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Welcome To Chaffinch Island!

Realistic Animals
You go about your usual day, dominant animals that own harems/packs ect watch over them with a watchful eye, while lone animals prowl around.....mares mostly watch out for stallions that seem to attempt to get at them the whole day....non stop.....other animals like tigers, the ones high on the food chain become lazy during the hot summer day.....the day seems perfect on the wonderful island...what could go wrong? But what most of you have that danger lurks in every shadow....

Unrealistic Animals
You have fun prancing around like life is a game, you have no worries at animals that can speak, do things others have started to see animals of your race, yet they take life seriously, you wonder why they don't just venture into your land of happiness instead......(this counts for stallions that talk, mares that talk, all animals that talk ect...but disasters will STILL happen to them)

Human Hang Out
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Animal Haven

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