When You Look At Me

By: Quincy Burney


All was quiet in the digital world. The diminishing campfire had finally gone out, and all but one Digidestined had fallen asleep. Matt was sitting up in his sleeping bag, looking into space. Machinedramon had just been defeated, and there was a celebration. Matt had a lot of things on his mind, but there was one thing that had Matt in an emotional storm. He was in love. He loved this person with all of his heart, but he was afraid that the feeling wasn't mutual. Matt turned his head; he looked at the person he loved so much. He looked at Tai - his love. Matt had tried to convince himself that it couldn't be, but it was no use. He had denied his heart for too long, and could no longer keep inside the feelings that he had for Tai. He had to tell him. Even if it meant rejection. Matt lay down, and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Matt couldn't help but notice that whenever Tai looked at him, he felt a rush of tingles up his spine. His hands were shivering. "What's the matter Matt?" asked T.K. "Oh, I'm just a little cold. That's all" Matt said. "Oh, OK!" said T.K. Matt couldn't even finish his breakfast he was so flustered with emotion. A couple hours passed, and Matt and Tai were on patrol with Gabumon and Agumon. Matt looked down while he walked. Suddenly, there was a rustling through the trees. "What was that?" Matt asked aloud "I heard it too." Tai said. They both spread out, ready for action. The rustling was getting louder, "Gabumon, you better digivolve, in case there's trouble." "Right!" Gabumon replied and digivolved into Garurumon. "You better digivolve too Agumon." "No problem" Agumon said and digivolved into Greymon. Suddenly, from out of the bushes popped out a Tuskmon, and a Saimon. Greymon and Garurumon wasted no time and sprang into action. The four Digimon grappled. The battle was fierce, but Greymon and Garurumon took out the two evil Digimon with ease. "Good job Greymon!" Tai complimented. "You too Garurumon. Great work" Said Matt. "Thanks!" they both said, and turned back into Agumon and Gabumon.

Matt and Tai walked back to camp. "Tai?" "Yes Matt?" Matt was finally going to tell him how he felt. "There's something I've been wanting to tell you for a while now, but I never found the courage." Tai looked a little intrigued. "What is it Matt?" Matt was struggling to maintain his composure, "I...I..." Matt was cut off by Joe running up to them. "Hey guys!" Joe said. "Hey Joe" Tai greeted him. Matt was considerably annoyed "SHIMATTA" he thought to himself. "We're getting ready to go, and we weren't about to leave you guys behind." They all hurried back to camp, and packed up. It wasn't until after dark, that there would be peace for Matt. Everyone had laid down sleep, except once again for Matt. He couldn't stay there, he need to go for a walk. He got up and walked into the woods. Except this time, when he got up, Tai heard him. He got up to follow him. Matt looked around for a good place to sit down and think. And what he found was a cliff overlooking a huge horizon of the digital world. There was a breeze that accented the scenery in a most serene manner. He sat on the edge of the cliff and stared at the big moon in the sky. He felt so helpless, that he would never be able to tell Tai how he felt.

Tai found where Matt was, but noticed that Matt looked extremely sad. He hid behind a nearby tree. He heard Matt start to talk to himself. "Oh God. I feel so helpless. I love him so much, but I may never get to tell him." Tai was a little surprised. "Who could he be talking about?" he thought to himself. Matt continued, "I feel so at peace when I am with him, I've never felt like this about anyone in my life, especially someone like Tai." Tai's eyes went wide, and his jaw opened when he heard that. "He...he loves me." He said to himself. He was amazed that someone could feel like that about him. He then heard Matt continue. "I thought I could fool myself by trying to keep girls on my mind. But I knew in my heart of hearts that Tai is the one who I've always wanted to be with. He's so fearless, so brave, so devoted to his mission, so... handsome. And his eyes, Oh how his eyes captivate me. It's like they look right into my soul.

I'm surprised he hasn't figured it out yet. I love him so much, but... but he doesn't love me back" Tai looked out from behind the tree. He saw the moon sparkling on the tears that were forming in Matt's eyes. He saw the tears roll down his face. "He doesn't love me." Matt said in tears. Tai soon became tear filled himself. The he heard Matt start to sing. "Sing?... Matt?...Wow!" Tai said to himself as he listened up.

"Out here in the quiet of the night,
Beneath the stars, and moon.
We both know we've got something on our mind, we won't admit.
But it's true.
You look at me, I look away.
I wanna tell you what I'm feelin' but I don't know how to start.
I wanna tell you but now I'm afraid that you might break my heart.
Oh why should anything so easy have to be so hard to do?
I wanna tell you what I'm feelin' and to say that...
I love you!
I think of all the things that I could say, line by line, every word.
I tell myself today could be the day, but every time, I lose my nerve.
I look at you, You look away.
I wanna tell you what I'm feelin' but I don't know how to start.
I wanna tell you but now I'm afraid that you might break my heart.
Oh why should anything so easy have to be so hard to do?
I wanna tell you what I'm feelin and to day that...
I love you!
Why? Why do you turn away?
It must be, you're afraid like me.
I try. But I can't pretend that I...
Don't feel for you, the way I do,
Can't you see?
I wanna tell you what I'm feelin' but I don't know how to start.
I wanna tell you but now I'm afraid that you might break my heart.
Oh why should anything so easy have to be so hard to do?
I wanna tell you what I'm feelin' and to say that...
I love you!"

When Matt stopped singing, Tai was in tears as well as in utter amazement. Matt sang that about me? Oh I never knew! He thought. He then stepped out from behind the tree and revealed himself. "Matt..." Tai said.

"Huh?...who's there?" Matt turned around to see Tai, the moonlight illuminating his whole body, and his tears.

Matt was glad he was here. Matt stood up, "W... What are you doing here?" he asked. "I followed you when I saw walk from the campsite. I... I heard what you said." Matt started to sweat. "Do you really love me?" Tai asked. "Yes... With all of my heart" Matt turned around and looked up at the moon. He heard Tai speak, "I had noticed you've been acting a little strange lately, but I would never have guessed that... You were in love with me. And what is so cool about it is... that... I feel the same way too." Matt's eyes went wide. He heard Tai walk up to him and felt him hug him from behind. Tai rested his head on the back of Matt's shoulder "I've fought against it for so long" Tai said in between tears. Matt turned around "Then I guess it's time we stop fighting" he said. Matt tilted his head, and pressed his lips to Tai's.

Tai felt so strange. This had never happened to him before, especially with another boy. But somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew this was right. Tai wrapped his arms around Matt, and pressed lips harder against Matt's. Fireworks went off in Matt's mind. He was finally where so longed so much to be. He suddenly felt Tai's tongue slip into his mouth. He let loose, and let his tongue dance with Tai's and tightened his embrace with him. Tai reached down and pulled Matt's shirt off. Matt did the same with Tai, and kissed him again. Tai ran his hands down Matt's back, giving Matt goosebumbs. He brought Tai to the ground with him. Tai lay atop of Matt kissing him long and passionately. Tai broke the kiss and laid his head on Matt's chest. "Oh Matt." Tai said in a sigh, "I've always wanted this to happen, but I never knew it would happen with you. And I'm so happy it did." "Me too." Matt said. "I love you Matt." Tai said, "I love you too" Matt replied. "Kiss me again." Tai said "Gladly" Matt replied. Matt turned Tai over so the he was on the bottom. Matt took Tai into a deep and passionate french kiss. Tai caressed Matt's soft skin, he ran his fingers through Matt's golden hair. Matt slowly pulled back from his unforgettable kiss, and spoke to Tai in the sweetest voice Tai had ever heard, "Oh Tai, I love you so much, you've been in my dreams forever, I dreamt I would hold you in my arms, and kiss your soft lips. But when I awoke from them, it made me hurt because it wasn't real. When you look at me, I feel like I cold just run up to you, take you into my arms and never let you go." Matt's started to flood with tears again. They dropped onto Tai's face.

"Why are you crying Matt?" "'Cause I'm so happy. I'm finally where I wanna be. And I don't ever wanna leave." Tai smiled softly and said,!
"I never wanna leave either. And I'm not gonna. That's a promise." Matt sighed, and closed his eyes. They both soon fell asleep in each other's arms.
Back at the camp, Izzy woke up to find that Matt and Tai had gone. He got up and looked around, to find not a sign of them anywhere. Izzy then woke everyone up. "Hey you guys, wake up! Matt and Tai are missing!" Everyone rose from their slumber. They all got up and started to look for the two missing Digidestined. About ten minutes passed when Tentomon approached the group announcing he had found Matt and Tai. "You might want to be quiet when you see them." Tentomon said "Why?" They all asked, "Well... you'll see." He said. They all followed Tentomon to the cliff. They all looked at Matt and Tai with amazement. "What's going on here Tentomon? Why are Matt and Tai laying like that?" asked Joe. "One thing is for certain, they must have patched things up between them. And in a really good way too!" said Tentomon. "Aaaaaaaaaawwww! Don't they look cute together?" Mimi said "I think they're in love." Sora said, "Really? Do ya think?" asked Biyomon "Sure! Why else would they lay like that?" said Palmon "My brother is in love with Tai? But I thought guys were supposed to fall in love with girls." T.K. said innocently. "Love can be a pretty weird feeling sometimes. Maybe it doesn't matter who you fall in love with, it matters that you love them." said Kari. This is all pretty weird..." said Gomamon "... But if they're in love, than I guess I should be happy for them". "Look at them. They're so peaceful underneath the moonlight. I think we should leave them alone." Said Mimi "I agree." Said Sora. "Then let's go. Before we wake them." Said Izzy. They all turned around and very quietly walked back to camp.

The next morning, Tai woke up to see the warm bright sun beating down on his shirtless chest. He looked at Matt, who was still sleeping, and laid a soft kiss on his lips to wake him up. Matt opened his big blue eyes, and saw Tai leaning over him. He smiled. "Good morning." Tai said. Matt sat up and looked up as the morning sun greeted him with a blinding flash "Ouch!" Matt said. "Hey, I think we better head back to camp, the other's may be getting worried about us." Tai suggested. Matt agreed. He picked up his shirt and slipped it over his head. Tai did the same, and they both returned to the camp - hand in hand. "Hi Matt, Tai. Good Morning!" Sora greeted them. "Hi!" The both said, and sat down to breakfast. After a couple minutes, Tai piped up, "Listen everybody, Matt and I have been doing a lot of thinking, and we have decided that there is something we want to tell all of you!" he began "We know Tai!" Izzy said in a soft voice. "Huh?... You... Know?" "Yes!" said Mimi "We all know that you two are in love." She continued. Matt and Tai were a little surprised at this. They both blushed a deep pink.

Izzy then explained how him and the others had found them on the cliff, sleeping in each other's arms. "I thought you two looked soooooooo cute together underneath the moonlight." Mimi said with a smile. Then, T.K. walked up to Matt "Kari said the it doesn't matter who you love, but only that you love them. Is that true Matt?" he asked. "Yes, T.K. that's true" A smile came across T.K.'s face "Then would it be all right if I said I love you?" T.K. asked in such a cute and total innocence, that it brought tears to Matt's eyes "Yes... Yes it would" Matt said. T.K. hugged Matt tightly "I love you Matt." T.K. said. "I love you too T.K." Matt replied.

Tai smiled at this truly adorable sight. "So, you guys aren't grossed out or disgusted or anything?" Tai asked "Not at all" They all said simultaneously.
Matt and Tai let out a sigh of relief. A couple hours passed, and Matt and Tai had gone to the same place where they had slept together. They both stood at the edge of the cliff, staring out into the horizon. They held each other's hand.

"Matt?" "Yes Tai?" "Let's make a promise. That when the time comes to do battle with Piedmon, we will stay by each other's side no matter what happens." Tai looked serious. "Right!" Matt said "No matter what, we'll always be there for each other." Matt said softly. They turned towards one another, and kissed. No matter what happened from then on, Matt and Tai would always be there for one another. They would do battle with the last remaining Dark Master, and face destiny - together.


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