By: Karen Kido


To:Yamato Ishida
From:Karen or Angela
Date and Time:??/??/??:??
Subject:Read and See
Reason:You'll never know+.+

I love you [Yamas fan]
I love you Yamato Ishida.
You will be mine.
I'll take you from her.
I will love you forever.
You will love me Yama-kun.
I will have you for myself.
You will forget her forever.
I will be with you no matter...
Even if I have to take you in soul....
The bullets hit both of them in the heart.
The blood stained the carpet.
The blood stained wall.
The blood stained the picture hanging on the wall.
The blood stained the sofa.
The blood stained the bed.
The blood stained the house from toe to head.
It shattered the crystal.
It shattered the glass.
It shattered the china.
As the bullet flew pass.
The fabric was ripped.
The fabric was torn.
It sliced through my chest.
Like a sharp rose thorn.
You said you loved me.
You said no harm.
I thought I hurt you when I touched your arm.
You pulled away.
You reached inside.
From your jacket came the reason we died.
You told me you loved her.
That she was in your heart.
It took my mind away.
And now my heart.
The stars still shine even though were gone.
So this is what it's like when people can't go on.
I lost my body.
But not my soul.
I'll always love her.
Though you not at all.
I needed love.
I wanted you in life.
I couldn't have you.
So I took our lives.
I pulled the trigger.
Then I pulled it twice.
Once in the ceiling.
The other took my life.
I joined you in death.
I joined you pain.
But now you still love her.
Oh what shame.
I wasted our lives.
I wasted our meaning.
All because of what I was feeling.
They found us cold.
They found us still.
We had no heart beat.
We had no breath.
All because of the bullets in our chest.
Do you miss it?
Life I mean.
It seems so long since I've last seen.
I lost my sight.
I lost my breath.
I lost my life.
When the bullet sliced through my chest.
If you listened.
If you learned.
A fan is a fan.
Someone who should be heard.
They can like.
They can love.
They can hurt you.
And send you to above....
Remember the moral.
Remember the truth.
A fan can kill for your love.

I write to you in hope to be heard.I want you to know there is a turn.Your fans can like they can even love but if you ignore them .... your body might be found under a rug.Listen up.Let them be heard.If you want life and to be sure.Keep this Story keep the poem and that way you'll always know./p>

-Karen The Mage of Mystery or Angela either way...I'm a fan.

-Angela The Maker of The New World Order and Angel of Battle and Blood

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Karen Kido