T or D

By: Kamikazi Wolf

Notes: italics indicate thought, and italics and *ís indicate the part of Taiís mind that knows what really is going on. Hmmm...anything else??....oh yeah this is my first Digimon fanfic, so if it sucks tell me please!! This is in the future.

Character ages:
Taichi- 16
Sora- 16
John- 28

Taichi Kamyia was laying on his bed worrying to himself about the day. The
whole day seemed fine until that evening, when Sora and he had gone on their
first, and hopefully only, date. They had gone to the movies, which had been
fun, but afterwards when he had walked her home things had gone wrong.

They were standing outside her home looking nervously at each other.

“What am I supposed to do now?” he asked her.

“I think your supposed to kiss me good-night,” she answered, blushing at the
thought of being kissed by Taichi.

“Oh...ok,” he whispered.

He leaned over and pressed his lips gently against hers. Nothing. He felt
absolutely nothing; no sparks, no passion, just lips, meaningless lips. His
first kiss and it sucked.

He pulled away. She was smiling at him, but her face fell when she saw that
he wasn’t smiling back.

“Taichi? What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I didn’t feel anything. That didn’t feel right,” he whispered, confused.

“Maybe we should try again, your probably just nervous.”

“No! I don’t want to. I....I need to go home...now. I’m sorry,” he turned
and sprinted down the hall to the elevators.

As he walked home thoughts flew through his mind. Why didn’t I like the
kiss? I’m supposed to like it, wasn’t I? I like Sora! Or do I? Of course I
do! Then why didn’t it feel right?

*Because she’s not the one you wanted to kiss.*

Sure she was!

*No, she wasn’t Yamato.*

Tai stopped suddenly just out side his front door. His eyes went wide.

“No!” he whispered strongly. “No, no, no!”

*Give it up!* his mind shouted back at him. *You know you love him. You have
for years.*

“No! I’m not gay.”

*Keep telling yourself that, but your never going to believe it.*

Tai knew he was lying to himself. He started to wondered if he was going
crazy. He brain seemed smarter then he is. He went inside and shut himself
into his room. Which is how he ended up in his bed, worrying.

He saw Yamato. They were still good friends, but they didn’t see each other
that often. Yamato would get busy with his new friends, his band...oh and
his many “girlfriends.” Tai made a face at that last thought. Yamato always
seemed to have girls crawling all over him. Though that was understandable
him being as hot as he is.

Should I tell him?

He knew the answer. Now that he was sure, he couldn’t let it fester inside
of him.


Yamato Ishida, was laying on his stomach on his bed. His long-ish blond hair
hanging down around his face, brushing against his nose. He tapped his
pencil against his lyrics book in front of him. They needed a love song.
Yamato and his band were going to be playing at the school dance in three
weeks. They needed some slow songs. He could do that, no problem. The thing
was every time he tried to write a love song it would turn out to be about a
guy. He knew why.
He’d known for years. When he was twelve he had figured it out. Yamato was
attracted to both girls and guys, but he was in love with a guy. He couldn’t
even date other guys because he loved this one. He dated girls for
reputation, they meant nothing to him.

Matt sighed and sat up on his bed. He glanced at his bedside table, to the
picture on top of it. It had been taken three years ago, when he was
thirteen. There he was grinning with an arm around Taichi. Best buddies.
Takeru, his younger brother, and Daisuke stood next to them. The latter two
had become friends soon after Hikari, Taichi’s little sister, had started
dating a boy named Kaspian, who lived in her building. Neither boy liked
Kas, but both adored his older brother River. River and Kas were both from
North America. When their parents divorced, their father got custody of them
and shipped them off to Japan with him.

River was a private guy. Quite, but tough. He liked to be alone which was
hard when he had two thirteen year olds following him around like puppies.
Asking him questions about his old home, his friends, and girlfriends.

The one time they had actually said more then four words to each other was
when River had come over to his home, because their mom had been at work, to
drop off Takeru , who had got into a fight with Kaspian. Yamato’s younger
brother had sported a shiner, River’s had a bloody nose.

He could hear the phone ring in the other room. He had turned his own ringer
off so he could concentrate. Which really didn’t seem to matter since he
couldn’t write a love song involving a boy and “girl” anyway. Guess he’d
just have to rip-off an old love song.

“Matt! Phone!” his father shouted.
“Ok!” he shouted back, reaching for his phone.


“Yamato?” a deep voice asked.

“Yeah? Who is this?”

“River Williams.”

“Oh! Hey, how are you?”

“Good, I guess. I don’t get much time alone anymore.”

“Yeah, well I’d like to trade you sometime.”

“I don’t think I’d be able to stand all the attention you get.”

“Yeah, I guess not,” Yamato chuckled. “So what did you want?”

“My dad’s going away tomorrow. Kas is sleeping over at a friends house. My
dad doesn’t want me home alone. T and D were over when he said that so I’m
stuck with them all day and night tomorrow. Care to stay over and save me
from the madness?”

“Sure.” This was a good opportunity to get to know River better. He’d be a
good a friend to have.

“Great! Now I just have to phone Taichi,” he said innocently.

“Your inviting Taichi, too?”

“Sure. He owes me. Anyway T and D look up to him too so maybe I’ll get them
both off my back with you two here.” He wasn’t lying. He just left the other
reason out.

“Sounds like a good plan to me,”

“All my plans are good. Well see you tomorrow. Bye Yamato.”


River placed the phone down, his dark blue eyes dancing merrily.

“I love playing matchmaker,” he chuckled as he walked to his room.


Yamato and Takeru arrived at River’s apartment around noon. Takeru, not
bothering to knock, walked in and went to the livingroom. Yamato followed
close behind. He could hear laughing coming from the room in front of him.
He stepped into the room. Taichi and Daisuke were playing Playstation (TM),
while River was lounging in a Lazyboy (TM) listening to his diskman, his
head bobbing to the music that only he could hear. He glanced up and looked
at the newcomers, then turned off his diskman.

“There’s a reason that there’s that big piece of wood in my doorway. That
reason is called “knocking.” Try it some time,” the red haired boy said, his
voice sounded annoyed, but his eyes were smiling.

Takeru grinned at the older boy. “Sorry!”

“I’m sure you are. Hi Yamato.”


Out of the corner of his eye River saw Taichi jump at the sound of the
blondes voice.

When he had first met the two he knew that they were in love. He also knew
they didn’t know that the other shared those feelings. He would have tried
to get them together sooner but he knew that Taichi hadn’t know, not
consciously at least. He hadn’t found out until the day before when he came

River had been just about to leave his home to go to the corner store, when
he saw Taichi walk by. Taichi had stopped in front of his door, and just
stood there. River walked up to him to ask what was wrong, when the brunette
had whispered fiercely, “No! No, no, no! I’m not gay!” he stood there for a
few more moments thinking to himself. Then opened his door, sighing “Yama,”
as he walked inside. Finally admitting defeat to his feelings. River ran
back to his apartment, to phone Matt.

Now here they both were in his home, completely unaware that he was setting
them up.

“Where do we put our things?” Yamato asked.

“Just throw them in my room for now.”


“Who’s this?” Taichi asked River.

The boys were all in River’s room looking at his photo. He glanced at the
picture, it was one of his favorites. A boy with light brown hair and
chocolate brown eyes, laid on a bed, a bored look on his handsome face, but
he eyes shined merrily with mischief.

“That’s Jake.”

“A friend from Canada?” Daisuke asked.

“Yeah. The best I ever had.”

“Let’s do something!” Takeru whined.

“Yeah! It’s only 9:30!” Daisuke joined in.

“Well T and D, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” both boys said.

River’s eyes lit up. “How about ‘Truth or Dare’?”

“That’s a kids game,” Daisuke said.

“Not when I play. So are you all in or what?”

“Sure,” the two younger boys said.

“Why not?” said Yamato.

“I guess if everyone else is.” Taichi said.

“I’ll go first,” River grinned. “Yamato truth or dare?”


“Feeling brave, are we? I dare you...to...strip down to your boxers for the
rest of the night.”

Yamato sighed and stood up, pulling his t-shirt off over his hear, then
throwing it to the floor, his pants soon followed. Tai watch in awe. Yamato
was gorgeous! Not overly buff, but built enough to make him look absolutely
beautiful. Yamato sat back down and blushed at the snickers from his younger
brother and Daisuke.

“Your turn.”

“Takeru, truth or dare?”


“Ok...let me think of something......Why do you and Daisuke follow River
around all the time?”

Both boys blushed.

“We...we wanted to learn how to be cool from him. We, sort of, overheard
some girls talking about how cool he is and how they’d just die if he asked
one of them out. So we thought that if we learned how to be cool like him,
then we could get any girl we wanted. Now we do it because he’s fun to be

River chuckled softly, the four other boys stared at him confused.

“River, truth or dare?”


“Why did you laugh?”

“Because I hardly ever dated ‘girls’.”


“You can’t ask two questions. It’s my turn now,” he glanced around at the
group looking for a victim. “Daisuke, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” the boy said grinning, his eyes saying ‘give me your best shot, I’m
not afraid.’

“I dare you to go to apartment 513 and ask my neighbor if he can give you
four condoms and a tube of lubricant.”

“No way!”

“You have to. Unless your too scared, then I’ll just give you a truth.”

Daisuke stood up, walked out of the room, and down the hall. His friends
laughter and cheer ringing in his ears. He walked down the hall to 513, took
a deep breath and knocked. He waited. No answer. He knocked again. Waited.
Still know answer. He knocked a third time. The door flew open and a huge
mean looking biker man stood in front of him.
“What the fuck do you want?!”

“Umm.....I....Do you...umm....”

“Well what is it?”

“Daisuke’s face was flaming as he said, “Could you give me four condoms and
some lubricant?”

He stood there for what seemed like forever, his face down, wringing his
hands. Then he heard the chuckling.

“Did River send you here?”


“Tell him that if he sends anymore kids here on a dare, I’m going to kick
his ass.” He walked back into his home.

“Stay there,” he called over his shoulder.

When he came back he handed the boy what he asked for and closed the door.
Daisuke turned around and head back to the apartment. When he got to River’s
room he could hear the other boys talking.

“He won’t get it,” Takeru said.

“He will, John’s a good sport,” River told him.

“I’ve seen that guy. He’s huge and scary!”

“He’s a pussycat.”

Daisuke opened the door and threw the condoms and tube at River.

“I’m supposed to tell you not to send anyone down to his apartment or you’ll
get your ass kicked.”

“Yeah, he says that every time,” River replied, putting the things into the
top drawer of his bedside table.

“Takeru, truth or dare?”


“Are you a virgin?”

Takeru’s face flamed up. What would they think? Would they laugh at him? He
looked at his brother, Taichi, Daisuke with his smug grin, and then River.
River had a bored look on his face, just like the boy in the picture. His
way of telling the young blonde that he didn’t care whether or not he was
experienced or not.

“It won’t leave this room, Takeru. Only we’ll know.”

The boy sighed and looked at the ground. “Yes, I am.”

“Your turn Takeru.”

“River, truth or dare?”

“Why don’t you date often? I know tons of girls who want to go out with

“I never said that I don’t date often. I said I don’t date ‘girls’ often.”


“Only one question. Taichi, truth or dare?”


Damn!! River thought. “Umm..I dare you to...to...tell us who you like.”

“We already know who he likes!” Daisuke said.

“Who then?”

“He likes Sora,” Takeru told him.

River shook his head. “No he doesn’t. Come on Taichi you have to tell us.”

Taichi’s face when red, he looked at each of his friend’s faces. His throat
felt dry.

I can’t say it, can I?

*Sure you can. We’ve been through this. It was agreed. Tell Yamato that you
love him.*

But the others!

*Big deal! River knows. What they think doesn’t matter.*

“I’m in love with Yamato,” he croaked out.

“‘Bout fucking time!” River stood up. “Games over T and D. Grab your stuff.”

Both younger boys stared at Taichi blankly. Yamato’s eyes were filling with
happy tears. The brunette had his head hanging down, eyes tightly closed.
Not seeing the joy on his loves face.

“I love you too, Tai,”

“Now you two,” River growled, grabbing the younger boys by the back of their
shirts and pulling them out of the room. He didn’t stop till he had them
down the in the livingroom. Then he walked back to his bedroom door to close



“You knew all along, didn’t you?”

“‘Course I did. You two made it painfully obvious.”

“If it was so obvious, them how come Yama and me didn’t know, and neither
did anyone else?”

“I’ve seen it before and it’s happened to me. I know the sighs. None of you

“He closed the door gently leaving the two boys alone in his room. Then he
headed back to the younger ones to see if they need any help coping with
what they just found out.


Taichi and Yamato stared at the closed door for a moment. Then looked
nervously at each other.

“When are we going to tell the others?” Taichi asked.

“Sunday, I guess. At the picnic. If Takeru and Daisuke don’t tell everyone
before then.”

Taichi nodded. “So...what are we supposed to do now?”


Yamato leaned over and kissed Taichi gently on the lips. Taichi’s pulse beat
loudly in his ears. He thought he was going to burst from the pleasure of
Yamatos’s lips moving lovingly over his own. Taichi wrapped his arms around
the blonde’s waist. Suddenly Yamato pulled away.


“I’m getting uncomfortable sitting like this, Tai. Let’s lay down.”


The two boys stood and looked at River’s bed.

“You don’t think he’d mind?” Yamato asked.

“Well he did leave us here alone.”

“True. If he didn’t want us to use his bed, then he shouldn’t have left us
hear alone.”

Taichi climbed in to the bed and laid down on his back. Yamato sat on the
bed next to him.

“I feel a little over dressed compared to you.”

“You look it too.”

Taichi sat back up and took off his shirt and jeans He glanced at his love
and blushed at the look of pure desire in his blue eyes.

“Your beautiful, my love,” he whispered, as his eyes roamed over the other
boys built chest and stomach. He laid down next to the other boy. Then
brought his hand up and stroked the brunette’s cheek. He leaned over and
kissed Taichi again. Nibbling gently on his bottom lip. He pulled his lips
away from his love’s and kissed his cheeks, nose and eyelids. Soft dainty
kisses. When his lips returned to Taichi’s, Yamato kissed him deeply. His
tongue gently stroking and dueling with Taichi’s. He ground loudly at the
soft mewing noises Taichi was making at the back of his throat. Taichi
brought a hand up to the back of Yamato’s head, his fingers playing with the
blonde locks.


The door flew open and Takeru and Daisuke went crashing to the floor. Yamato
and Taichi stared wide eyed at the two boys on the floor, who’s bodies were
shaking with laughter. Their face red from embarrassment and from laughing.

“I tried to tell them my door couldn’t support that much weight,” River said
from the doorway.

The two boys on the floor laughed harder, as Yamato got up to teach his
brother a lesson for being nosy.


authors end comment: That’s right! No sex! There will probably be sex in the
sequel, but I didn’t feel like writing a lemon right now.

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