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is a fan-fic created by me and my best friend Tara. (Usagi) We were hanging out at her house and decided to make a manga (japanese comic) and a fan-fic about a girl named Selene. So I was to write and she was to draw. Well as she was working on some rough sketches I was flipping through one of her Sailor Moon mangas to get ideas. Well as I was flipping through I noticed Queen Serenity's name was Selene. So low and behold our story is born. I would really apriciate it if you readers out there sent me your comments. If you can't access the little remote thingy at the bottom of the page my e-mail address is please title it Selene so I don't delete it! Thanx in advance! ^_^

News and Updates :

UPDATE ALERT! 05-17-01 Super new look! Finally updated! Selene 3 almost finished!!!

Ha ha! I did it! I finally did it! See, I was having such a difficult time figuring out tables, but I got it! So Selene has been blessed with a whole new look! O! And guess what! I can draw! Supposivly pretty well too so be prepared for some new images and graphics! That's all for now! Luv ya! ^.~

P.S. THANKIES!!! To Britty for the main image. You steal it, you die. Plain and simple... Go to her page! Astral Soup. Yes, go to it now. The banner is on the bar to the left! Go. NOW. Stop reading and go... Oh, but don't be person 100 and steal my Kiriririrbeans!! Grrr-ness! K! Go! Poof! Be gone! LOL

***Big News! I'm Looking for Fan-Art and just doodles to post on my page so send em in!*** ^_~

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Hellos! We would really appriciate it if any readers who decided to visit our page would sign our guestbook! It's there for comments and anything you want to say about our page. It's checked on a daily basis by either me (Ami-Chan) or Usagi-Chan. Any comments will be taken into consideration so feel free to say what's on your mind.

Thanks! ^_^


~*~Ami-Chan and Usagi-Chan~*~

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Last Updated May 19, 2001

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