Legend of Basara is a story about the twins Tatara and Sarasa. Tatara is a legendary warrior who fights against the Red King. Tatara dies, and his sister, Sarasa, assumes his identity. As Tatara, Sarasa goes on a quest to find the four Sacred Swords, one of whom was Tatara's.

Along the way, Sarasa meets and falls in love with a man named Shuri, who is also the Red King. Neither one knows who the other one really is and that they are enemies. So, Sarasa and Shuri meet up several times along the way.

Before Tatara can battle the Red King, he has to first deal with Shido. Shido is Shuri's "right hand man." In one of the last episodes, Tatara kills Shuri.

Sarasa and Shuri are both taken prisoner by the Blue King because they are mistaken for slaves. Sarasa and Shuri escape and vow to defeat their enemies.