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Well, here it is. My pathetic little homepage. It's got my fanfiction, it's got some links, it's here because I got bored. It holds links to a crapload of stuff. The links will range from in content from Disney to late night cable, so be warned.

Also be warned: As the title to my page and my handle may indicate, I AM LAZY!! So this page will be in a constant state of update and revision. I'll do my best to make sure the fics are always current, though.


Update: As of 09/11/2005, this site is no longer updated. Go to My new page for any further updates.
(And change your bookmarks, obviously.)


Latest Revision:
09/11/2005 Moved site to Stopped updating Angelfire.
12/25/2003 Merry Christmas!
04/18/2003 Added Chapter 9 of "All the Small Things" and a new piece of fanart
11/03/2002 Added a Fanart page

A note on my fics.

None of them are open to expansion, continuation, or rewriting without my express permission. Yes, this has happened. No, I will not tolerate it. And yes, I will be an absolute ass when I find out about it. And I WILL find out. I have crack teams of gerbils who scour the net for things like that.
Now go mock this idiot, my minions.

My Story Page

Fanart! Whoo!

My Links Page (Taken down for overhaul.)

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Send me a message!

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