By: Bry~Zee

'I don't get it, whats so hard to understand about me,' thought Yamato , 'they thought I was so weird when i confessed to liking Taichi, and ever scence it seams I have lost my only friend, well I am not going to let that happen, I mean, common, even Takeru doesn't look at me or respect me the same way. I need my friends and life back, they don't even seem to care about me!' his brain screamed out as a tear escaped his eye.
Hikari had seen this and went over to him. "yamato-sama," she asked cautiously, "are you okay, I mean, I care about you, your one of my best friends,"she finished and then looked up at him. he reasureed her that nothing was wrong, and told her to go on a head with the others that he needed to sit down. Hikari went along with the others and looked up at her brother Taichi. "Ohh why is onnichan always so lucky, why can't I be the object of Yamato's attention," she asked herself. Taichi then shook her out of her deep thoughs. "Come on Kari-chan your holding up the group," complained Taichi "Sorry Onnichan," Hikari started, "I was just thinking of...umm..of." "Ohh what,"taichi asked angerly. "of when we can leave this retchid Digiworld," mumbled Hikari. Taichi just shouted for everyone to keep walking so they could get where they needed to be.
A few hours later it was dark and everyone except Hikari was asleep, and maybe for matt but he wasn't near the group Taichi was leaning agianst a tree with Sora resting on his chest, Daisuke and takeru were leaning on each others backs, mimi and jou were sleeping with mimi's head on jou's shoulder, and then Koushiro was agianst a tree, Iori was layng next to armadillimon, while the other digimon slept in various spots around the fire. Hikari full of anger at her brother wandered away from the fire and leaned agianst a tree, not facing him though.
As she sat there shivering she heard something walking in the distance and prayed it wasn't an evil digimon. It ended up being Yamato, "Hikari-chan what are you doing so far from the fire," asked Yamato."I didn't want to be anywhere near Onnichan," said Hikari shivering. "I'll stay here with you I guess, I mean i don't want Taichi mad at the both of us, you for whatever he's already mad at you about, and me for knowing your here and not staying with you,"Matt said as he sat down. When he noticed Hikari's shivers he took off his high school jaket coat thing (the ugly green thing) and gave it to Hikari. Kari exclaimed, "Yamato, you didn't have to do this." "Sure I did," he said and then placed an arm around her as she lean in upon him. "goodnight Hikari," he said and closed his eyes, and then Hikari replied, "good night Yamato, haniyori-shin'yuu sueshiyuu."He nodded his head and drifted to sleep as Hikari did the same.
The next morning when Hikari awoke the whole group was gone except gatomon. "gatomon where did they go," Hikari asked worriedly. "Just to the pond, they didn't want to wake you though," replied Gatomon. Hikari and gatomon then walked to the pond, upon arrival Matt looked up and said "good afternoon sleepyhead," with a pklayful smile.
It was at that moment Hikari knew Yamato liked her,"Yamato will you come and get something with me" she asked and he said he would once in the woods she stopped. "Yamato, I have to tell you something, I just can't hide it anymore," she said. Yamato was worried, "What is something wrong are you sick?" "No, not at all, it's just...well...Yamato I am in love with you and I want to be with you forever, even though I know you like Taichi," as hikari said the last two words she had whispered them and looked down. Yamato grinned, "Don't be silly," he said lifting her chin so her eyes would meet his, "I love you too, I just can't believe it took me this long to relize it." He then wrapped her in his warm embrace, Hikari at first was shocked but then melted into it. He then lifted her chin agian and the two kissed passionatly.
Taichi and Sora witnessed this event and Sora said" look isn't it sweet?" Taichi looked at the two and smiled"It sure is, I knew they would eventually fall for each other." Then Taichi took Sora and they shared there first kiss also.

The End

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