The Pack Together Again

By: Kamikaze Wolf

Notes: italics indicate thought. This is in the future.

Character ages:
Taichi- 16

Kaspian William was lounging on the couch in his livingroom, watching tv. He
quickly flicked through the stations. He was in that mind set where he
wished school was on because their wasn’t anything to do or watch.

He didn’t glance up when he heard the front door open or say anything when
his brother walked into the room moments later. River jumped into the

“So...what are you watching?” the red head questioned his brother.

“Nothing. There’s nothing on,” Kas whined as he turned off the tv. “Where
were you?”

“Saying bye to Johnny boy.”

“Why? Where’s he going?”

“England for a month. He said his cousin and two of his friends are going to
be staying at his place while he’s gone. So we have to be nice and no ‘Truth
or Dare’ until John gets back.”

“That sucks. I love using him to scare our friends.”

“So do I,” River grinned.

“When’s he leaving?”

“In 4 hours.”

“I’d better go say good bye,” Kaspian said as he stood up and walked to the


Three boy stood outside the airport waiting for a cab.

“When did his plane leave?” a blonde with pale blue eyes asked.

“An hour before our’s landed. I told you that five times already, Shadow!” a
boy with light brown hair responded, annoyance in his voice.

“Well sorry! I can’t help it if your cousin scares the hell our of me,

“Stop your yapping, the taxi’s here,” a darker brunette said.

“Stop acting like your Wolf, Swift. We’re here to see him, remember,” Shadow

“I’m not ‘acting’ like him. Anyway, someone has to take over as leader and
you two are too incompetent to do it. So that leaves me.”

The other two boys snorted in disgust and hopped into the back seat of the
cab. Swift got into the front seat.

“Where do you think he’s staying?” Shadow asking, noone in particular.

“He could be anywhere. We’ll start looking tomorrow after we’re settled in,”
Howl said.

“Are you sure your cousin’s gone?”

Howl punched the boy next to him in the arm. Swift laughed at them from the
front seat.


*Ring Ring*

River glance up at the phone. Then at Kaspian, who was staring at the tv,
dead to the world around him. He sighed defeated and got up to answer the
phone next to his brother.


“River?” a familiar voice said.


“It’s Taichi.”

“Oh, hi.”


“Is there something you wanted?”

“Umm....yeah. Your dad went away again, right?”

“Yes he did. Why?”
“Could Yamato and I sleep over?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Great! Umm...Can Koushiro and Jyou sleep over too?”

“This is going to be one big make out party for you four, isn’t it?”


“If they’re coming over, I want Kari over too,” Kaspian spoke up, his eyes
still on the tv.

“Hold on a sec Tai...They’re spending the night, Kas.”

“So! Let her spend the night too.”

“I’m not going to be the only person here not making out!” River growled at
his brother.

“Well then invite Takeru, Daisuke, and the others. It’ll be one big sleep

River sigh softly. “Taichi?”


“They can stay the night too.”



“But what?” Tai interrupted.

“Let me tell you!”


“Hikari, has to also and so does the rest of the gang.”

“Cool! I’ll call everyone for you.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

“I’ll see you later.”

“Yep, bye”

With that they hung up the phone.


River lounged on “his” chair watching the other occupants of the room. T and
D sat on the floor watching a movie. Mimi and Miyako talked loudly on the
couch. River was the odd man out.

“It isn’t fair!” Mimi cried.

“What isn’t?” Miyako asked.

“I don’t have a boyfriend! I want one!”

“You’ll meet someone.”

“I hope so.”

If River knew anyone here he could set Mimi up with he would. She was a nice
girl, even though she sometimes seemed stuck up and she had that *shudder*
pink hair.

Suddenly the volume of the tv was turned on full blast. River’s hands went
to his ears.

“Turn it down!!” he shouted to the grinning boys on the floor.

“What!?” they shouted back.

A banging could be heard at the door. “I’ll get it!” Daisuke yelled, as he
jumped up and ran for the door.

River stood up and could hear someone yell. “Turn it down!”

“What?!” Daisuke yelled back at the voice.

“TURN IT...” River turn the tv off. “...DOWN!!”

There was a silence. Then the voice spoke again in a normal tone. “I just
got here a few hours ago. I’m tired the last thing I need to hear is a tv on
full blast.”

Something about that voice seemed familiar to River. He looked to where the
lovers stood in the hallway. They had stopped making out to see what was
going on. Kaspian recognized the voice too. River walked to the door. He
stopped 2 meters away from it. His eyes went wide as they took in a boy with
messy light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. A face that he could never

“Jake?” he whispered, not sure that what he was seeing was real.

The boy looked at him. His eyes went wide. “River!” he shouted. Then ran
into the apartment and threw himself into the red heads arms. River’s arms
tightened around the shorter boy’s waist. Jake pressed his face against his
loves neck, taking in his sweet scent. A mixture of cinnamon and his own
musk. He pulled his face away to look into those smoky grey eyes. His own
chocolate brown eyes reflecting the same emotions. Pure happiness and love.

“Hey! Howl what’s taking so long?....Is that Wolf?” a voice said from the

“Wolf?!” another voice shouted, as a body flew threw the hallway and wrapped
it’s arms around Jake and River. Moments after Shadow’s arms wrapped around
them. Kaspian standing in shock by his girlfriend, finally shook himself
awake and threw his arms around them too.

River untangled himself from all the bodies. “Sit down guys. Daisuke close
the door.”

Everyone sat down somewhere in the livingroom, including the digidestined
who were all curious about the three new comers. River sat in his normal
chair and Jake immediately sat in lap. Kaspian on the floor facing them with
Hikari in his arms. Shadow and Swift sat side by side opposite Kas. Yamato
and Taichi sat closest to River, on the couch. Miyako and Mimi sitting next
to them. On the floor directly across from River and Jake were Takeru and
Daisuke, they both glanced at each other and then shrugged. Jyou and
Koushiro sat behind them.

“Everyone these are my friends from back home,” River told them. He glanced
at Taichi, Yamato, and T and D, before saying, “You probably recognized
Jake. From the picture you looked at during the last sleep over.”

“Oh yeah! I remember!” Takeru said, the other three nodded.

“This is Robert and Derk,” He told them pointing to the other two boys.

“Why were they calling you ‘Wolf’ and Jake ‘Howl’?” Jyou asked.

“It’s nicknames, you see,” Swift spoke up. “When we first met we all decided
to make our own little club. We were like 6 or something. We called
ourselves the Pack. River was the leader so his ‘Wolf.’ Jake used to be
‘Moon’ but when he became River’s ‘Mate’ he changed it to ‘Howl’.”

“I so don’t wanna know what that came from,” Shadow commented.

“Anyway, I’m called Swift and Derk is Shadow. Kassy is our junior member.
He’s called ‘Pup’.” Robert finished.

“So who are your friends, River?” Shadow asked, eying Mimi with interest.
She blushed.

“Next to you is Daisuke and Takeru, or T and D. On the couch is Taichi and
his boyfriend Yamato, Takeru’s big bro, and Miyako and Mimi. Behind T and D
are Koushiro, Little Red, and his boyfriend Jyou. The cutie somewhere is
Kas’ arms is Hikari, Tai’s younger sister.”

The group all said hello to one another.

River glanced down at Jake. “Baby, what are you doing here?”

“We came to see you. We all really missed you. It’s not the same you know.
That and I’ve been having some big problems with my parents. So I’m moving
out here. I’m staying with my cousin John, until I can get a place of my

“John?? As in big ol’ Johnny boy in 513?”

“Umm...I guess.”

“Your John’s cousin?”


“I can’t believe it! We bug him all the time. Poor Daisuke almost had a
heart attack when he first met him.”

The group laughed loudly while Daisuke blushed.


“What are we going to do now?” Derk asked, as he popped another chip into
his mouth. The movie they were watching now over.

“We could play ‘truth or dare’,” Takeru said.

“No we played that last time,” River said.

“I have an idea,” Mimi said.

“What?” they all asked the pink haired girl.

“How about spin the bottle?”

“Yeah!” Derk said enthusiastically. “Anything goes spin the bottle.”

“Anything goes?” Daisuke asked.

“Yeah. Any type of kiss, anywhere,” Robert replied.

“I’ll get a bottle,” Kaspian said standing up.

“Everyone in a circle. First let’s move the couch out of the way.”

They all stood up and pushed the couch against the back wall and cleaned up
the food from the ground. Then each found a place on the floor.

“Ok. Mimi’s idea so she goes first. If it lands on yourself, you get one
more try. If it for some weird reason lands on you again, it goes to the
next person. Go ahead Mimi.”

Mimi spun the bottle. The bottle a blur in the middle of the floor. It
started to slow. It spun slower and slower, spinning past nervous and eager
faces. Finally it stopped. Pointing to Kaspian. The group snickered.

Kas blushed. “Your call.”

“Just a little peck is fine by me.”

They both crawled into the middle of the circle and kissed gently. Takeru
and Daisuke let out cat calls.

“Looks like you’ve got some competition Kari,” Tai laughed from his spot
next to Yamato.

She made a face at him. As Kaspian sat back down.

“My turn!” Miyako said happily from Mimi’s left, as she spun the bottle. It
landed on Robert.

He let out a shout of joy as he jumped up, grabbed the purple haired girl,
and proceeded to kiss her silly. River raised an eyebrow when after 5
minutes they still hadn’t stopped. He coughed. Robert continued to ignore
him and everyone else and just groaned and pulled Miyako closer to him.
River sighed. He stood up walked over to the pair, put his face near
Robert’s shoulder, and growled. The brunette jumped and pulled away from the
girl’s lips. He blushed.

“Sorry,” he muttered softly.

“I bet,” River said, with a smirk. They all returned to their seats.

Hikari went next. The bottle pointed to Jake. They kissed each other’s
cheek. Kaspian went after her. It landed on Koushiro. They too kissed on the
cheek. River went after, he watched the bottle spin round and round willing
it to stop on one person and only one person. To his luck someone really
liked him that day, and it stopped, pointing at Jake. He grinned evilly at
his love. Who raised an eyebrow at the smile on the red heads face. River
grabbed him, pulling him into his arms. His mouth going straight to the
brunette’s neck. He sucked gently on the spot underneath Jake’s ear and
didn’t stop till he was sure there would be a hickey.

“Was that a kiss? Or a love bite?” Robert asked.

“Don’t know. Take your turn,” Derk said. Hoping his turn would come soon.

Robert reached out and spun the bottle. It stopped on Derk. They looked at
each other and made a face.

“Eww!” both said.

“What are you ‘ewwing’ about. You two have kissed before,” Jake said.

“They have?” River asked.

“Yeah. They said it was ‘cause they missed seeing us making out in my

“You guys are getting weirder.”

“We were just seeing what it was like! We decided it was gross and we didn’t
want to do it again,” Derk said, assuring the rest of the group who was
eyeing them.

“Well looks like your gonna do it again,” River chuckled.

Derk turned to Robert again. “You slip me the tongue and I’ll punch you.”

“I had no plans of doing so.”

“Good,” Derk said. Then leaned over and gave his friend a quick kiss on the

Derk then grabbed the bottle and whirled it. (author got sick of saying
spun). It stopped to point at Mimi. He let out a whoop of joy, but before he
could go kiss Mimi, her lips were already on his. He groaned loudly as he
pulled her into his lap.

“I think you lost your boyfriend, Rob,” River chuckled.

“Ha! Ha!”

Derk pulled his lips away from Mimi’s. “Shut up, Wolf.” He then gave her
another quick kiss before letting her go to sit back in her spot next to
Miyako. Takeru took his turn, the bottle landed on Taichi. The young blonde
leaned over and gave his old leader a quick kiss on the cheek, then skidded
back to his seat. Nervous from the looks his brother gave him.

Daisuke reached slowly for the bottle, with a quick flick of his wrist the
bottle whirled around. He watched it pass by each of the other occupants in
the room. He held his breath. ‘Please! Oh Please...’ it started to slow.
Mocking him by passing by the one person he wanted it to land on again and
again. Finally it stopped. His eyes widened. He glanced over at Takeru. Both
boys blushed. They looked at their hands then back at each other.

“Awwww!! They’re shy!” Derk giggled.

A pair of blue and brown eyes glared at the older boy. They looked shyly at
one another again. They leaned in and kissed each other softly on the lips.
Takeru told himself it was going to be a quick kiss and as soon as it was
over everything would be normal. He sighed softly against the Daisuke’s
mouth. ‘Maybe a little longer. It wont hurt anything.’

Daisuke groaned as his hand moved to the back of Takeru’s head. Where they
tangled themselves into the soft blonde hair. His other arm moved to wrap
around his waist. Pulling the blonde closer to him. Daisuke opened his lips
over the other boys, his tongue gently ran across Takeru’s bottom lip. The
blonde moaned quietly and opened his own mouth slightly, just enough room to
let his tongue snake out and brush against the brunettes. Who promptly
deepened the kiss.

River sat watching them, a small smile on his face. “It’s about time,” he
whispered so softly that only Jake heard him.

“How much longer do you think they’re going to do that for?” Derk asked.

At the sound of his voice the two boys remembered where they were and
abruptly pulled away from the other. They’re faces flaming.

“I’m tired. It’s bed time, Jakie,” River said as he stood up.

“But it’s only....3 o’clock...hmm...yeah bed good,” Kaspian said standing

“Where’s everyone going to sleep?” Mimi asked.

“Hmmm...well Jake, Derk and I can sleep in my dad’s room. Rob you can sleep
out here on the Lazyboy. You and Miyako can sleep on the couch. It folds out
into a bed. T and D can take the floor out here. Jyou, Koushiro, Yamato, and
Taichi can fight over who gets my bed and who gets the floor.”

“What about Kari?” Kaspian asked.

“I’ll let her sleep in your room, ‘If’ your promise me that you wont do
anything you shouldn’t be doing in there.”

“Woo hoo! I promise!” he said cheerfully as he pulled his girlfriend to his

“Hey! Why does Rob get to sleep out here?” Derk whined.

“Two reasons. One, I trust him. Two, he doesn’t sleep naked.”

Derk grumbled as he went down the hall to the master bedroom.

The rest of the group got ready for bed. The two couples in River’s bedroom
flipped a coin to see who got the bed. Matt and Tai won. They snuggled
happily in each other’s arms under the warm blankets that smelt nicely of
cinnamon. While Jyou and Koushiro laid wrapped in each other’s arms on a
matt on the ground.

Down the hall River slept spooned around Jake on the left side of the king
size bed. Derk slept a couple of feet away on his stomach on the right side,
a tattoo of a wolf visible on his left shoulder blade. Across the hall the
‘Pup’ slept for the first time and hopefully not the last, with the love of
his life held tightly in his arms.

In the livingroom Rob snored gently from the Lazyboy. While Mimi and Miyako
lay snuggled in their sleeping bags. Dreaming of their princes, who were
both very good kissers. On the floor beside the couch Daisuke gave his new
boyfriend a soft kiss on the lips before pulling him into his arms and
falling asleep. Takeru looked up at the other boy’s handsome face with love
and admiration reflecting warmly from them. He laid his head down on to the
brunette’s chest and drifted into a sweet dream filled sleep.


Author’s end notes: Once again I was only going to hint a couple (T and D)
but for some reason my mind decided to go a different way. Wonder what my
brain will come up with next. I’m always happy to get feed back.

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