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I decided to make this shrine on Akio because of what an interesting character I thought he was. I think that he is very misunderstood compared to most of the anime characters. And gawsh jolly, I hate that design of his in the movie! I mean that they made him such a weak character, just falling down to his sister for what happened. Can you believed that he stabbed her after finding out what had happened? Well, I'm sorry to say that he is actually a dead guy in this movie.. His place in the show is even higher than Touga, the sexy student council president. He is the great Dean of Ohtori Academy, and he is a complete angelic womanizer. I decided to make a shrine on this sexual god because while watching this series I practically fell in luv with him when watching him make his moves upon the innocent young delicious Utena...^.~

About and Reason
I made this shrine in reason because I wanted people to explore him deeper and see that his life is not as easy going as it seems to be. He must have difficulties like us too, perhaps even worse! You must admit that even humans have their own temptations once in a while and want's something badly. If you do like Akio, you can come over and email him about your own opinions of him. I believe that there might be some nudity..can't remember, and also the manga and anime pictures are seperated. Also, tell me about what else I could add to this site and if you have any info or pics on him I would gladly give credit to you for it, so enjoy.

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Before we leave..
Thanks alot for coming and visiting my site! I really appreciate visitors for experiencing what it is like to have a small shrine. This place has been made with hard work and if you have any comment once again email me telling me how I can improve on making my site better. If you have your own opinions of Akio, I would gladly put them up If you would like me to and also I would be very happy to accept nice comments. Please don't flame me or else I would have a very, very bad breakdown >.< Again, I just wanted to say that I thank you a lot for coming to my little remote site....and I always hope good luck fur all of u guys out there who accidently ventured in, oh well.....Ja ne! (And all Akio lovers out there, if you are being accused of liking a villain come and tell me about it!)Please also visit Milk and Cookies fur personal info on chuchu, milk and cookies.....yummie, just like Akio.....


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