The Unexpected Visit

By: Eevee

Tai, Karri, Sora, T.K and Izzy had just finally defeated Machinedramon and are again walking throught the woods.

"Where do you expect us to find Piedmon?" Sora asked there faithful leader.

"I don't know, but knowing evil digimon he'll probably find us so we better be prepeared!" Tai said proceeding forward, but a voice stoped the entire group, "You couldn't be more right, but nothing can prepare you for me!!!"

The group stood in fear as they turned around to an evil laugh.

"Piedmon!" The group shouted.

"That's my name, don't wear it out! Because that's what I'm going to do you YOU!" Piedmon said with his usual cockyness.

"Not today!" Augumon shouted, "Augumon digivole to... GREYMON!"

"Yeah! Tentomon digivloe to... KABUTERIMON!"

"Ha! You think you can stop me?" Piedmon said as he directed a huge ball of energy to the ground making it shake and split into a large fault.

The digidestined were helpless and fell into the pit shouting.

"Try to stick together!" Tai shouted, but it was hopeless, each one of them were too far apart to grab hold of one another as they heard the sinister laugh of Piedmon.

"You lose digidestined..." Piedmon laughed as left his victims to their fate, "But there are still those three left over, I MUST find them..."

"MMMMmmmmmmm" a body figure moaned.

"Where are we Sora?" Biomon shook her friend's body lightly.

"I don't know, where are the others?!" Sora quickly stood up, but almost fell over from being dissy.

"Right here." A tiny little voice said.

"T.K! Karri! Izzy!" Sora said in happiness.

"Yep, that's us, but tai is missing, we couldn't find him.." Izzy said with his head down.

"Where could he be?" Sora quietly said looking into the distance.

"Mmmm, where am I? How did I get here?" another body figure moaned as it tried to get up.

"You shouldn't get up, you'll just injure yourself again Tai." A voice said at the front of the cave where Tai was lying.

"Why should I lis-Ah!!" Tai angrily said as tried to get up, but was too woozy to stay up.

"You should listen because I'm da man!" A tall spiky hair boy said as he came closer to Tai.

"Matt! Hey, do you know how I got here?"

"No, all I know is I was standing infront of this cave thinking, then I saw you. And I could just let you die there!"

"Oh, thanks man."

"Uh, yeah..." Matt said sortof blushing.

Then Tai colasped from lack of energy and was sleeping again.

"That's Tai for you" Matt said to himself.


"Come on Tai where are you?!"


Sora, T.K, Karri and Izzy were frantically looking for Tai, but it was staring to get late.

"I think we should look for him in the morning, besides T.K and Karri must be tired from all this walking." Izzy annalyzing the situation.

"I guess... But, we can't just leave Tai out there!" Sora said unsure of what to do.

"Yeah, but we can't find him in the pitch black and our Digimon won't be able to help us if there are too tired to fight..." Izzy pointed to the Digimon who were painting and falling asleep.

"I guess..." Sora looked down at her feet.

"Don't worry, he's been throught tougher than this." Izzy said with a smile.

"Yeah!" Sora said with confidence.

Matt had a fire going while Gabumon, Agumon and Tai slept. Matt was in a gaze, just looking into the fire wondering about his life when he noticed something...

Tai was freezing even with the fire, unfortunately Matt didn't have any blankets on him.

"Poor guy, must be comming down with something." Matt said then noticed something else, The fire was dying, "I mustof been staring at it for so long I didn't notice it dying, and I can't just rebuild it... I know." Matt snapped his fingers from his idea. He slowly walked over to Tai so not to wake him up and layed down beside him, wrapping his arms around him, "I hope this will do..." He looked deeply at Tai's hair, then he couldn't resist, he had to touch it. Matt placed his hand on it, it was so soft as he pulled his fingers through it, "What am I doing?!" Matt thought as he jerked his hand away, "I think I should just sleep now." Matt then fell asleep.

Just as Matt was asleep Tai woke up to apair of arms around him, which at first shocked him, but was somehow comforting, so he turned around to see who it was, "Matt?" Tai said loud enough to wake up Matt.

"Huh? What?" Matt rubbed his eyes.

"Matt, what are you doing?" Tai asked with some confusion.

"Oh, well you were shivering, and I don't have anything to keep you warm so..." Matt tried to explain but was blushing.

"Oh, okay..." tai said as he tucked his head sleepily under Matt's head, "Thank you, Matt."

"Uh, Tai, Tai?" Matt said shaking Tai.

"Yeah." Tai said still asleep.

"Can you move abit, you're too close."

"Oh." Tai said with disappointedment. "What am I thinking, am I disappointed that Matt doesn't want to me close to me?!" Tai thought to himself, "Well he is cute, tall, oh I was that body..." Tai said staring up and down Matt's body.

"Tai?! What are you looking at?" Matt said in almost a shout, but didn't want to wake up Gabumon or Agumon.

Tai realized what he was staring at, blushed then got up and walked away from Matt to the front of the cave.

"Tai?" Matt said running up to Tai, "What's the matter? You've been acting weird ever since you got here."

"How could he ever understand, I miss him so much, I need him to be by me, to touch, to be with to..." Tai thought to himslef but then snapped out of it, "Nothing..."

Tai turned away from Matt's gaze in fear of possibly falling in love. "Seriously Tai, you're scaring me, I'm worried!" Matt grabbed Tai's arm and forced him to look at him.

"You really want to know what it is?" Tai said looking seriously into Matt's eyes.

"YES!" Matt was ready to start shouting at Tai, it didn't matter if he woke up Agumon or Gabumon.

"FINE ITS THIS!" Tai almost shouted as he then grabed the back of Matt's head, pulled him forward and kissed him.

Matt was totally shocked and Tai pulled away as Matt had his mouth wide open, "I-i-i-i-i'm sorry Ma.." Tai tried to say but Matt grabed Tai and kissed him and wasn't about to let go. Tai returned Matt's kiss and wrapped his arms around Matt's waist so he had hold of his butt. Matt's body moved forward pressing up against Tai's as he pushed Tai against the wall, Then Matt felt down until he was at the bottom of Tai's shirt, then pulled it over his head, then Tai did the same to Matt. Matt then nelt down till he was at the top of Tai's shorts and licked upwards, from his bellybutton, to his chest, to his chin. Tai threw his head back and moaned as Matt did this, his body shook a little from the excitment from within and then Matt started to kiss him again, but then pulled away. The two caught their breath as Matt said, "W-w-w-w-what are we doing?!"

Tai looked hurt, but Matt responded, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, its just, I still have thinking to do and now this? I wasn't sure about my feelings about you but, but..."

"you may love me?" Tai said turning his head so he was looking at Matt' eyes which were turned away.

"I-i-i don't know, I just don't know Tai..." Matt said looking at the ground.

"Oh..." Tai looked away.

"It maybe there, but I don't know, I have to get things straight in my mind before saying something like that, okay Tai." Matt said taking his hand under Tai's chin making him look at him.

"Okay." Tai said with a half smile. Matt smiled back, then looked outside.

"The sun's comming up." Matt pointed.

"I guess I better be going." Tai said, "Why don't you come with me to find the others?" Tai grabbed both of Matt's hands.

"I would, but I have new things to think about." Matt said pulling his hands away and walking over to Agumon and Gabumon to wake them up.

"I'll miss you... again." Tai thought to himself.

Tai and Agumon waved goodbye as Matt and Gabumon walked down the road, the opposite way Tai and Agumon were.

"Okay let's find Tai!" Sora said fully ready to leave when...

"Karri! T.K! Sora! Izzy!" Tai shouted running towards them.

"Hey we missed you guys!" Agumon shouted too.

Everyone just stood in awe.

"We were just about to look for you!" Izzy said.

"Well I saved you the trouble, now let's go get Piedmon!" Tai said with his usual happiness.

"Yeah!" Everyone shouted walking down the road.

"I'll come back for you Matt, soon..." Tai said looking at the road behind him.

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