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Bra's lil Encounter with Future Trunks

By Sorcerer Kaos

Side Note: Okay, Bra looks like how she always does in Dragonball-GT, Bulma looks like she did when She was taking care of babytrunks during the Cell Saga, Vejita looks like how he does in GT except he has his old Hair Style and doesn't have a mustache. Trunks looks like GT Trunks, and Mirai Trunks looks like how he did after he came out of the Room of Time.

Bra was looking out the window as Vejita was driving her home from Pan's house,"can you tell me more about Trunks when he was little?" Vejita turned to Bra,"Why would YOU want to know about that?" "Maybe because I just want to, so don't start that with me or I'll tell Mom that you-" Bra was quickly cut off."Okay! lets see... When Trunks was a baby, Kakarot and I were training to defeat the up coming threat." Bra interrupted,"What was the threat? bad fashion? Wardrobe crisis? Chi-Chi? and how did you know about the threat?" "NO! Can you shut up! I'm telling the story!" "Well, excuse me then!" Bra sat down, then rolled up the window as the air was getting chili. Vejita coughed a little to clear up his throat,"As I was saying, we were preparing for the threat which were the Androids. We found out about these from Trunks," Vejita was interrupted agian,"umm wasn't Trunks a baby? how could he tell you?" Vejita growled and speeded up the car as the sun set,"ANYWAYS, Trunks came from an alternate Time Line twenty years into the future. He claimed he was 16. He told us about the Androids and himself after he helped Kakorot defeat the Robotic Freeza and his Father. So 3 years from that incident, Your mother and I had a child and we named him Trunks for the obvious reasons-" Bra spoke up,"WAIT! You said you were already training to prepare for the androids and Trunks was already born. So then how did that happen again 3 years later? AHH!" Bra shrieked as Vejita made a sharp turn and fell off the main road and skidded across the mountain causing her to almost fall out of her seat and out of her door that was unlocked,'Oh, F*ck!" Vejita grabbed Bra as he used his free to try to steer the car upwards but found no success. Bra kept screaming as she was dangling out of the car and could fall to her death if Vejita lost his grip, Vejita pulled her to his seat, broke the roof of the car and flew out with Bra as the car fell to the bottom,"Hmmm... we can always buy another one," Vejita looked down then flew towards Capsule Corp. while holding onto Bra,"Can't you fly?!" "I did once, but I forgot and I'm a shopper, not a fighter. Oh no! Wind hair! ewwww!" Bra trying to hold tight even though she knew her father wouldn't let go of her. Vejita looked at her, and silently growled as he flew faster and told her the rest of the story.

Vejita practically threw Bra on the couch as he slowly flew inside his home. Bulma walked in from the kitchen almost about to complain to her husband but saw Bra's minor injuries,"Oh my God! What happened!? Vejita!!!!!!!!" Bra slowly got up,"Daddy saved my life tonight. He was telling me stories about Trunks but then he wasn't looking at where he was driving so he practically drove off a cliff and I almost fell, but he grabbed me, destroyed the rood and we flew out as the car was ummm like squashed or something when it hit the bottom of the cliff" Vejita walked back in from the hallway "We? I was the one carrying you. Where the hell is Trunks?! Is he with Kakarotts' brat?" Bulma looked at her husband,"If you mean Goten, then yes ... and you know you're supposed to look at where you're driving! You could have got Bra killed! ARGH!" Bulma walked back to the kitchen,"Dinner will be Ready in an hour!" "Daddy ... umm could you train me, like you did with Trunks when he was little? I'm tired of Pan's bitch talk about me not able to fight. And I DO NOT Take crap from anyone." Vejita looked at his daughter and smiled, but didn't want to waste time on training the saiyijin princess, especially in his gravity room,"Later..." Vejita walked off to go train himself and put the gravity on high so Bra wouldn't bother to go even one step near it. "Ugh! as if!" Bra walked to Bulma's lab, remembering about Future Trunks. "Well, since Daddy wont train me, I can't bother Trunks, Mommy is cooking something, I guess I can always find the time machine Trunks used!" Bra searched everywhere in the lab and pouted,"Daddy must have meant that Trunks used a time machine from the future... I can build one," Bra giggled as she cleared off the desk and looked blankly at it."Wait! How the hell do you build one of these?" Before she could even pick up a tool, Bulma shouted that dinner was ready through out the house. "God!" Bra raced up stairs and to the dinner table.

Vejita entered to room and sat. "What the f*ck are we having that interrupts me?" "Shh! Don't use language like that around Bra!" Bulma raised her voice, then Bra looked at her,"It's okay mommy. I've heard things like that all the time ... oh, after I finish eating can you tell me the basic parts on building a time machine? It's for ummmm a h-homework assignment." "I thought humans like you already finished school" Vejita said to Bra. "I'm not Human! and umm well it's for Summer School!" Bra was thinking of another excuse to use if her father was going to try something like that again. "Well, I suppose. Since One day you will be the president of Capsule Corp. You will need to know the basics. Isn't this great Vejita! Our little girl is all grown up." Bulma smiled at Bra, but Bra looked down at her food and felt like an idiot as she slowly ate everything on the plate. Bra put her dish in the sink and went to sleep as Vejita was still training and Bulma was seeing Late Night T.V.

Bra squinted her eyes as the sun pierced through the windows. "It's so f*cking cold ... shouldn't Trunks come out of no where and annoy the shit out of me by now?" Bra was remembering last night slowly then remembered the plans, changed into her usual red miniskirt and tanktop and speeded towards Bulma's lab,"Mommy! did you finish it yet?" "Yes, I drew out the plans and requirements for the time machine-" Bra grabbed the plans from Bulma and ran outside then went to the Gravity Room,"Daddy?" She saw nothing,"Where is he?" She slowly walked in and heard the door shut as she gave out a shriek then turned around to only see Vejita,"I thought I said you couldn't come in here..." "ummm no. You only said that to Trunks. You never said I couldn't come teehehehe." Vejita spoke,"Well... you're not welcome in here ... unless you want to try to fight me" Bra snapped her fingers and tightened her gloves,"excuse me, if I'm not welcome open the door ... now! pleeeeeeease?" Bra started sniffling. Vejita didn't want to hear her cry,"okay! you can leave just don't cry..." Vejita opened the door as Bra went away."ta-ta... I'll be back...ummm later."

Hours later Bra had almost completed her time machine without missing Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel,"Cool... it's like almost finished and soon I will meet my alternate brother! tehehe." After midnight around 2:00a.m. Bra was barely awake and finished her machine that looked like a wrist watch,"ugh. Like I spent the whole day to make something that's size of a watch. Well, I hope this Time Machine thingy works..." She slowly walked up stairs then went to the gravity room to see Vejita,"hello, Daddy!" "Get out..." He turned away from her and continued training. "hmph! Well, I'll be back in a few days I guess," Bra slowly stepped to the center of the room and pressed a few buttons on her watch. The Ground started shaking and everything brightened, causing Vejita to look but a few seconds later Bra disappeared in a white light and Vejita got knocked into the wall by a Shockwave caused by the disappearance of his daughter. "Damn, Bulma is going to complain about this sh*t until she comes back," Vejita said to himself and went back to training.


A cold breeze blew through the ruins of cities and the sky covered in darkness. Two shadows appeared from the ruins of a building. Slowly looking around but found nothing and flew out and into the sky. A few moments later a young blue haired girl appeared in a white light,"Oh My God! It looks like crap!" Slowly walking around and into a building that resembled Capsule Corp. "I can't believe their Fashion! it's so 6 years ago," Bra was startled as a lavender haired man appeared infront of her with a sword,"..." Bra looked at the silent warrior then gasped,"TRUNKS! Oh my God, I've been trying so hard to find you!" Mirai Trunks raised an eyebrow at her,"Who are you?" "Oh My name is Bra, duh. I come from the other time after you defeat the androids in the past. I'm also you're like alternate timeline sister! coolies!" Bra giggled and ran around Mirai Trunks "So what are we doing? hehehehehe," Bra continued running around the building. "Well, I am going to fight the Androids. They got rebuilt and I need them dead." "Oh okay, lets go," Bra hoped on Trunk's shoulders,"To the Androids!" Trunks turned to her "So you can fight," "umm yeah. Daddy trained me.oO(for about 5 seconds) so lets go." "All right," Trunks powered up to Super Saiyijin and flew off with Bra.

"Can we stop right here?" Bra said,"cuz my hair is getting messed up and I'm about to loose my grip like soon." "I guess we can..." Trunks slowly powered down and free fell to the ground but stopped 2 ft above it as Bra hoped off his back and sat down at a rock,"God... wind ... hair" Bra brushed her hair. Just then a Blonde haired women and her male counter part flew from above and landed infront of Mirai Trunks and Bra. "hmph... simple humans ... die." After Android 18 said those words she fired hundreds upon hundreds of Ki blasts at Trunks as Android 17 was charging up. Trunks coughed up some blood but got up and used several ki attacks of his own but got hammered to the ground by #17, then Android 18 kicked him across the area. Bra walked infront of #17 & 18,"Oh no you didn't just walk up to this side in town and start some bullsh*t! get out!!!!! I'll f*ck you up!!!! I'll f*ck you up! Peace of Sh*itty ass Androids! I'll kill you! Yo, #18 your pathetic excuse for a daughter is nothing more than some stupid slutty b*tch! Don't you even start trying to ignore me because I got the skills so you better get the hell out of suffer the wrath which is Bra!!! I've seen Buffy. I know what I am talking about. And what the hell is your problem? I mean world domination was soooo 5 seconds ago. #18, you're frightening excuse for fashion is scary! I mean, who even supports that outfit anymore?!" Bra put her hands to her hips then slowly raised them above her head, "KAAAAMMMMEEEEH-" Bra saw the Androids especially #17 got the hell scared out of them and had already gone,"Damn Straight, you don't start that shit again, b*tch! Even Kakarot is stronger than you pathetic androids!" Bra walked over to where Trunks was,"Wasn't that kewl? I mean I don't even know how to do a kamehameha." Trunks just looked at Bra in confusion,"Were did you learn to do that?" "Well, if you hang around daddy long enough you're bound to pick up something, oh yeah, and watching Chi-Chi and mommy scream and shout too...ummm are you okay?" Trunks got up and powered down,"yeah I guess.... That thing that you did was scary." Trunks slowly headed back to Capsule Corp.

Trunks fell on the ground,"d-damn it.... I'm not going to make it..." "eww! you're getting blood all over these new heels." Trunks looked up at her rolled over and laughed,"oh sorry. damn ... androids again," Trunks looked up at the sky then got up and into his fighting stance as #18 landed,"die." Just then Trunks powered back up to Super Saiyijin yet again, did a hand gesture and blasted #18 with a Burning Attack to knock her into the ruins of a building. "Sister..." #17 muttered something under his breath and launched a full assault on Trunks just as a pole penetrated hit arm,"what the hell..." a Female Shadow appeared from the top of a pile of stones,"stop right there, I am Bra Briefs Vejita, and on the name of ... oh what the hell, I'll just kick your ass!" Bra leaped into the air and kicked #17's head but with little damaged caused,"damn!" She quickly changed her direction of her next kick to his man/andriod hood. "Is that the best you can do?" The Black Haired android spin kicked her to the wall. Bra decided if she couldn't hurt the androids she could always annoy them. She took in a deep breath and gave out a siren type shriek,"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" #17 covered his ears but the screaming was interrupted by an attack from #18. Trunks looked up and saw his younger sister get knocked unconscious then saw the androids and gave out a battle cry. #18 Turned to face Mirai Trunks and simply laughed but then stopped as she felt his power keep on going up. Trunks surpassed the power of Super Saiyijin and Ultra Super Saiyijin. His yellow aura increased in size with electricity surrounding it. Secondly his hair sticked straight up. Trunks had now reached the power of the 2nd level of a Super Saiyijin. #17's eyes widen but raced towards Trunks and attacked him with full force. Trunks could easily dodge his attacks then summoned up some of his energy to use a big bang attack and in seconds #17 was instantly destroyed. Trunks turned his attention to the female android staring at him in shock,"Feel the power of the last Super Saiyijin you will ever meet!" Trunks shouted in rage and charged to #18 in full force, grabbed her arm and slammed her on the floor, and threw her to the sky and flew up after her. #18 was still trying to gain her balance but it was too late as Trunks blasted her into pure nothingness, then speeded towards the knocked out Bra,"I need to take her to Capsule Corp... if those f*cking androids show up again, I will beat the crap out of them that there wont be ANY peices left..."

After taking Bra to Capsule Corp. one of the robots took her to the healing saiyijin chamber in the infirmary, Mirai Bulma looked at her alternate timeline daughter and sighed. Bra slowly woke up and saw Bulma,"Mommy! oh're not my real Mom. Just her alternate self..." "Yes, I supposed you could say that. Are you feeling better?" Bra looked up at Bulma,"y-yes... I'm better, so can I leave now?" "Do as you wish." Bulma walked out of the infirmary room and back to her lab. Bra stood up right and went outside,"ummm where is everyone? This Cemetery is kinda depressing. They should get rid of all the dead bodies but put them somewhere else, don't ya think?" "Yeah, I guess, but then it wouldn't be a cemetery," Trunks appeared from the shadows of what was left of a tree. "I think I should go to like umm my time period, because this place looks depressing, and well everyone here has bad fashion, but first I think we need to cut your hair, I mean it's a bit long and it kinda is like a few years ago out of style" "M-my hair? what's wrong with it? It's perfectly fine! and I'm from the future, so how would you know what's in and what's not?" Trunks said in some confusion. "Well, because I'm me, duh... c'mon before I got, we need to give you a few more fashion tips," Bra dragged Mirai Trunks to a cleared out area and started cutting his hair. In a few minutes Trunks' hair was back to it's short self like before he went into the Room of Time,"thats better, don't ya think?" "err I guess so ... it feels so different with it short again," Trunks ran his fingers through his hair,"well you can go now" "no! We need to give you a whole new wardrobe! That Saiyijin Armor and torn up Jacket with old baggy pants isn't cutting it anymore. Can't you like get those re-sown by your Mom or something?" "Yeah, I guess ... but you really should be going very... SOON. I'm sure Father and Mother are getting worried." Trunks was still trying to find a way to get rid of Bra. Bra almost burst out in laughter,"Daddy worry? that's almost funny. He doesn't care what I do, and I'm sure mommy is either at Goku's, her lab, or making something in the kitchen, but this place looks too dreary so I guess I'll go, hey! you can come too" Trunks' eyes widened,"Noooo! That's okay, I can manage to live here! really!" Bra looked at Trunks and smiled a little,"Well, I think I should go now, damn that perverted bastard Goten... he probably wants me so badly by now..." The she paused,"Hey wait! How come you got Purple hair and I got the Blue hair!? What's up with that? I mean, everyone kept saying to me 'Oh look at Bra, she looked just like her mother' and then I be like 'exuse me!? I do not look like my mother, I mean, can't you see the difference!' and it really gets all annoying." "ummm Black and Blue make purple? I dunno. Goku said I looked a lot like Vejita. I always thought I looked more like Gramps than anyone else in our family. I think a lot of people a screwed up. Cuz even Krillin said that too, the only thing i look like Vejita is the tan, but everything else is 100% not Vejita looking... hey wait! you're supposed to be going now." Trunks shouted. "Fine! but if anyone EVER says I look like Daddy, I will beat them to death," Bra pressed a few buttons on her time machine/wrist watch and disappeared in a flash of light. "Finally she's gone... so damn annoying," Trunks muttered under his breath and walked off.

Back at Capsule Corp. Vejita was still training in the gravity room like always. Bulma was stressing out but Vejita just ignored her. Just then Bra walked in from the door way,"I'm like back from my wonderful adventure or something and-" "Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?! You forgot to pack your clothes, some food, and you got me and your father worried! You're grounded for the next..." Bulma was interuppted as Vejita entered through the door way and looked at Buma,"She just left for a day so stop with the damn shouting. You're acting like Kakarot's wife. Our daughter can take care of herself. She's about 15 right? I think that's old enough... She's a Saiyijin Princess as well." "AHHH!" Bulma walked into her kitchen, then slammed the door so hard that it caused some of the ceiling to hit Vejita's head. "So umm can you like train me now, so I can beat the crap out of Pan next time she starts that bitch talk?" Bra looked up at Vejita. "I suppose... it's better than you being left alone by your mother," Vejita walked back to the gravity room with his daughter close behind him.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~The End~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Okay, I'll try to fix up the ending later on!