida befriends Ichigo and his friends. When Rukia is taken back to the Soul Society by Byakuya, Ishida agrees to help Ichigo save her from execution.

While he is in the Soul Society, Ishida meets Kurotsuchi, the man who killed his grandfather. He vows to kill Kurotsuchi but fails because Kurotsuchi is stronger than him. During this battle, Ishida breaks the promise he made to his grandfather to never break the stem off of his glove because he would lose his Quincy powers. Doing this makes him stronger than ever for the remainder of the battle. However, after it is finished, Ishida's powers quickly diminish. Ishida does not tell his friends about the loss of his powers, and it isn't discovered by the others that they are gone until Bountou appear.

Yoshino, the Bountou that discovers the absence of Ishida's powers, is later killed by Kairya Jin because she betrayed the Bountou clan. Ishida vows to avenge her death and works every night to regain his powers in order to do so. Nemu is sent back to Earth to give Ishida a bracelet which temporarily restores his Quincy powers.