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By: Taitogirl

Disclaimer: umm I don’t really need one of these do I? I mean people do know that I don’t own these characters right? Good.

AN: Tai is taller than Matt in this story okay? And he’s a little older. Okay, basically It’s the opposite of the show.


Tai: 15

Matt: 15

Kari: 12

Mr. Ishida: 48

Mr. And Mrs. Kamiya: 45


“Alright troops, attention!” Tai shouted as he stopped. The rest of the group was so surprised at the sudden order, that when they stopped they sort of had the domino effect. Tai was in the lead, then after him came Sora, who fell on top of him, Mimi, who fell on top of Sora, Joe, who fell on top of Mimi, Izzy, who fell on top of Joe, Tk, who fell on top of Izzy, and Kari, who fell on top of Tk. The only one who had enough common sense not to fall on top of anybody was Matt. Mainly because he was the last in line.

“Guys! Get off you’re heavy!” Tai whined from underneath.

One-by-One they all got off until only Sora was left on top. She knew she had to get off, but for some reason she seemed reluctant to. Matt noticed this and gave a low growl noticed by all but Tai.

“Are you two gonna lay there all day, or are you gonna get up so we can move on?” He shouted, disgust and sarcasm was irrelevant in his voice.

“I would love to Matt, I really would but I seem to have a problem.” Tai stated as he tried to get up. Sora looked down and blushed. Apparently she had been daydreaming or something because she had been plenty surprised when Tai lifted her up with his back and she slid off.

“Okay. Anyway, as I was saying. This looks like a good of a place as any to spend the night. Anyone object?” He quickly turned his back on the rest of the group and looked at Matt. He was surprised when Matt looked at him for a few seconds and turned his gaze to Tk.

“Okay then troops, move out!”


“…….Anyone object?” Matt heard Tai say. And normally he would be the first in line to. But lately he had been getting these weird feeling when he was around him. At first it scared him, he knew these were the feelings of attraction, but this was another guy he was attracted to. Then as he got used to it, he decided to go for it. He tried everything, but nothing seemed to be working, so he usually just kept to himself. He was brought out of his thoughts when he realized Tai was staring at him ‘Probably expects me to argue or fight with him. That’s the only reason he even knows I’m here.’ Matt stared back for a while, heaved a light sigh, and turned his gaze to his little brother ‘Jeez. The kid’s got it so easy. At least he’s not a big hormonal freak like his brother. Then I’d have more to worry about.’ When he was brought out of his thoughts again he realized he was walking. He must’ve subconsciously started. He looked up ahead at the object of his thoughts, and gave a weak half smile.


Gee, I wonder what’s been buggin’ Matt. He seems so quite and distant lately. Or at Least around me. Like he’s afraid of me or somethin’ I’m getting really worried about him.’

“Hey Tai? Are you okay?” He was wrenched out of his thoughts be Sora’s voice, he looked down and saw she had linked her arm in his. He blushed and looked around to see the reaction on everybody else’s face. Nobody seemed to notice except for him. For Matt. He looked into his eyes for a moment and could’ve sworn he saw a brief flash of pain in them. Then Matt turned away and sat down on a log. Tai himself felt a little jolt of pain. He didn’t know why but he felt like Matt’s arm should be the one he’s linked to, not Sora’s. He immediately erased the thought from his head, and pulled his arm away from Sora.

“Okay guys. Here’s the deal. We set up camp for the night and leave early in the morning. Kay?”

“Sure Tai!” Sora chirped happily. Matt only rolled his eyes.


During dinner Matt hadn’t eaten and he had barely said a word all night. Tai was beginning to get really worried. He headed back from his night vigil to check on everybody and to his dismay found the one person he’d been thinking about missing. He noticed an opening in the bushes that hadn’t been there before and headed straight for it. Once he was past the shrubs he found a small path Matt must have made ‘Guess I’ll follow it. I’d never forgive myself if anything ever happened to him.’ He ran through the woods until he came to a clearing. There were a few trees in front of him but he could make out what was behind them clearly. It was a lake. And there was some sort of figure by it. He came closer and hid behind a tree. Only then could he clarify what he was seeing. It was Matt. He was sitting on top of a rock looking down at his own reflection, into the serene waters. He put his hand down into the lake and just started swirling it around. Tai was about to come forward when all of a sudden, Matt started singing something.

“…If only tears could bring you back to me, if only love could find away, What I would do what I would give if you’d return to me someday, somehow, someway, if my tears could bring you back to me….” That had to be one of Tai’s favorite songs. It was called ‘If Only Tears Could Bring You Back.’ By Midnight Sons. It was about a guy who lost his love and has been crying for so long he starts to wish his tears could bring his love back. Slightly depressing, yet it was still a very beautiful song. Matt’s voice just seemed to take away that depression though, and turn in into beauty all over again. 

Tai closed his eyes and let the words float through the air from Matt’s mouth to his ears. It was like he was being put into some sort of trance.

He leaned back against the tree he was hiding behind and just stood there. However; that tranquility was not to last. As suddenly as the music had started, it began to fade. Tai slowly opened his eyes to see what was wrong.

Matt had taken his hand out of the water, only to find it was covered in wet sand. At first he had a curious look on his face as he slowly tuned his had over to inspect it, but that look soon turned sour. His eyes narrowed as he tightened his hand into a fist, squeezing the sand between his fingers. As quick as lightning he struck out his hand and whipped the water with the back of it.

“I’m SO sick and tired of the way I’m feeling!” He shouted with rage as he stood, “Why me? I’ve tried everything to get him to like me as a JUST a friend, an acquaintance even! But NO! Now he hates me more than ever.” He quickly turned to a tree that he had been leaning on, and punched it with all his might. Then out of nowhere a huge crack of thunder sounded. Tai jump, but Matt paid it no heed. He punched the tree harder and harder, not caring about the heavy rain surrounding him, or the blood trickling down his fist. Sooner or later though, he finally gave up on it. He hugged the tree tightly as he slid down to a kneeling position, scrapping his face against the rough bark. He then started crying, but not from the cuts and bruises he had just given himself, but from the emotional pain he had been keeping inside.

It ripped Tai’s heart apart to see Matt like this. He didn’t know why, but it did. For some odd reason he just wanted to walk over there and hold his long-time friend close, keeping him safe from any more harm.

“Why?” Matt cried, his face buried in the tree.

“Why can’t these feelings just leave me alone?” Tai felt a droplet of water falling down his cheek. At first he ignored it because he thought it was just rain, but as it slid in the opening of his mouth he realized his conclusion was wrong. It had a different taste to it. A taste he had memorized quite well. It was salty, and with that alone he could tell what it was. A tear. It was a tear. He had subconsciously stated crying for the boy he had just been realizing he had strong feelings for. The boy he just realized he………loved.

“I love you so much…… Tai” The words shocked the brunette as much as gave him happiness. But his happiness was quickly turned bitter as he watched his newfound love in that pathetic little heap, crying his eyes out for him.

“I’d give anything to be Sora. To have his affection like she does, to be able to hold him like she does…” Tai decided this would be the best time to make himself present, so he took a deep breath and stepped out the woods.

“I’d give anything to be her, anything…” Matt suddenly drew in a quick breath as he felt a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Why?” A voice spoke up, “ So you could have my love as if you were my brother?” Tai. He quickly let go of the tree and stood up so Tai could see his full body. His hands and arms were covered with the blood he had received from his own beatings, and his face. His face was a different story. It was covered with scrapes, cuts and what would become scars. Blood that was mixed in with his tears was spread all around. And his eyes held all the sorrow and pain in the world. Tai just wanted to break down and cry from seeing Matt like this. But he couldn’t. Instead he did all he could do. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around the blonde in a gentle embrace.


“Shhh…” He whispered as he began to lightly rock the other boy, “How could you do that to yourself?”


“It’s okay…you don’t have to explain anything, I saw. I was there the whole time.”

“Y-You saw a-and heard a-all of it?” He squeaked. Obviously he was still pretty shaken up. He looked down and began to speak again.

“Tai… I” The shorter boy hushed Matt with a gentle brush of the lips.

“Shhh… It’s okay, Matt. It’s okay.” He whispered as he felt the boy starting to weep again, “I know. I know.”

And for once they didn’t need words, as they just stood there, in the pouring rain. Enjoying each other’s company. Not needing anything else.

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