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All poems on thish here payge is by yours truly!! So please refrain from copying any without permission.

dedicated to myself
"Forget the times he walked by Forget the times he made you cry Forget the times he spoke your name Remember your feelings arenít the same Forget the times he held your hand Forget the sweet things if you can Forget the times and don't pretend, Remember now he's just a friend"

-§- two souls but with one thought, two hearts that beat as one -§-

-§- dream as if u'll live forever, live as if u'll die today -§-

-§- true love isn't supposed to have a happy ending, strictly cuz true love isn't supposed to end -§-

-§- i used to think i'd look back on us crying and laugh, but never took a second to think that i would look at us laughing and cry -§-

-§- I know I shouldn't love u I know I shouldn't care I know I shouldn't spend my life wishin u were there I know I shouldn't wonder where u are or what u do but baby I can't help myself cuz I'm in love with u -§-

-§- I'm scared to fall in love.. Afraid to love so fast.. Cuz everytime I fall in love.. It seems to neva last.. -§-

-§- We've become good friends now and I realize that being with u again may not be sumthin I still want cuz loosin u in 2 ways would hurt far more -§-

-§- Star light.. Star bright.. Where the hell is Mr. Right?! -§-

-§- A best friend is like a sister *Destiny* forgot to give u -§-

dedicated to anthony

-§- it takes any boy to say i like u, a playa to say i want u, and a real man to say i love u -§-

-§- the first time i saw u i was afraid to talk to u. the first time i talked to u i was afraid to kiss u, when i kissed u i was afraid to love u, now that i love u i'm afraid to loose u -§-

-§- it's better to wait for the one than to settle for that one -§-

-§- my love for him is like the universe, there seems to be no end to it -§-

-§- a picture is worht a thousand words, a kiss is worth a million words, to love words cannot describe -§-

-§- i found him but has he found me? -§-

-§- I already knew the things u said were lies but i neva knew how u could say em lookin me in the eyes -§-

-§- The worst thing is when ur falling in love with the person falling out of love with u -§-

-§- How come u have all the time in the world to go out and make other girls luv u but u dont have the time for the one who already does -§-

-§- Just because somone doesn't love u the way u want them to doesn't mean they aren't loving u with everything they have -§-

-§- Love is like Tug-o-War u feel the pain from the burn but for sum reason u can't let go -§-

-§- Romance is making love to his soul without ever touching his body -§-

-§- You love the first person who ever touched you and never love anyone quite that way again -§-

dedicated to CAMRIN!! ILOVEU!

-§-To forgive is to set the prisoner free and then discover the prisoner was you-§-

-§-You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back-§-

-§-You said you didn't want to see me get hurt, So did you close your eyes when I cried-§-

-§-Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal-§-

-§-You want to be my first love but i want to be your last-§-

-§-A million words would not bring you back - I know because I've tried. Neither would a million tears - I know because I've cried-§-

-§-Life is too short not to let your true feelings be known-§-

-§-Inside I admired you, inside I cherished you in everyway, inside I cry because I know it's only inside that I can have you-§-

-§-The hardest thing about knowing you don't love me is that I spent so much time pretending that you did-§-

-§-I do not struggle in your web because it was my aim to get caught-§-

-§-You can't hurt someone unless you really mean something to them-§-

-§-Wanting him-hard to forget~Loving him-hard to regret~Losing him-hard to accept~Even with all the hurt I've felt~Letting go is the most painful yet-§-

-§-The worst way to miss someone is to have them standing right next to you and know you can't have them-§-

-§-Sometimes the one love you can't get over, is the one love you really never had.-§-

dedicated to an anonymous ass hole