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Makimachi Misao

Name: Makimachi Misao
Age: 16
Height: 149 cm
Weight: 37 kg
Birthdate: 1863 November
Hair color: Blue-black
Eye color: Blue
Weapon: kunai (throwing knives)
Attack: Kansatsu tobikunai,
Ikari kechou no geri,
and Kenpo moves
First appearance: EP 33: "Time to be the
Strongest warrior!
Aoshi's New Battle"
Seiyuu: Sakurai Tomo

Misao's family died when she was very young, and she was left in the care of the Oniwabanshu (since she was the grandaughter of the former Okashira). She was trained and raised by Shinomori Aoshi and the other Oniwabanshu. She considers the Oniwabanshu her family and calls Okina Jiya (grandpa/old man). She always loved Aoshi (he took care of her and all -so cute-).

One night, the Tokyo Oniwabanshu and Aoshi left the Aioya (where the Oniwabanshu live and their restaurant). She was heartbroken and went to look for them.

In one of those travels he meet with Kenshin. Knowing he knew something about her Aoshi-sama (I love the Aoshi-sama thing ^^!), she followed him to Kyoto. There he encountered Aoshi, as he almost killed Okina. Kenshin promised her to bring Aoshi back to her. She promised in return that she would make him smile again (that's hard enough).

Kenshin did good on his promise and Aoshi returned to the Oniwabanshu. Now... if she could only make him smile ^_^! Now she goes around all day trying to make him smile or laugh (when she's not doing chores T_T).

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