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Chapter 5-Ghost Monster Still-Living Battle

Empykina and Wyngoni are still trapped in the room. Still with silence, Empykina sits down, deciding to rest leans against the wall. All of a sudden as she does so, she falls over into the next room. "Empykina!" Wyngoni decides to follow after and flies right through the wall to meet Empykina. Empykina still on the floor, looks at Wyngoni pop out of the wall. "What...what happened???" "It was a invisible wall, Empykina. We should have noticed before. This is the right path." They both look in front. "Oh that's the Mage Power shrine part of this Temple! We found it! We found it!" Empykina's eye lightens up. She gets up hastily and runs with Wyngoni toward the Mage Power. They stare in front of it in amazement. "Pick it up, Empykina, and concentrate as you did with the Paladin Power. You can change back into Paladin too. Go ahead now." Empykina nods her head and picks it up, holds it close to her heart and concentrates real hard for a minute or two. A bright light flashes throughout the room and as the light dims, Empykina is dressed in a blue Mage uniform. Holding her staff, she stands proudly and looks at herself.

"Wow, this is sooooo cool!" As she finishes saying so, the whole temple, as they feel, starts rumbling as it did before in that room, but much worse. "Not again, Wyngoni! What is wrong with this Temple!" The walls and ceiling collapse and fall down, so now they stand on the roof of the whole temple. A clear kind of invisible monster appears in front of Empykina. "AHHH!!!" "Mwahahaha...greetings, I am Still-Living, the Ghost Monster! I will get rid of you for stealing the treasure of the Mage Temple, you evil, evil girl. Give it BACK!" "No I will not, I need it to get back Krympirea!" "So, your from Krympirea, eh? Noname should have taken care of them. Guess your a special one, eh? All Krympireans shall DIE!!!"

Still-Living holds his hands together and an orb ball appears floating. Lightning statics glow and sparkle around it and as it grows as big as his fist, which are extremely big, he releases it heading toward Empykina in lightning speed. "Quickly, Empykina, dodge you can't take that!" She ducks and rolls over to the left. "Clever girl you are, eh? I shall shoot the strongest spell I got against you!" "Wyngoni, what spell?!" "Water should do on this ghost. Hold up your staff and concentrate, speak to the god of water, Oceal! Summon him to help you. Empykina then concentrates really hard, harder then usual. A tital wave appears in back of Empykina and the water god, Oceal the Seal, appears in the middle. He soaks up all the water and fully blastes it at Still-Living.

He dissapears after the spell, but after the water washed away, Still-Living was still there, not a scratch on him. Empykina in surprise is speechless. "Empykina, blast his magic back at him. Bring up your Magic Shield now. Empykina, handling magic better now, brings up a barrier around herself. Since Still-Living can't see it, he blastes his lightning bolt right at her, but Empykina pushes toward her barrier right when the bolt hits her. She watches as it heads back toward Still-Living, in shock that he can't move. It hits him, even though it was his own, he couldn't survive that bolt and turns into sand then dissapears. "You got him, Empykina, you got him!!!" Empykina gives a quick smile, but then it fades away. "Whats wrong?" "Well, this is only the first step in getting back Krympirea, and it was so hard. The rest must be alot harder and creepier...I just hope I will make it." "You will, Empykina, I know you will." Empykina smiles. "Let's get out of here and go find the...the Archer Power!" Wyngoni nods, and they both head toward the exit and away. Let's hope they can find the Archer's Cave, next.

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