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Aura: Welcome to the fanfics page at the shrine. This is a collection of fanfics, in which there's the Aoshi and Misao paring. I got to tell you the truth. Aoshi loves me, he just doesn't want to make Misao feel bad.

Misao: NANI! He loves ME! The fanfics say so.

Aura: That's why they're called fan FICTION.

Misao: You little...

Malu: Ok, cut it out! This is the fanfics, enjoy.

Author:V-chan e-mail/page

One Wish
Misao's eighteen birthday is comming up and a group of ninjas arrive at the Aioya. Who are these people? What is their connection with Misao and her past?
Category: Drama

For Your Love
Misao's growing up and her thoughts on her relationship with Aoshi.
Category: Drama

Author:Kaoru-sensei e-mail/page

At Aoshi's Expense
Misao decides to play a trick on Aoshi. (This is a very funny and cute fic. It's the one that turned me into the Aoshi and Misao fan that I am now ^^!)
Category: Funny, but it's not an Omake

Second Chances
Aoshi comes back to the Aioya after the Shishio battle.
Category: Drama

Whispered Goodbyes
Misao says goodbye to her fallen family members.

The Breaking Point
Misao gets tired of waiting for Aoshi to make the move and takes matters into her own hands.
Category: Drama

Author:Maria Vu e-mail/page

Hana Yori Misao: This story takes place in the present(1999) and it like the Hana Yori Dango story, but with Aoshi and Misao.

Category: Romance

.:prolouge.:. part1.:.part2.:.part3.:.part4.:.part5:.

Author:Ashfae e-mail/page

Koiji: Love's Pathway: In this story Misao decides that she needs to think the whole Aoshi thing and decides to take a break. What's Aoshi to do? Read it and find out ^^.

Category: Drama

.:part1.:. part2.:.part3.:.part4.:.part5.:.part6.:.part6(omake):.

Author: Silver Dreamer (Jen) e-mail

Deep Within: Misao kills herself after she comes to understand that Aoshi doesn't love her and that he's marrying someone else. What will become of our favorite couple?

.:Deep Within:.


If you wish to submit a fanfic, it must be Aoshi+Misao. They don't have to be the main characters, but they most have an important part in the plot.

Please don't take any of the fanfics here, they are posted here with permision of the authors. Please tell them if you like their work (it makes them to do more fanfics ^^).

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