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Welcome to The Krympirean Sword's Shrine. In case you don't know yet, The Krympirean Sword is a story about a normal teenage girl, named Empykina Moontear, who lives in the city of the Sky, Krympirea. An evil monster takes over the city and everyone is held in captivity. Lucky for Empykina, a weird creature from no where named Wyngoni comes right in time and saves her. Empykina is told that she is the only one then that could save Krympirea from total descruction. How will she do it? Read on in this site and figure out.

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January 20, 00
I just added some pictures of Empykina in diferent forms: Mage and Paladin. I also have finished chapter 3, working one chapter a day now.

January 18, 00
Since i've just begun on this site so...well everythings being updated and changed alot Especially completing the story and images.

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