Suki nan desu (He's my loved one) - Ch.1 "Shake your Love! (But it's not his first kiss)"

By: Natsumiand Minami

Notes: This happens 6 years after the original Digimon and 2 years after Digimon 02. Jyou (17) is about to graduate from highschool, his brother Shin (about 25) is in medical practice (he still doesn't have the title); Taichi, Yamato and Sora (16) are in their sophomore HS year, and Koushirou and Mimi (15) are freshmen. Miyako (14) is in her third year of middle school; Hikari, Daisuke and Takeru (13) are in second year. Iori (11) is still in elementary.

LEMON ALAAAAARM!!! The fic starts with a sexual scene, and it's pretty explicit itself. Skip it if you want. After all YOU are the one reading!

"Oh God... *gasp*... Koushirou..."

The 17-year-old boy's head fell back on the pillow, his blue hair spread all over it. Jyou held back another moan as his eyes half opened, glazed in the pleasure that his younger lover was giving him with his soft lips wrapping around him.

Koushirou closed his own eyes and breathed deeply into Jyou's crotch, his nose pressed against the blue patch of hair, giving him head. He sucked quicker and a stuttered cry was the reply.

"Koushirou... You're making me die...".

Jyou's legs were closing by instinct but Koushirou forced them open with his hands, as he kept also Jyou's hips down. He started moaning louder and louder as his junior handled him, barely restraining himself of coming too soon. It wouldn't be fair for Koushirou, to come so quickly when he was trying to give him all the ecstasy possible in this night, after many days being apart.


His knuckles turned white as he grabbed the sheets, and his damp hair was sticking to his face. Mercilessly, the 15-year-old redhead kept the play on him in a steady motion, knowing that Jyou was near to explode. And boy he did, one of his hands placed over his mouth to contain his screams.

When Jyou stopped shivering due to his orgasm, Koushirou smiled and wiped away the last drops off the corner of his lips. Jyou's skin was sweaty, warm..., no, it felt hot still, somewhat sticky for the wetness and the stains on it. His body was lean and firm, and the boy nuzzled his cheek against his lover's crotch, stomach, and chest, until he reached the shoulder and tucked his head under Jyou's chin.

"Koushirou...", Jyou murmured as his breath was half back, sitting on the bed. "How are you?".

"Fine, fine", the redhead smiled. "You ask as if this was our first time, Jyou".

Jyou gathered Koushirou in his arms, and the boy looked up at him. But unlike he supposed, Jyou was very serious. Not smiling and totally relaxed after a lovemaking, like people usually was.

"Jyou, what's the matter?".


"You usually don't look so grim...".

"The Mogi (1)..." Jyou stammered. "Yep, I was thinking of it. I've been tutoring some peers, remember, as the student council president I am. I wonder if they did good enough...".

"What a moment to remember, Jyou", and Koushirou kissed him, tangling his fingers in between the boy's long tresses, which were now going past and down his shoulders.

"Hey... You have something with my hair?", Jyou asked as his love pulled his lips away.

"I've always envied it", Koushirou said embarrasedly. "So long... so silky... so deeply blue...".

"It hasn't been easy to mantain it so long, since I entered highschool and decided to change my looks", Jyou replied straightening the bangs falling over his pale face. "Teachers keep asking me when I'm gonna cut it short like school rules say, and how can I be the president of the council if I dun look decent enough...".

"Really?", Koushirou laughed happily.

"But my blue hair is my trademark. There had always been blue-haired persons in my family... like me and Oniisan (2). After all, it is my only beauty".

"No, that's not true", Koushirou said with repentine passion, placing a hand over Jyou's chest. "You're beautiful yourself, Jyou. Your heart and feelings are your beauty. That's why I fell for you in first place, since we were two of the Digidestined chosen to save our home and the Digiworld".

His eyes burning with emotion, Koushirou kissed him hard. The older youth replied with sweetness and flipped the redhead onto his back to make love to him this time, but even then, what happened in the afternoon while Koushirou was in the computers club and he was in the council room, still clinged to his mind. Mimi...


"Kidou-saaaan! Earth to Council President Kidou Jyou!!".

"Nakayama-kun?", Jyou wondered as he turned. A boy of his classroom was coming to him, waving a hand.

"Kidou-san", the boy breathed. "Here's your textbook, it helped me a great deal".

He handed the book to Jyou, grinning. "Thank you".

"Nothing", Jyou replied with his usual gentle smile, while he put the book in his bag. "Hum, Nakayama-kun, you look like you have something else to say...".

"Yep. Takenouchi, the manageress of the soccer club, has been searching for you the whole day. She says that you HAVE to talk to her today, otherwise she'll send the whole team to track on you. Smell ya later!".

Nakayama winked at Jyou and went running. The blue haired boy straightened his hair, which he wore tied loosely inside of the school.

Why Sora had been looking for him? If she needed help (which happened very rarely since Sora was much the indepent type), usually Taichi was there for her...

It was 3 PM and surely the soccer team was still in practice. Koushirou was stuck in the PC club, no use waiting for him also. So he'd better go to the council room by now and check if one of the class presidents was still there...

He was stepping inside of the council room, when he glanced at a young girl who was sitting on a desk. His eyes popped out (well..., they could if not for the glasses).


"Hi sempai (3)", the brown-haired girl smiled at him.

"Yo-you're not in practice today?", was the only thing he could ask to her. She jumped off the desk, still grinning.

"I should indeed, but I told the coach that I was too busy for the Mogis tomorrow so he let me go for today. Well, that's not really a lie...", Sora hid a giggle, "but it's not the point. I wanted you to know first of a surprise for the guys".

Jyou glared at his friend blankly. Then his attention turned to another girl who was in the room. She was wearing their school's uniform..., but her hair was PINK?!

"Mi...Mimi-chan?!", the senior said. Wasn't Mimi supposed to be in the USA with her family? She went back there short after their second Digidestined adventure with Miyako, Iori and Daisuke...

"The one and only Tachikawa Mimi!", Mimi giggled as she made the V-sign to Joe and Sora. She glomped Jyou, hugging him tight to the point of choking him, later released the boy and stepped aside gracefully.

"Jyou-sempai, I'm back home! My dad was transferred back to Tokyo, so now I'll stay here permanently", the girl stopped as she glanced at Jyou's still dazed face.

"Hey! You're pale. Or aren't you happy to see me, sempai?!", Mimi asked teasingly.

Of course Jyou was happy to see Mimi! He had always cared a lot for her, since she was a sweet girl who also cared a lot for him and spent a lot of time by his side in the Digiworld trips, specially after Yamato was in "the" mood and abandoned the group. But what nearly freaked Jyou out wasn't her unexpected presence in his school; it was that he could sense... *something* under her smile and bubbly attitude. Mimi's amber eyes were glimmering strangely and her cheeks were pinkier than her dyed hair.

"And I was accepted in this school! Oh, all of us together again! I've been waiting for so long for this...".

Mimi's voice quivered a little and she stopped babbling. Her face turned redder, and her eyes reflected many emotions mixed. One of them was...

"Ne Mimi-chan", Sora said. "You've told me that you specially wanted to talk to our sempai, and I made him come here for it! So... are you gonna say it or not?".

"Eeeeh... Sora-san...".

Mimi seemed to realize her situation and had started to stammer all of a sudden.

"Oh no, no way! You've made me do everyhting, now you won't get out!".

Sora pushed Mimi with her both hands towards Jyou. Taken by surprise, the pink-haired girl tripped with her own feet and Jyou had to support her in his arms, otherwise she'd fall to the floor.

"Ooops, seems I overdid it...", Sora blinked.


Mimi seemed more than a little dazed.

"Are you okay, Mimi-chan?", Jyou sweetly asked, lowering his face to see if she really was okay. Mimi was still grabbing at his shoulders, maybe she was a little hurt...

But Mimi didn't say "'Kay" as he thought that she would.

Instead, she lifted her own face, put her hands on Jyou's cheeks... and kissed him fully on the lips.


Now Koushirou slept in his arms, their bodies pressed against each other under the covers of Jyou's bed. He looked peaceful, unlike Jyou, who couldn't get his mind out of the kiss that Mimi had given him in the council room.

After she broke the kiss, the girl had kept her hands on his cheeks to glance right into his black eyes. The way her amber pools glimmered, full of hope and love...

The same way Koushirou looked at him whenever he said that he loved him.

It shook Jyou to his roots. All he could do was murmur "I'm sorry Mimi-chan...", and flee, his schoolbag in a hand, the other hand covering his mouth, not hearing whatever Sora was yelling at him.

First, it was the realization of his homosexuality that hit him few after the second Digiworld-affair. Jyou had told his family after months of thinking it over and over, and though they were shocked and thought that it was only a passenger consequence of the teenage hormon flush, they (somewhat forcefully) accepted that their younger child would never fall for a girl. His older brother Shin, now a doctor in practice, was specially understanding about the issue, so he was grateful to him 'til the end of times.

Second, Koushirou's love confession, in the same day of the younger boy's middle school graduation. Koushirou had invited the Digi-destined to the ceremony, and told him about his feelings when Jyou was walking him home, the two alone. They kissed that same night, made love weeks later...

And third, Mimi. She was back - and from what he had experienced, the girl was determinated to have him. None of their friends knew about him and Koushirou. It was too intimate to tell, and Jyou didn't like to have the others knowing about something so deep, yet so difficult for some to understand. The ace of the soccer team Yagami (4) Taichi would tease them like mad and Sora, the manageress, would be next in line...

The others were total question marks. Except Iori. He was too young to understand what it meant to be sexually different in Japan.

Jyou felt Koushirou's arms wrapping tighter around his waist. But for the first time, he couldn't bring himself to hold him back.

"Mimi... Koushirou... Oh Gomamon, I really wish you were here... You'd tease me, but I'd gladly tell you... that they both love me and I dunno what to do...".

-- end part 1 --


(1): Mogi: those are periodical tests that are simultanously held in all the Japanese schools, to get every schooler's ranking and determine even which college you may attend! Whoa, that's too much!

(2): "Oniisan": Japanese never call their eldest brothers/sisters by their real names, so this is the Japanese word for "older brother". The female version ("older sister") is "Oneesan". When you're a young child/girl or have a deep relationship with your elder sibling, you can use "chan" instead of "san": Oniichan/Oneechan. And if you REALLY look up at your sib or he/she has a REALLY high society status, the word can be "sama": Oniisama/Oneesama.

(3): Sempai: the suffix for the upperclassman students in Japanese schools/colleges. Mimi and Sora call Jyou like that because he's older than them and in the seniorhood. If they didn't, people would find it be rude. And even using the real name instead of the family name isn't very polite if you don't know the other well: for the others, they should be calling him "Kido-sempai".


Jikai (Next)! Suki nan desu, part 2!

"Today's a special day, ladies and gentlemen...", Saizuki-sensei started.
"You're gonna let us out? Pleeez, Saizuki-sensei!?", a boy asked from the last row. Koushirou rolled his eyes in disgust.
"Nope", Saizuki-sensei said tilting her head, letting her hair sway a little. "It's because there's a new student in this school and she has been transferred to this class. So I'm gonna present her to you now...".
She turned to the door. "Tachikawa, don't be so shy, you can come in. Meet your new classmates".


"Okay, okay, we get it!", Mimi told Hikari, amber eyes glittering in curiosity. "Then, what's up?".
Hikari took a great gulp of air, before telling them very excitedly... "Someone known to us gets married in 3 weeks!!".
"Nani?!", her friends all said, unable to believe their ears.
"It's Shin-san's wedding!!", Hikari added.


Suki nan desu, part 2:
"Wedding Bells ringing over their heads!".
Coming soon as the editor is out of her exams!

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