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Another Pionner series, and an Excellent one at that! Bastard! is the story of a wizard named Dark Sneider. At one time he plumaged the land with his army, conquering but not ruling. Just leave the city in ruins, until one day he's finally trapped in the body of a child. He spends his day close to his friend Yhoko, living in the castle of Meta-Rikana , but one day Dark Snieders powers are needed to defend the city and Yhoko finds out her friend Luche has more to him than meets they eye. This brings about the re-birth of Dark Sneider and the begining of a wonderful anime Series! If you havn't seen this yet you should go find your blockbuster card and rent the first Volume right now!! (or after your
finished reading my synops:)

The characters

These are the names of the Japanese cast members, I know there are also discrepancy's in the translation of the characters names. I am using the translations that are in the Dubbed version. Seeing as how it's difficult to translate Japanese to English I feel both sets of names are fine)
Dark Schneider: (Kazuki Yao) Most powerful Wizard in the world!
Lushe: (Yuriko Fuchizaki) The boy whom Darshu's spirit is "fused" with. He's trapped as Luche till the seal is broken.
Yoko: (Yuka Koyama) Daughter of the head guard of Met- rikana,Luche's friend, and DS's love.
Sheela: (Konami Yoshida)Princess, and daughter of the king of Meta- rikana. She carries a sacred seal within herself as well.
Kall-Su: (Toshihiko Seki)
Gara: (Tessho Genda) As a child Gara desired to be like Darsh. After battling him, he comes have full aw for Darsh and becomes his friend and alie
Abigail: (Ryusaburo Otomo)
Geo: (Nobuo Tanaka)
Von Jobina: (Tatsuyuki Ishimori) King of Meta-Rikana: (Joji Yanami) In the end he orders his daugter killed to protect the kingdom..Geez!
Efreet: (Seizo Kato) A powerful Fire elemental that Darsh defeats.
Arshes Ne: A half elf half human girl that Darsh saves as a child. She carries the mark of the accused and Darsh is willing to give his life for hers. Narrator: (Steiv Dixon)

The Series
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Resurrection A lone warlock freed from years of imprisonment, stands against an army of destruction bent on world conquest and the resurrection of an ancient evil, Ansla-Sax. But Dark Schneider is not protecting the desperate people of Meta-Rikana out of the goodness of his heart. After all, they were the ones who imprisoned him for leading this same army against their city for the first time. However, he's not about to let his old army show him up. Besides, his new girlfriend is counting on him and it's been awhile since he had some fun.

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Venom One of the Big Four, Gara the Ninja Master, has kidnapped Yoko and holds her prisoner in his fortress. Gara reflects upon his history with Dark Schneider as he prepares for his bloody reunion with his old master. Sword or sorcery - which will survive? If Dark Schneider does survive, can he survive Yoko's jealousy now that she knows her dear Luche/Dark Schneider has had a thousand girlfriends in the last 300 years?

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Exodus While the army of the Big Four dcimates the army of Meta-Rikana, the city's Great Priest, Geo, desperately attempts to summon the original commander of the Big Four's army - the malevolent warlock, Dark Schneider. Unfortunately, the summoning ceremony may risk the life of Geo's daughter, Yoko, and an innocent boy, Luche - and there's no guarantee that Dark Schneider will even help...especially since Dark Schneider probably wasn't too happy about being imprisoned inside Luche in the first place!

Rock as related to Bastard!
Based mostly on the Manga, here are some bands and how they are related to Bastard! Most are noticable, others are not, especially if you've only seen the series. Enjoy!

MANOWAR: True Metal since 1982, the loudest band in the world, millons of copies sold, zillions of fans around the world, fathers of Epic Metal. I think that Manowar are one of the greatest inspirers in Bastard!! world, in fact Dark Schneider reflects acts and manners of the band: their power, their taughts about female specie and their behaviour. In the very first page you can see Manowar's cover man with his original sword already seen in albums like Battle Hymns and Kings of Metal. Check out for their latest triple live album Hell on Stage.
DEF LEPPARD: There is a first quotation you can find on the title page on a monster's arm on the left of the page.
METALLICA: In Bastard!you can see the kingdom of Meta-rikana with his very-important-character-in-the-developing-of-the-story Lars Ul Meta-rikana , prince-dragon.
MEGADETH: the image of the skull's head on top of Dark Schneider's cane or staff is based on the jacket cover of Megadeth 1985 album Killing is My Business...And Business is Good.
LION: Shintennou's Magician, Kall=Su [karu=su], name is based on the vocalist, Kal Swan [karu suwan], from the US heavy metal band Lion
OZZY OSBOURNE: Here we have the evil mage Osbourne (the first victim of Dark's powers)
JEFF SCOTT SOTO: The High Priest of Meta-rikana, Geo Nort Sort [jio nooto sooto], name is based on the ex-vocalist, Jeff Scott Soto [jiefu sukotto nooto], from Sweden's Neo-Classical metal band Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force
QUIET RIOT: Kebidab [kebidabu] is based on the vocalist, Kevin DuBrow [kevin daburou], from US hard rock band Quiet Riot
STRYPER: Geo Nort Sort's incantation the Supremacy of the Evil Spirit Battle Array, Stry-ber [sutorai=baa], is from the US Christian metal band Stryper [sutoraipaa]
MORTAL SIN, MOTORHEAD: Dark Schneider's incantation the Awakening of the Huge Statue, [mootaa rushii], is from Australia's thrash metal band Mortal Sin [mootaru shin]. the face of Dark Schneider's Stone Golem is based on the jacket cover of the UK black metal band Motorhead 1977 debut album Motorhead
DAMNED:Dark Schneider uses Damned, at the beginning one of the most common spells, a fire explosion.
ACCEPT & UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER: Hagiwara called his hero Dark Schneider and maked him revive trough the spell Accept as a tribute to this band that saw Udo's (lead singer) departure in 1987, while Bastard!! was coming to life, and in 1999 came to life a tribute in their honour
VENOM: This legendary Metal band revives here as Venon one of the most cruel Dark's spells, a violent stream of fire and energy that dissect, disrupt and disregard the enemy.
JUDAS PRIEST: One of the four kingdoms is called Joudas, in honour for one of the most legendary Hard Rock bands. This is the city where the Destructive God is imprisoned and where is set Kall's HQ. In addiction the last king of Joudas is called Glenn, like Judas Priest's lead guitarist
ANTHRAX, SLAYER, SAXON: Massacre, these bad guys united form Anslasax, the deformed destructive god, the huge monster that the 4 Kings are trying to summon to conquer the world. Oh, and during a lightning spell Dark says:' Slayerd Slayerd Balmor
GUNS'N'ROSES: Here Dark Schneider uses sometimes Gunsn-Roh, a barrier made of explosive flames.
KING DIAMOND: One of the 4 Kings is called Abigail, like the best selling King's solo album. The 'original' Abigail was the spirit of an evil little undead girl, here is an inespressive and evil necromancer
KISS, RATTS, MEGADETH: A little, little quotation for three bands that need no presentation: when Dark Schneider decides to destroy Osbourne's friend says : 'THKISS RATSSHUW MEGAMEGADE'
BON JOVI: This fricchettone gives name to Bon Jovina head of Meta Likana's guards....he is a old man that receives many hard lessons
MACE: Dark Schneider's incantation Open the Gates, Mace [meisu], is from US thrash/hardcore band Mace [meisu]
HELLION, JUDAS PRIEST:The Flame Devil-Efreet's incantation the Explosive Flame Wave, Hellion [herion], is from the US heavy metal band Hellion [herion]. The aria, [nei ba mo aaza iibuwan ne kusai taa], is referring to three songs, Nevermore [nebaamoa], The Evil One [za iiburu wan] and Exciter [ekisaitaa], from their 1987 EP Postcards from the Asylum
EXODUS: Dark Schneider's incantation the Evil Flames of Burning Hell, Egu Zodas [egu zoodasu], is from the US thrash metal band Exodus [eguzodasu]. The aria, [buu rei buu rei n dee do], is referring to the song, Brain Dead [burein deddo], from their 1987 album Pleasures of the Flesh
MEGADETH: Kazushi Hagiwara makes Dark use this elemental destructive spell called Megadeth and the magic words to cast it are:' Da Vemu Steen! Elementals of Earth and Air!
METALLICA: Dark Schneider while attacking a monster says (in Anglo-Japanese) 'Seekh an dustroyte'. Seek and Destroy was a Metallica's song contained in their first album Kill 'em All
SODOM: Sodom is a spell that Dark uses only once, against Dogezaemon Suzuki
EARTHSHAKER+WHITESNAKE: Shintennou's Thunder Empress, Arshes Nei [aashiesu nei], name is based either on the hard rock band Y&T 1983 album Earthshaker [aasushieikaa] or the Japanese heavy metal band Earthshaker [aasushieikaa] combined with the UK hard rock band Whitesnake [howaito suneiku]
DIAMOND HEAD: (Kidoushu) Sean Harri [shiin hari] name is based on the vocalist, Sean Harris [shiin harisu], from the UK heavy metal band Diamond Head
VOIVOD: Dark Schneider's incantation the Raging Blood Heat Burning Red Hot, Voivot [voivotto], name is based on Canada's thrash metal band Voivod [voivodo]. The aria, [shii kuu endou sutoroi de], is referring to the song, Seek and Destroy [shiiku ando desutoroi], from Metallica's 1983 album Kill 'Em All
GAMMA RAY: The Magic Swordswoman (Kidoushu) Kai Harn [kai haan] name is based on the original guitarist, Kai Hansen [kai hansen], from the German power metal band Helloween. (now with Gamma Ray)
IMPELLITTERI: Dark Schneider's incantation the Inte li peri, [interiperi], is from the US heavy metal band Impellitteri [inperiteri]
TALAS: Kai Harn's incantation, Thalas [tarasu], is from the US heavy metal band Talas [tarasu]
DIO: Kai Harn's incantation Scorching Heat Wave Dehio [dio], is from the US heavy metal band Dio [dio]
YNGWIE J.MALMSTEEN: The ancient god, Ng Wey [nugu vei], name is from Yngwie Malmsteen [inguvei marumusutiin] the guitar virtuoso from Sweden
RAINBOW: Gives name to Rai Bow one of Dark's spells. (He uses it against Kai Harn). The aria, [meenoo shiruman geio bu babiron], is a combination of two songs: Man on the Silver Mountain [man on za shirubaa maunten] from Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975) and Gates of Babylon [geitsu obu babiron] taken from Long Live Rock and Roll (1978)
RIOT: Dark Schneider's incantation Thunderbolt and Raging Billows, Riot [raiotto], is from the US heavy metal band Riot [raiotto]
KING DIAMOND & MERCYFUL FATE: This is a unique character in Metal' s world. Because of his particular voice (a continous alternating of growls and high strikes) you can only love it or hate it...well I love it! As Mercyful Fate lead singer or during his solo episodes, the only words that can describe his shows are 'Horror, gruesome fashion and theatrical rock'. In Bastard!! there is Di-Amon, an evil vampire at the beginning enemy of Dark Schneider but later loyal 'friend'. Di-Amon is designed absolutely like the real King Diamond, with his costume and his typical facial painting. Di-Amon also imitates some King's poses and in the original japanese O.V.A. Di-Amon speakes imitating King Diamond's unique voice. You can also see a servant of this vampire (the werewolf) that is exactly like King's bassist Timi Hansen photographed in Abigail and seen in the video The Family Ghost. Mercyful Fate's latest album is Nine
ASSASSIN: Di Amon's incantation the Blood Sucking Destruction Beam, Assa Sin [assaa shin], is from the German thrash metal band Assassin [asasshin]. Their thrash metal album masterpiece Interstellar Experience
THE ACCUSED: Dark Schneider's incantation, Accused [akyuuzudo], is from the US hardcore metal band The Accused [za akyuuzudo]. The aria, [kii oobusu purata roo], comes from the band's nickname King Of Splatter Rock [kingu obu supurata rokku]. Also, the song, Splatter Rock [supurata rokku], is from their 1987 album More Fun Than an Open Funeral Casket
JUDAS PRIEST: Arshes Nei's griffon, Robhar [robuhaa], name is based on the original vocalist, Rob Halford [robu harufoodo], from Judas Priest
DEF LEPPARD: Great hard rock band. After long time they reunited and it's out their new album. Here Arshes-Nei creates an anti-magic black hole called Def Lei Bar (but in the O.V.A. she clearly says 'Def Leppard'). The chant, [jii erio firu are], is referring to the band's member Joe Elliot [joo eriotto] (v.), Phil Collen [firu korin] (g.) and Rick Allen [rikku aren] (d.)
BLACK SABBATH: The image of Ninja Master Gara's skill the Method of the Ninja's Arts 7 Bodies Parturition is based on the jacket cover of Black Sabbath's 1971 album Paranoid with the multi-image of a man with a sword
METALLICA: In this album there is a picture of Anslasax in a graveyard; well, that graveyard is exactly the cover of 1986 Master of Puppets album
HELLOWEEN:The Seven Keys of the Guardian, Hellow Een [haaro iin], is from the German power metal band Helloween [harouin]. The kanji characters name, [shugojinden], for the incantation is based on their album Keeper of the Seven Keys I (1987) and Keeper of the Seven Keys II (1988)
WHITESNAKE: If you read Whitesnake in japanese you will probably obtain Waitosuneiki, one of the Four Kingdoms, destroyed by Kall-Su alone.(So I hear anyway)
IRON MAIDEN:Like Whitesnake I think that A-Ian-Meide is japanese pronunciation of Iron Maiden (in the O.V.A. the characters say Iron Meiden). So this A-Ian-Meide is one of the Four Kingdoms whose head is king Harris. In this number (while Ai-Ian-Meide is under attack from Abigail's troops) you can see Iron Maiden dressed up as their popular monsters saying hello to the reader
METALLICA: Kall-Su destroys Waitosuneiki with a powerfull ice-spell called 'Bis Kayer' whose first magic words are 'Falskova-Kilhemal-Raidtherai-Famfatara-Fo Bidoh'. In a few words Kill 'em all and Ride the Lightning (amazing) are the first and the second Metallica's album
RAVEN: Dark Schneider and Arshes Nei's incantation of the Black Bird Storm Flight, [rei vun], is from the UK heavy metal band Raven [reivun]. The aria, [watsu koo], is referring to the band's original drummer Rob "Wakko" Hunter [robu "wakko" hantaa]
SKID ROW: In Bastard!! Ritchie uses for the first time the spell Skid Roa
BLACK SABBATH: Dark Schneider kills a cyclop with an apocalyptic spell called Blagosahat, that is the Japanese intonation to read Black Sabbath (in fact in the O.V.A. Dark says Black sahat)
DEEP PURPLE & RITCHIE BLACKMORE: In Bastard!! Kazushi Hagiwara built an interesting episode: De-Purple was a legendary reign destroyed by an evil moster (a skeleton) called Ritchie. Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky
TESLA: It's Arshes-Nei best spell
LED ZEPPELIN: Dark Schneider uses a spell called Ed Zepelion against Omega Abigail
TOOL: Uses some lyrics as a mediocre Abigail's spell
APOCALYPSE: The Apocalypse Cannon, Apocalypse [apokuripusu], is based on the thrash metal band Apocalypse [apokuripusu] from Switzwerland
HYDE: Satan's facial features were based on the jacket cover from Hide's 1994 solo album Hide Your Face. Min-biography: Hideto "Hide" Matsumoto was the original lead guitarist for the Japanese hard rock band X-Japan (1988-1996) and lefted the band to do a solo album
OBITUARY: The name of this powerful band appears written with blood on a daemon's arm
DEATH: Hail Chuk Shuldiner and glory to you! As a tribute to this band, the word Death appears written on a daemon's torso and on a Konron's cheek
ARCH ENEMY:In Bastard!! Dark Schneider uses the special move (it's not exactly a spell) Arc Enemy against Uriel
TESTAMENT: Again appears Testament. In this number among the images of the massacre there is a little skull dilaniated by chains with a japanese sun tatooed
PARADISE LOST: Here Uriel uses Paradise Lost -an angelic spell- against devil Konron
HEAVY & DEATH METAL: As a group of daemons appears in this number, the poor humans start to ear Heavy Metal music; but when the monsters become REALLY angry Heavy Metal turns into Death Metal and daemons starts their torture-based show