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Chapter 2-Powerless?

Empykina and Wyngoni needs to go back to Krympirea to defeat the Monster named Noname. Wyngoni uses his magical powers to teleport them back, and almost has no energy from all his uses. As they have gotten back to Krympirea, they see the whole heavenly city all dark and gloomy, covered in Nonames dark magic. In a dome floating above contained all the people held in captivity. Noname and his monsters had taken over the whole city.

As Empykina and Wyngoni walk closer to Noname, Noname looks down at them. "Who are you, and why are yous till alive!" screamed Noname. Empykina unsheathes her sword, as a Paladin. She holds it in front, with 2 hands and leaps up at him, with Wyngoni following, but helpless since he used most of his energy. "I'm your worse nightmare! I am Empykina, Empykina Moontear the Paladin os Krympirea. I will now defeat you and take back Krympirea!" "Mwahahaha! You think a little powerless human can defeat me? Try me." Empykina nears Noname and slashes her sword right in his chest, seeing not a scratch or mark, she is speechless and lands back on the ground. Noname laughs harder then ever and stands up proudly. Empykina slashes again, at his leg, but still not a scratch.

"You think you can beat me! As hard as you try you will never defeat me." Noname strikes his hand down at Empykina, but misses just as she leaps back. Wyngoni whispers to Empykina, "We won't ever defeat him right now. I'll teleports us out, if I have enough energy." Wyngoni charges up and teleports the both of them out of Krympirea. They reappear in space as they did the time before.

"Empykina, we aren't strong enough to defeat him, and if not we can't defeat the monsters at the Krympirea Shrine which holds the Krympirean Sword." "What will we do then Wyngoni? We can't give up now, I won't allow it..." "The only thing that I know we can do is to go find and collect all the Krympirea Powers, left behind by the old Krympireans. They are hidden in secret temples, caves, and dungeons. There is Mage, Archer, Lancer, and Dragon. You've already got the Paladin one so don't worry about that one." "Ok we will go and take back the Krympirean Powers. What shall we take first?" "We should get Mage. Magic is really important in our travels. Luckily, I know where those dungeons, temples, and caves are. Right now, the monsters have probably invaded them too, but we must get them to save Krympirea." "Right let's go right now!"

So Empykina and Wyngoni are on their way to find their first Krympirea Power, Mage. Will they be able to get it? Read on the 3rd chapter and find out!

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