Sono Kurimuzon Magumanta
The Crimson Magmanta

The Kusanagi and the Hakeshu (Yagami)Almost four thousand years ago, the Venerable Ohisama in leagues with Susan-o blessed those which worshipped the mighty blessing the light which gave with the awesome power of the orbs of life, known as Magatama (soon changed to magmanta for deception). It is a holy fire, unhampered by the claims of evil and darkness. With this ample power, the clan's name was now known as the "Kusanagi" (loosely translated as Earth slayers), and the "Hakeshu" (graceful hearth) . The Kusanagi and Hakeshu clans grew well known, for their honest acts and good deeds upon the lands which they inhibited, not to mention their insurmountable martial art prowess.

An era came, an era of unspeakable horrors were brought forth, mankinds deeds had seeped into the soil which the Kusanagi, Hakeshu and Kushinada had protected for ages. The Yamata no Orochi (translated the "The Eight headed Hydra of Ancient Japan") had awoken from the bowels of earth, to reign a new era with his chosen people. Those which wanted to rule the earth with an iron fist, to serve it's master. This war came to be and the three respective clans used their powers of the awesome might to vanquish the orochi threat. The Kusanagi clan's prime weapon (or attack) is the Tsurugi no Kusanagi (The Legendary Sword of Kusanagi, read XFZ's first theory). Using the primal flames of their heritage, they release a horrendous piercing flame of strength to their foe, echoing to the very heavens in it's might.

The Future of the Flame?

The power of the crimson flames has been passed down from generation, to generation. The power of the sun still exists today, and the orbs of life, the magatama, beat within the hearts and the vital blood essense of the Kusanagi and Yagami warriors respectively. Tiring in large amounts, nearly infinite if used properly, the magmanta, or rather the sun fire is of purity, and can fatally harm the vital existance of evil by touch. Those chaotic by nature, or rather those with the hatred of good within their hearts, falter to the will of the flames.

KoreDo Hikari manipulates these flames, the vivid power of the sun spark within his fingertips, wearing the same protective gloves which hamper the taint of the ash grey animosity. They protect, even improve the power through the strewn flames. The Crimson flames give a person a few extra attributes to their own being.

The Crimson flames of Sun Can....

Introducing the Orochi
(As Told by Kailu Lantis, edited by X-Kari [Moi ^_^])

The Orochi being calmed by the sacrifice of Kushinada MaidensThe Orochi has been considered an evil entity (not entirely true), and a messanger of the Gaia to purify the world of the human race. Many fight against it, and many fight for it. However, one thing is for sure: the Orochi posseses incredible power, capable of vanquishing the human race with it's method of animosity. The Orochi appeared in the human world, where it made it's power feel in the world, beginning to cause destruction and death. The world was enveloped in darkness until two clans, the Kusanagi (the sword that seals), and the Yagami (the shield that holds) faced the Orochi, ready to sacrifice their life to erradicate the entity. Despite the incredible and devastating power displayed by the Orochi, the Hakeshu managed to keep it under hold with their power, while the Kusanagi eliminated it by sending several crimson flame blasts. Once defeated the Orochi power, the Clan of the Yata imposed a seal on the Orochi power, never allowing it to be run amok in the world once again.

The bloodwarHowever, Orochi planned it's revenge, and tempted the Hakeshu clan, which were the more problematic clan. The Hakeshu thought it would be a good idea if they had abit of the Orochi power, in order to have the upper hand on the Kusanagi, whom everybody considered to be the more powerful clan. Then, the Orochi and the Hakeshu dealed an unholy pact, and the Yagami were born, conceded a portion of Orochi power into their blood, turning their crimson flames into purple flames of destruction. Then, the Kusanagi objected, and then both clans engaged into a war. This happened 660 years ago, and the Orochi saw with glee how both clans, which had ruined it's plans, were now killing themselves.

The Orochi was kept sealed up until the year of 1986. There, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, Goenitz, killed the heir of the Clan of the Yata, and broke the seal which was imposed on the Orochi power. Still weak and unable to display it's full power, the Orochi seeked a new host for it's power, and found it in the figure of a little child, a young Heavenly King named Chris. Not long after the seal was broken, however, a man named Rugal Bernstein, who had the evil ambition of being the most powerful man in the world, seeked to claim the Orochi power for himself. Goenitz stopped him, however, and since Rugal was so willing to see how powerful the Orochi was, he granted him a tiny part of Orochi power. This, in 1995, was the reason why Rugal was destroyed: simple mortals such as him just can not aspire to control such power as the Orochi.  However, Orochi was still awaiting to wake up, and Goenitz would take care of this, by gathering fighting energy to strengthen the Orochi power. This energy was taken from the battles in the King of Fighters tournament in 1996, but Goenitz did not live enough to gather enough energy. His task was taken on by the other three Heavenly Kings of Orochi by next year: Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, and the Orochi host, Chris.

The Eight Heads of the Orochi in '97

They accomplished their task after fighting the warriors of the King of Fighters tournament. Then, Orochi awaked inside of Chris' body, and took his new form: that of a spirited young man which reflected the passionate battles that took place in the fights of the King of Fighters tournament. Once again, Orochi regained it's whole power, and the world was once again in grave danger. However, Orochi did not count on the union between the Kusanagi and Yagami clans once again, represented by Kyo and Iori, and once again managed to stop the Orochi, even when Orochi activated the Riot of Blood in Iori's blood. Orochi was once again banned from this world, but by now, the dimensions will remain pacific, until the next time...

The Future of the Flame?

The orochi flames are severly painful to use, due to their strain upon the lifeforce of the user. Unlike the counterpart, the crimson magmanta. The orochi flames are a concurrent stream of violet power, taking the shape of flames, able to wound and poison flesh with it's violet taint. It is of a chaotic power, yet it is not made forth from chaos. Those who are fueled by this flame must have an original flame counterpart, or it simply doesn't work.

KoreDo Hikari seems to shift between the crimson and violet balance, for his own being is able to change it's own alignment to light, or darkness. Manipulating the dark power and the blessed power of sun. Though, if ever he decides to use both at once, the risk of life upon his own body by the conflictive forces could nearly kill him, able to tap into his vital lifeforce and thrive upon it.

The Orochi Flames of Moon Can....