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Exclusive Dialogue Between Hayao Miyazaki and Moebius

Spring 1988


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind copywrite Hayao Miyazaki/Tokuma Shoten, 1988

MEOBIUS: You know, about three months ago I saw your film, "Laputa." It was brilliant. I was totally captivated by it.

MIYAZAKI: is that right? Thank you. Tell me, Moebius, what is going on with the film that you were working on?

MOEBIUS: Well, in the end, I gave up on that. But, actually, I've got another plan now. "Garage en metic." It's a work I did some years ago.

MIYAZAKI: I hope that it is successful.

MOEBIUS: Thank you. I, myself, am very happy that NAUSICAA is going to be published in the U.S. This way the movie can become popular here, too... I'm very glad that it is coming out in English. To tell the truth, I would like to see it published in France. Currently, it's being shown to some French publishing companies. Probably they will be interested.

MIYAZAKI: Thank you very much.

MOEBIUS: And, if things proceed further, I'll be sure to get in touch with you again about it.

MIYAZAKI: But, I don't know any french at all. (Laughter)

MOEBIUS: Don't worry, I'll send the letter in English! (Laughter)

MIYAZAKI: Great. It's really too bad that none of Moebius' work has been translated and published in Japan, yet.

MOEBIUS: Actually, I heard that Kodansha was bringing out one of my books. Of course, I haven't heard from them...

MIYAZAKI: You haven't heard anything from them...? How strange...! (Laughter)

MOEBIUS: Nothing. It is odd. But, I guess international publishing is like that.

MIYAZAKI: Hmm... Yes. Well, you know there are lots of Moebius fans in Japan. Even though they can't understand the words, they really enjoy the illustrations.

MOEBIUS: I met fans like that when I visited Japan. It was a wonderful trip. Japanese animation is impressive. I really think it is the best in the world, and Miyazaki's work is top in Japan.

MIYAZAKI: (Miyazaki was so overwhelmed by this praised that he was at a loss for words.)

MOEBIUS: I've only said the truth. (Laughter)

MIYAZAKI: (Laughter)

MOEBIUS: I know that they wanted me to say something appropriate in this conversation concerning publicated of your book in English, something "quotable." But, it's horrible to have to say something good about a work you already think is stupendous...just for the sake of publicity. And, NAUSICAA is such a splendid work that it doesn't even need to be complimented. So, please just imagine my compliments.

MIYAZAKI: Thank you. I like that. (Laughter) MOEBIUS: By the way, what are you working on?

MIYAZAKI: "Totoro." Do you know it?

MOEBIUS: No, I'm sorry, but I haven't heard of it.

MIYAZAKI: Shall I send it to you?

MOEBIUS: Really? That would be great. My son would love it, too. He is a tremendous fan of yours.

MIYAZAKI: (Laughter)

MOEBIUS: Oh, they're signalling to me that this is about the end of our conversation. I really want to say again and again just how delighted I am that you have been so sucessful. I enjoyed meeting you before, and this conversation too, and...

MIYAZAKI: Yes, I hope we can meet again sometime soon.

MOEBIUS: I do too. Well then, "sayonara."

MIYAZAKI: (Laughter) Sayonnara, Moebius.