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Chapter 1-Total Descruction

In a time of war when no one lived in this city in the sky, each group battled each other to see who wins to retrieve this heaven-like-city. The Goddess and Princess, name unknown, of this city wants someone to live in this city so it won't goto waste. Of course, she had made this city with all her powers and live now only to see who wins. A mighty group, who call themselves Krympireans, won the long battle. They have named this city Krympirea, after their name. The Goddess, not having anymore energy, dies and fades away.

One morning in Krympirea, long after the war, a teenage girl ,named Empykina Moontear, had just gotten up. It started as a normal day like heaven in Krympirea, when all of a sudden there was destruction. Empykina looked out the window, seeing a huge Monster blowing up buildings, she cried in fear and ran outside, where her family was. She looked up at the huge Monster, which everyone called Noname for he had no name, and she was speechless. Noname then created a huge dome, one almost as big as itself, and started to suck all the people of Krympirea into it, not letting any of them go. Empykina ran though, she didn't want to be in there. Noname chased after her, and she screamed in terror. Suddenly a cute little creature appeared in front of her.

Empykina screamed even more in fright, but Noname was then right behind her. The little creature zapped some kind of magic surrounding both of them, then dissapeared into space. Noname, not caring that one child escaped, continued his descruction. He has taken over Krympirea, and now it's nothing but something similar to hell. Meanwhile, Empykina, still in shock of what had happened, was still speechless and cried. The little creature then said," Girl, please don't cry. I am of no harm to you. My name is Wyngoni, Wyngoni the Krympirean Sword guardian." Empykina calmed down a little, thinking Wyngoni was no harm at all. "I am Empykina, Empykina Moontear of Krympirea. Why have you come here and saved me?" "I guard the Krympirean Sword, the sword of the Goddess of Krympirea. It is the most powerful and sacred sword that could defeat any monster. Monsters have come to the Krympirean Shrine that holds the sword. With all my powers, I cannot defeat them. So I ran to find a human being, a human being that could use this..." Wyngoni takes out a stone with a sword engraved in it. "What is it?" Wyngoni smiles. "It is the Paladin Power. I have kept it for a very long time. Only a human, such as you, could use it. Take it and transform into a Paladin warrior to fight and take back Krympirea, and to help me, if you want to, take back the Shrine for me. Just hold in and concentrate to turn into a Paladin." "Right, I shall help you in return for your help" Empykina holds the Paladin Power and concentrates, then becoming a Paladin. "Whoa!" She looks at all her armor. "Alright, take me back to Krympirea, Wyngoni!" "Right." They are both on their way back to Krympirea. Will Wyngoni and Empykina be able to take it back from Noname?...

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