The Revenge Fics.
(Or: Why you should remain friendly with your characters.)

Shall we start with a few questions? (Since I'm sure you've got some.)

Question: What in the Nine Hells is a "Revenge fic"?

Answer: A few years ago an author named Scott Jamieson (SKJAM!, to those of you familiar with his pen name)  posted a fic to the FFML in which Ranma and Akane decided to come and pay him a visit.
Question: So, the characters from the series came along and messed with them a bit. How bad could that be?
Answer: Pretty bad, actually. The vast majority of them received curses. Others just had their lives made into a living hell. A few of them decided to pay their characters back, and thus started the Revenge Wars. (And I've even thrown in a link for it, too! All part of the service.)
Question: "Revenge Wars"? What's that?
Answer: I'm not EVEN gonna touch that one. (Well, okay. I will. Short answer: It was a massive series thingie based on the Revenge fics.   Long answer: NO way in hell am I gona type that. Read the blasted thing if you're so anxious to know.)
Question: Why in the world would you write one of them?
Answer: Me, personally? I blame Andrew Wilson. (Who's probably swearing at me even as you read this. Hi, Andrew!) Others? Why are you asking me? Am I a mind reader? (I can tell you why Andrew wrote one, though. It's my fault. He said if I wrote one, he'd write one. I wrote one. Then I wrote another, and another....)
Question: Is it true Sailor Pluto has a tattoo that says "Born to control time" on her butt?
Answer: What? You think I'm CRAZY?!?! I can't tell you that! She'd kill me! BTW, No. It's on her right shoulder blade.The one on  her butt says-*THWACK* *THUD* That is no concern of yours. It is a matter of the Time Stream, and as such I cannot tell you. Go read the fics. Thank you.
Sailor Pluto
P.S. I have no tattoos. Understood? Remember, I already know who you are and where you live. And I have a Time Staff.

"Slacker Pays"

    My first Revenge fic. Pretty straight-forward. Read it and be enlightened.


    Andrew Wilson's Revenge fic. (The one that was my fault. Blame me for it. Or something.)

"Still Paying"

    And here we prove that we're both pretty much insane, by actually CONTINUING this thing. This chapter
was written by myself, with significant editing by Andrew.

"Paying the Piper"

    And here's Andrew's next chapter. In which we get a taste of what's in store for us.

"Down Payment"

    And here we go with Number Five! (For those of you who're counting.)  Again, written by me.

    In which we meet a few friends.

"Return of the Revenge"
"More Evidence to Use in Our Insanity Plea"

    And this would be Darth's little contribution to our fun little playground.

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Revenge-verse"
"Lighten Up, People! This Is Supposed to be Fun!"

    Andrew once again proves that things can ALWAYS get worse. And we meet the Dirty Pai.....LOVELY ANGELS!!! LOVELY ANGELS!!!    (Oh, please...I've been good! Don't let them get me! Hey, I'm still here! Thank you, Kamis!)