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Was there ever going to be peace? Was this battle between OZ, the colonies, and space ever going to come to a clean agreement and live a life like during the time of the first Heero Yuy?

People would be forced to gather into this senseless brawl with their Mobil Dolls and severe technology until they realized that this was not the answer that the Sect Kingdom had hoped for.

The Sect Kingdom tried to protect total passifisim by remaining neutral. Unfortunately, Relena Peacecraft and the entire territory were eliminated from the wars perspective once they captured it, and used her as a head icon for the Romafeller Foundation. With Queen Relena now in this position, the world is in even bigger predicament. But since she has resigned to space, things hopefully should turn to a better side.

As long as they continued to fight amongst themselves, there would always be death and destruction. And that means that there would always be the Gundams and their ruthless owners. Originally five Gundams, there has been a new addition to their little rebellious group: Selece Kiyomi.

Can she and the others help save the remaining population from the horrible destruction and punishment of war? Time will tell, and time shall also unfold her story...


Physical Attributes

Mental Attributes


Thoughts on The Others