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Chapter 4-Into the Mage Temple

As Empykina and Wyngoni wander inside the Mage Temple, many secrets await for them. The walls are covered in thick slimes and blood drips from the ceiling walls. On the ground and many withered leaves and crackling mud piles everywhere. The walls are all of stones covered up in vines and leaves. Everything, even the walls, seem to be moving and somewhat flashes about. They look around for a while in amazment of this Mage Temple which used to be bright and beautiful.

"Oh my god, what have they done to this place? Oh well can't wonder all day long. Let's go, Empykina." "Ri..right..." The two of them walk in, room after room, more dark and creepier than the last. No sign of any monsters or anything close to one yet, but they know something must be creeping behind them, something watching...Suddenly, as silent as the temple is, a huge crash echos in the rooms. The walls start to crumble and break. "AHHH!!! Whats going on, Wyngoni!" "The walls are collapsing. Run into the next room!" As they almost reach the next room, all the stones and walls falls over them, blocking all was possible to get out. Silence breaks out once again, only can hear the wind whistling through the cracks.

For a long time, Wyngoni and Empykina stay still, trapped in the stones. The lower ground begins to crack, it couldn't hold all the weight on it, and breaks, all landing into he basement. Empykina and Wyngoni quickly wake up from the crash. "What happened now...?" They both look up, sitting on the rocks. "Seems like the ground collapsed because it couldn't hold all this weight..." "At least we're free. Let's go on..."

They look around and see three different paths. "Which one shall we take?" "Let's just take the middle path. In what i've been through, middle is the best path of the rest." So they go in the middle path, hoping it would be the right path. But they figured out it was just a trap. They door fell over and they are trapped in the room. "Ahh, we're trapped Wyngoni!" "Sorry, I just thought it would be the best, but guess not." Just then spikes form on the walls, and it starts to begin to crush. "We're not going to make it..." They quickly look around. They spot a small light coming through the top. "Paladin has one little magical power, I've heard. Try holding up your sword, collect that light into it. Then concentrate and let the power go, it should stop everything..." So Empykina quickly holds up her sword, collects the sunlight, and concentrates all she can could before the spikes reach them, and let's it all go stopping all the walls from moving. "We done it, but we are still trapped in this room. We aren't ever going to get out...

Empykina gives a quick sigh. "That's the only Paladin magic...we can't do anything else. Wyngoni, you must try your magic, no matter how little energy, we must get out!" "Im sorry, Empykina, but if I could, I would have done it a long time ago...I can't do anything..." "We're doomed then...trapped" They think for a long time, not speaking of any word for a long time. Will they find a way out? Read the next chapter to find out.

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