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Aquaviann's Crystalline Castle

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ANOTHER WARNING: I am a lazy bum, so this site is back-button central, baby!

YET ANOTHER WARNING: Okay, I lied, this isn't a warning. It's a plea for help. I fixed most of my pictures, but a scant few may still have problems. If you spot a broken pic, please email me and tell me what page it's on so I can fix it. All of my pics show up on Internet Explorer as far I can tell, but I don't know about Netscape Navigator.

Michiru glaring perturbedly at Dilandau Dilandau making eyes at Michiru

"Quit staring at me, you freak!"

My Favorite Anime Stuff

~~*All images BUT my fanart are for free use*~~
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Ami looking at Aquaviann's guestbook


Sailor Moon and all related characters, images, and really short skirts are propety of Naoko Takeuchi and DiC. Escaflowne and all related characters, images, and pyromanical guymelef pilots are property of Sunrise. But then again, you knew that, right?