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Here are hte things you'll never hear a RK character say:

Hiko:Drinking is not the answer.

Sano: Violence amounts to nothing.

Kaoru:Who cares about Kenshin anymore? I want Saitoh.

Yahiko:Thanks for the food,Kaoru-sama!

Aoshi:And now I'll recite my essay named: "Expressing one's feelings".

Misao:Sure Kamatari, I'll help you get a date with Aoshi-sama!

Kenshin:Fuck this peaceful crap, I'll kick your ass!

Shishio:I want to be like Robin Hood.

Kenshin: If you want tofu, Kaoru-dono, get it yourself!

Misao: I think it's too risky, let's make a plan.

Aoshi:And then he fell off! Hahahahaha! I can't stop laughing!

Sano: We should discuss this like rational adults.

Hiko: No thank you, I don't drink.

nickname : Liddybird
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something Saitoh would never say:
"Maybe I should do something with my bangs"
"Gototze isn't fun anymore, I will use a slingshot from now on"
"I'm too slap happy to fight Hitokiri Battousai"

nickname : Michelle A.

Sano: Oh that police uniform just looks fabulous on you Saitou!
Sano:Here's the money I owe you Tae-san
Hiko: You're right (sniff) I'm really just insecure. Can I get a hug?
Aoshi: Tee hee hee, oh Misao, you so Crazy!


Aoshi: Screw tea! Give me sake!


Saitou: I love you, Kenshin!
Megumi: Sano, you so fiiiiine!
Kenshin: Screw this "no-killing" shit! I want to see blood!
Sano: Saitou-sama, can I be your buddy?
Kaoru: Dammit Kenshin!!! If you don't get in that kitchen and start cooking, I am serioualy gonna kick your ass!!!
Yahiko: Using swords suck. I wanna collect Pokemon cards!
Kenshin (to Ayame and Suzumi): You damn brats!!! Let go of my f*cking legs!!!!
Misao: I hate you Aoshi!!!!!
Kenshin (to Hiko): MY NAME IS SHINTA, DAMMIT!!!!!
Hiko: I think it's time I stop drinking and switch to tea...
Aoshi: I don't care about being the best!!! Second is all right with me!!!
Kaoru: I'm turning this dojo into a beef stew house!!

Nickname:The Webmaster

Hiko:i have to admit kenshin's smarter and tougher than i ever was.

Nickname: Winter Graced
Enishi: Kenshin, man, I love you!!!
Kaoru: Thanks for saving me and all, guys, but I think Iíll stay here with my little Enishi.
Yahiko: Oh, no, Thank you though, Kenshin-san, Kaoru-san, I am not hungry.
Kaoru: God Dammit Kenshin! If you say Kaoru-dono one more time, I swear Iím sleeping with Sano!
Sano: Megumi, not now; go away. Itís too late and Iím tired.
Yahiko: Sure, Kaoru, Iíll scrub the dojo floors! Would you like me to give you a foot message afterwards?
Kenshin: Man, I am so sick damn sick of saving everyoneís ass all the time!
Sano: Yoo hoo, oh Keny, come back to bed please!
Hiko: Oh Kenshin, Iím so sorry for being such a jerk, please forgive me?
Misao: Iíve decided to take a vow of silence.
Aoshi: Hey guys, what are you doing tonight? I thought we could go clubbiní!

Nickname:Aya Yoshioto

Sanosuke: Kaoru, here. I'm paying you back all the money i ever borrowed from you. Now let's all go to Akabeko so i can pay Tai back too!
Saito: Sanosuke, you know, i love you man, even if i do wail on you all the time.
Sanosuke: Maybe i should think about defense when i fight...
Yumi: Sure Kamatari, you can have Shishio! *girlie laughing*
Kamatari: Oh no Yumi, that's ok. I decided that i should just go back to being a guy.
Sanosuke: I love the Meiji government!
Saito: I love the Meiji government!
Aoshi: I love the Meiji government!
Shishio: I love the Meiji government!
Hiko: Kenshin, my first rule in training is love. And i love you man. All you need is love.
Yahiko: Kaoru, you are so pretty. How do you get you hair to be so nice?
Sojiro: I would never spy on people. It is so sneaky!
Misao: Aoshi is so mean! Maybe he isn't as cool as i thought...
Kenshin: Megumi, would you mind if i came over tonight for a midnight bottle of sake...we need to get to know each other better.
Kaoru: Kenshin, you need to kick ____'s ass! Right now! Blood on the walls! Get going!
Kenshin: Yeah! When people go out of their way to find me so we can fight, then they'll get a fight.
Sanosuke: Can't we all just be friends? Kenshin, you shouldn't fight anybody.
Saito: Kenshin, you won our battle. You have way more skills then me. Can you teach me some moves sometime?
Sanosuke: Maybe i should start fighting with my Zanbatoue again so i won't get my ass kicked by everyone all the time.
Megumi: Does anyone want any drugs?
Shishio: Yumi, i'm sorry, i ran out of money to pay you with.
Yumi: That's ok. I've been sleeping with Sojiro for the last month.
Sojiro: Ahhhh! I need some alone time! *cries* No one ever understands where i'm coming from.
Misao: hey Yahiko, what are you doing tonight?

Nickname: Caroline Hang Vo

Sojiro: Maybe I should wear a frown on my face from now on.
Sanosuke: Wonder if I'm gay.
Misao: My name in vietnamese means fried noodles!
Kenshin: *whining* Do I have to go and save the people again?
Hiko: I never thought that Kenshin was a smart apprentice...maybe I should call him master from now on.
Gramps: Am I as old as I think I am? (Chanting: I'm 5 years old, I'm 5 years old..)
Aoshi: Ah!!! I'm blind!!!!! Ah!!! I'm blind!!!! I can't see!!!
Misao: Oh shut up Aoshi!! You just have a towel over your eyes, you're not blind!
Aoshi: Thank you Misao!!! You saved my eyes!!
Megumi: Sanosuke, shall we get married?
Kaoru: I want to marry Shishio!!
Yumi: Say what??! You want to marry him?!?! Ok then, I'll make the wedding plans!
Kenshin: I'm so sexy!! All the girls want me!!!!
Yahiko: Yum!! Kaoru's cookings are good!!!!
Sanosuke: Hey lil missy, can I call you Kaoru now since we're dating?
Hiko: Kenshin!! Save me!!! I can't fight!! I'm too scared!! Hey!! Kenshin, oh Kenshin!! My smart apprentice!! Save me oh great one!!
Misao: Maybe I should follow Kenshin's footsteps.
Misao: Should I join Kaoru's dojo?
Yahiko: Shishio!!! You're my God!!! Oh hail the great Shishio!!!
Shishio: I'm thinking I should follow Kenshin's way.
Aoshi: I LOVE Britney Spears!!! She's SOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!

Nickname: Blue Girl

Kaoru : To hell with kendo. Let's have cooking lessons by now ^^ !!
Kaoru : Foxes ?! I LOVE foxes.
Aoshi : Stop staring at me that way Misao !!! I'm GAY !! - Misao : Gasp. So I'll have to become a boyish-girly wierdness like Kamatari ???!!!
Misao : Life is so ugly. True, I don't like it.
Sano : Let's live Saito. It's not his fault, after all.
Misao : YAY !! I've a date with Aoshi-sama !! - Aoshi : Absurd. You're dreaming, girl.
Misao : Aoshi, I'm in love with you. - Aoshi : Cool. What's on the meal tonight ?
Sojiro : Aoshi is my best buddie. I love smiling, he never does, so he leaves me his turn ^^ !!
Aoshi : WOW !! A gattling gun !! I want one !!!
Sojiro : Everyone is sooooo mean to meeeeee !!! I'm just a pooooor child with a traumatizing childhood !!! - Misao : I sympathize. Aoshi is mean to me too. Marry me Sojiro !!!
Misao : Hey Aoshi, I've decided to call you Aoshi-kun. - Aoshi : WHAAAAT ?! Am I your Okashira or what ?!!
Aoshi : Misao, come here. I want a cuddle.

Nickname: Ecchi

Yahiko: Nice Kimono Kaoru, you have great taste, maybe we should have uniforms designed by you!
Yahiko: Come to think of it Lil'Yahiko is such a proper name for a swordsman, it makes me feel appreciated and understood! *tear
Sanosuke: look i payed of all my debts...what's that Kaoru? can i lend u some money? Why SURE...i think i'll be the financial provider from now on.
Kenshin: *has just saved people* So um, a little reward, say...a couple of gold coins? or maybe if not... you can all have a little talk with my sword...
Kenshin: *in combat* slash here... block there......wink at the ladies...


Kenshin (rapping) My name is who, my name is what...
Sano (singing) Somewhere over the rainbow...

Kaoru (screaming) DIEEEEEEEEEEE KENSHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megumi : Kenshin's gonna die? let's go see Yahiko
Yahiko (nodding) this should be fun

(Kenshin and Sano doing poses) Kenshin : I am the pink power ranger!
Sano: I'm the white power ranger!
(Yahiko runs in) : guys...power rangers are so out...Sailor Scouts are the rage now. (Sano yelling at Kenshin) SEE I TOLD YOU MAN!

Saito : I wuv the wittle wainbows, they make me feel all fuzzy wuzzy inside.
Sano : Me too!

Some assassin : Battosai time to fight!
Kenshin : Oh look a quarter! I don't have Mississippi yet!


Kenshin: I'm to sexy for my shirt, that i am, Too sexy for my shirt, that i am, too sexy it hurts, that it does.


Kenshin: Hey homies! Like my new hair cut!
Kaoru: Whaaaaaaa! Kenshin! I only liked you because of your mullet! Get out of my dojo now!
Yahiko: Tsubame dated me because I complimented her beauty secrets! But then she dumped me because I stole them and modeled them on national television!
Sano: Everyone says I should be the star of Bay Watch because look so good in a speedo!

Misao: I'm gonna marry Himura! But first I'd better get rid of that frigid bitch, Kaoru!
Aoshi: Hey everybody! Look I got a new kimono with I love Misao written ALL OVER IT! (Psst! hey Shiro, does it make my ass look too big?!)
Omasu: I hate Hiko! Hey Aoshi! Get out there and murder him for me! Kamatari is my favorite man now!

Yumi: Oh Shishio-sama! I've decided to dump you for Usui-sama!
Shishio: That's okay Yumi. I'm gonna start sleeping with Kamatari now!
Soujiro: That's physicaly impossible *says with a big frown*!
Soujiro: YAY! I'm a card carrying member of the Ken-gumi!!!!!Master Shishio look!!!!!!!!

Aoshi: I LOVE MISAO!!!!!!!!!!!! She makes me wanna sing the My Little Pony theme song at the top of my lungs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Misao: Yippee! As of today I am officially a girly-girl! Oh Okon, can I borrow your make-up!!! What the!? No Revlon!?

Nickname:Miss Daydream

Saitou: ORO!?
Aoshi: Trenchcoats are SOOOOO out. I think I'm gonna try a pink bunny pajamas!
Megumi: Oh Kauru! May I pleeeeaase learn some of your awsome cooking skills?
Kenshin: *singing the Samurai Jack theme song* God that gut is so damn cool!
Shishio: I am a mummmmmyyyyyy!!!
Yahiko: Screw this! I'm gonna learn how to fight with double Kodachis like that super cool guy, Aoshi!

Nickname:Rania Hamid


Shishio: ".... I knew I shouldn't have drank the water..."

Hiko: "Ugh, like...where's the cosmetics section?"

Kenshin: "Weee wiillll, weee willll rock you!!"

Yahiko: "I'm a lit-tle teacup, short and s..."

Shishio: "Do these wrappings make me look fat?"

Soujiro: "And he said, 'That's not a science experiment; THAT'S MY WIFE!' AAAHAHAHA!!"

Sano: "Megumi, ya got any 3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-Methylamphetamine to spare?"

Misao: "Hey Saitou, let's go make babies."

Saitou: "Omg. I LOVE your trenchie, Aoshi! Where'd ya get it?!"
Aoshi: "Omg it was on sale at Macy's!"

Nickname: ____________

Aoshi (Struggling, partially out the dojo door, to get away.): MISAO!!! MISAO HELP ME!!! GRANDPA'S GONE CRAZY AGAIN HE THINKS I'M A STRIPPER!!!!!! (Grandpa pulls Aoshi back in.)
Grandpa: Come here Hott Stuff!!!

Kenshin: I LOVE YOU MAN!!!

Kaoru: Kenshin, I wanna tell you something... I slept with Yahiko.
Kenshin: NANI?!?!?!?

Shishio: Kamatari!! HELP ME YUMI IS TRYING TO RAPE ME!!!!
Kamatari (Grining): Need help Yumi?

Saitou: KENSHIN!! MY KOI!!!!!!!

Nickname: Oniwabanshu

Yumi: I was so sad since the day I met up with Shishio.

Misao: I'm going to wear a kimono from now on.

Saitou: (To Misao) I'm sorry I ever called you weasel girl.

Kenshin: I will continue to train myself once again, to be as strong as I once was; when I was the Hitokiri Battousai...

Kenji: I will respect my father as much as I respect my mother.

Shishio: I will help the weaker since I'm much stronger.

Okina: I will stop chasing after little girls and accept the fact that I am an old man without any women.

Aoshi: Who cares about the title of the strongest. My camrade's are dead, I don't need to go through such trouble just to have the Oniwabanshu to be well known.

Kaoru: Kenshin!! I don't want you in this dojo any longer. You're ruining my reputation as Master of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryu... Kamaiya Kasshin ryu's ideals are based in Satsujin-ken (the sword is used to kill)

Yahiko: Geez.. Kenshin is so dull and lame, why was I so impressed about him in the first place?

Sanosuke: I was such an idiot when I was younger... to have believed in the ideals of Sagara Taichou and the Seikihoutai... stupid could I have been???

Enishi: Kenshin, I finally understand you. I'm sorry for giving you more grief.

Soujiou: As much as I like Shishio, I really am sick of helping him all the time.

Megumi: Well...i'm going back to the opium business with Kanryuu, like I had done in the beginning. I was wrong to have left it in the first place. I don't care about my family and what they think of me.

Hannya: I don't like the Oniwabanshu anymore. I refuse to respect the Okashira, Shinomori Aoshi any longer.

If you have any more ideas please feel free to send them to me. I'll post them with the proper credits ^^.

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