Submitting A Fic

Okay, I've decided to change my fic submission guidlelines a bit, cuz well, the site is growing and I'll already amassed more than 50 fics here. Sorry that I have to make the rules more distinguished, it's just that I'd personally rather have quality than quantity in reflection of the fic secion. And again, still no art section, cuz if I started doing that too I'd go a little psycho ^_^

First of all-please edit! I won't bite your head off if you miss one comma or forget to capitalize one name, but for the love of Yama, don't make it all one block of text with no punctuation and absolutely no word chioce. I'll prolly write you a really mean letter back :p Ugh. I'm a stickler for editing & grammar, but that doesn't mean I'll edit it for you ^^

Ok, I know I'm a total supporter of taito & other yaoi/yuri pairings...but, as much as it pains me, I will accept Tai/Sora, Mimi/Matt or whatever you can think of, fics. Just as long as their good! Stories with cheap ploys such as "bathtime at the lake" or "being trapped together in a cave" totally bug me. But if you have a really well written, amazing storyline "straight" fic, by all means, send it! But if it's poorly written trash involving Tai & Sora (or whoever) sexing by the lake, I will throw rocks at you.

Also, I have no problem with shota or NC-17 fact they're my secret pleasure ^o^. But, again they should be well written!!! Also if you plan on writing "dirty yaoi", try to get creative with it. You can make it as close to hardcore porn as you want, just make sure it makes sense and is...uh...good.

Also, please send only one fic at a time! If it's a series, send all the parts, but if you're sending me 8 of your fics, it'll taker me forever to put them up. And I really don't want to do that. So please, only send me your absolute best fics, and space the time out when you send them. And this still doens't mean you can send me a hundred fics over a time period. Give it up, yo.

And one more time-spell check! And edit! And make sure it's good!

And one more thing, remember, this page isn't my life! Don't bug me to get your fic up faster. Cuz then I'll flunk out of school, spend all my money on some new-found drug addiction, and then I'll come to your house, and beg for money. Do you really want that? I didn't think so ^^

Ok, now that we're through that, and you have an amazing, creative fanfic, here's what to do to submit:

Email me the fic Please only paste it in the email! I'm on an iMac, so unless your fic is from a program on it too, I prolly wont be able to read it. If it's long, that's ok, you can send multiple mails, just label the section. For the millonth time-my computer can't read a .doc format! Don't even try to send it to see if I can read it, cuz I can't! I won't even download it, I'll just tell you to resend it.

Include the title or your story, along with your name (& email address)

Also rate your story by content (just like the movie rating system) & include who the fic pairs (Tai x Matt, Izzy x Joe, Mimi x Sora, ect.) And tell me if it's YAOI/YURI or STRAIGHT, cuz sometimes I really don't have time to read through all of the fics.

If you want you can include a description of the plot, or a teaser, but you don't have to ^^

After you send it, just keep checking back until it's up. I'm pretty quick putting things up, it might be quicker if it's submitted on a weekend, but sometimes even I do stuff then ^^