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Chapter 3-The Mage Temple Way

As Empykina and Wyngoni are on their way to the Mage Temple, as it is a long way there, they get tired and decided to rest in a forest. It was a very sunny day, and the forest was actually bright. Even with all these monsters taking over everywhere, the forest was not foggy, not gloomy.

"Why isn't this forest dark like those others that we have pasted? This one, I guess, isn't enchanted with the monsters dark magic." Wyngoni thinks for a minute. "Well, I guess not, but at a time like this everything should have been taken over, unless this forest has some kind of shield from dark magic?" "Maybe so, Wyngoni, I just hope it dosen't turn out bad or the monsters come and take it over." The both of them just sat, ate their snacks, and thought about this mysterious forest thry're in. "Ok all done, fully energized! Lets go Wyngoni!" The boht continue to walk as they see the sky begin to darken. "Oh no, not rain now." They hear moans and groans from behind the bushes, suddenly everything getting darker then usual, even in what appeared to be a sunny day.

Empykina and Wyngoni look around themselves. Suddenly Empykina feels a tap on her shoulder. "What Wyngoni?" "What Empykina?" "You tapped me!" "No I didn't!" The both gulp and turn around. "AAAHHHH!!!" A shadow-like monster grins and slashes at Empykina's left arm. "Ahh!!!" Empykina unsheaths her sword, and attempts to slash at the shadow-monster, but it just goes through them. "Empykina, lets run for it! I've heard of a forest full of shadows not being able to get hurt with anything but magic. This is the forest, The Forest of the Lost Shadows...This must be the forest that has the Temple of the Mage. Let's go!" They both run away from the shadow-monsters. Luckily they were fast enough to get rid of them. As they stop, they see a big temple. On the top there is a big sign with a wand that looks like its made for a Mage.

"This must be it, Empykina, The Mage Temple." They both look up at it in wonder. "It must be it, look up there. That's the symbol of the Mage..." "Well what are we waiting for, let's go in and get that Mage Power, our first step to getting back Krympirea!" They both are only a few steps away from the temple. What lies inside it? What kind of monsters should be lurking inside? Will they ever get the Mage Power? Read on the next chapter to find out!

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