Sweet As Wine

By: DigistarDBZ

* * * *

(Author's note: Take GREAT caution in reading this, for it is not only a yaoi, but after this, you may NEVER look at wine the same way ever again.... O.o But enjoy this product of over-reactive hormones anyway! :p)

* * * *

He looks at me with his garnet-colored eyes, looks of lust and mischeif filling each end, right down to that red-glossed smirk of his. I can't help but smile myself, taking another sip of the red wine in the small glass. It's funny- how he would never let anyone else even LOOK at his wine, yet he decides to let me have some... I can't help but be even slightly aroused by just his looks- the frilled crevatté collar discarded on a chair, his red jacket open and a few buttons on the frilled dress shirt opened just a little bit. I snicker slightly, taking another sip.

"And what could be so funny?" he queries, looking at me with a lustful grin.

"Oh, it's nothing. You are just so.. how can I say this? ...Sexy just standing there, as if you are waiting..." I reply, smirking myself. He chuckles as he floats over to the edge of the bed, looking at me, swirling some of his wine in his glass.

"And I must say the same about you," he says, running his lips on the top of my head. "Intoxicating... no wonder so many female Digimon want you..."

I reply by tracing my fingers on his collarbone, raising a small rumble of pleasure from his throat.

"Of course... that doesn't mean I can't have you, now does it?" I whisper, taking small nips at his earlobe, being careful that my fangs don't wound him TOO much... Just take it slow... he wants this just as much as you do... I think to myself, feeling his velvet gloves tracing the hem of my robe, then up the side slowly and playfully.

"Ooh, you tease..." I say with a grin, taking one more sip of my wine, then kissing him deeply, letting it mix between our mouths, his tougne starting to probe across mine. He traces it across my face, still wet from wine as tingling sensations went across my cheeks and down my neck.

"You're even more delicious with a nice, dry wine..." he whispers laciviously, biting off one of his gloves and then dipping his fingers in his wine glass. I feel chills run down my spine as he traces his fingers on the back of my neck, then across the bottom of my chin as he starts to lick it off- more like suck it off, as I felt suction on the back of my neck, and something just as wet. I hear my own low groan of pleasure as he traces his still-wet fingers on the front hem of my robe, slowly spreding the two halves apart from the collar. I look at him, feeling small drops of sweat collecting on my face.

"And what did you say about that wine?" I ask with a lustful tone to my voice. He chuckled as he lays me down on my back, tracing his still-gloved hand across my chest, then, after taking a sip of his wine, started to skim his soft lips across, letting tiny "rivers" of wine to dribble out of his mouth as he slowly extended his tounge to catch them, hearing myself moan loudly.

"So tasty.. You are good with wine..." he murmurs as he starts to undo the sash on my robe. I lightly chuckle, surges of heat catching each noise I try to emit as he traces his wet fingers up my thighs, feeling ALL of the blood rushing downwards, heat swelling between my legs as he slowly crept higher and higher up...

"And there's the main course, that is..." he grins, lightly tracing his gloved hand from my thigh up the shaft, moving its velvet texture up and down the length, making me groan louder... I knew just what he was going to do when he took another sip of his wine... I inhaled deeply as he lightly pressed his lips to my painfully hard heat, again dribbling wine out of his mouth. I arched back and howled in pleasure as he probed it with his tounge, taking more wine with it. To make it even more torturous, he started lightly scraping his still wine-wet teeth across the shaft, his hot breath slowly going across the head, making it jerk as if it had a life of its own... I wanted to scream in ecstasy... but that same heat caught it, making in a half woeful, half begging, half insanely-pleasured groan. I wanted to cum so badly... If he kept doing this, I could be deleted from all of this pleasure... but that's absurd, of course. I kept murmuring his name as I inched ever closer to absoulte insanity, wanting to... too late. I just came in his mouth, with wine still inside...

"I'm... sorry.. my lord.." I try to say, a cold sweat dripping down my face. He looked up, but simply sloshed the sickening mixture in his mouth, then swallowed. I was a bit horrified and sickened, but I couldn't let him see that... As if he read my mind, he smirked and licked his lips.

"Like I said earlier- You taste much better with wine," he said, washing it down by finishing off the rest of his wine. I sigh with relief, as he lays his head down next to mine as I sigh,

"Thank you... Lord Piedmon..."

"And I, you... Myotismon."

* * * *


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