Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle

All of our Digidestined friends were at Sora's house. Her parents weren't home, and everyone was talking about really uninteresting stuff.

You could see the conversation was dying...

Then, the ever so clever Mimi stood up. "Hey, I have an idea!" she squeaked.

"What?", everyone asked, very curious indeed.

"Let's play...SPIN THE BOTTLE!" Mimi shouted.

Everybody looked at Kari and T.K. "Uh....you guys better go play video games in the other room", Matt said nervously.

So, Kari and T.K. willingly left.

Sora got a ketchup bottle, and everyone seated in a circle. "SInce I thought of this, I should go first!" Mimi said. She spun the bottle, and it landed on...Izzy!

Mimi blushed and Izzy looked surprised. Grinning, she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Izzy smiled.

"That was strangely satisfying!" Izzy said, grinning like a mad-man.

Sora was next, she she spun the bottle fast.

"Let it land on Tai, please!", Sora thought to herself. As luck would have it, the bottle landed directly in front of Tai. He blushed like crazy as Sora got up and kissed him sweetly. Everybody laughed.

Everyone was having fun now, just because of the mystery of this game. They never knew WHO it would land on...

Matt was next. He spun it, and everyone gasped as it stopped dead on Tai.

"And remember..." Mimi said. "You still have to kiss the person, no matter WHAT!"

Matt and Tai slowly moved closer to each other. Closer and closer, while evryone watched in awe. At that exact moment, their lips touched.

But, something strange was happening...they didn't stop kissing.

Matt actually started to put his arms around Tai's neck.

Sora got angry. "OK, THE DARE IS OVER!" she yelled a bit TOO loudly.

Tai and Matt stopped kissing, and looked ashamed and embarassed. "Sorry", they both muttered.

It was now Jou's turn. He spun it, and it luckily landed on Mimi.

"Oh, boy!", Mimi exclaimed, as she moved in and kissed him first. Everybody laughed hard.

"Ok, ok, my turn!" Tai said, still chuckling from Mimi's actions. The bottle spun and spun, and landed on...IZZY!

Izzy's color drained from his face. "Don't worry buddy, it won't feel TOO weird!", Tai said, and then kissed him on the mouth.

Izzy, shocked with Tai's reaction, fell over. Mimi and Sora laughed loudly. "I want to go again!", Sora cried, hoping she'd get a continuation of Tai's kiss.

The bottle spun around and around, but the outcome wasn't in Sora's favor.

The bottle had landed on Mimi.

Jou leaned in near Izzy's ear. "Wow, I've never seen 2 girls kiss. I heard it's pretty wild, though." Izzy's eyes lit up.

Sora looked queasy, Mimi looked a bit unsure. But, rules are rules...

Squeezing her eyes shut, Sora kissed Mimi lightly on the lips.

All the guys, especially Jou, hooted and howled like crazy.

Sora slunk back to her spot. She felt so weird kissing a girl like that. She felt so...wrong. Izzy's turn was up. The bottle spun, and landed on the last person he wanted it to land on...MATT.

Izzy gulped. Matt looked strangely interested. Izzy was slowly moving in to do this weird task, when Matt decided it would be fun to give Izzy a little "scare".

Suddenly, Matt grabbed Izzy's face, pulled him close. And kissed him HARD. Izzy quickly jerked back. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING MATT?! And why did you baste my mouth with your tounge and saliva?!"

Matt shrugged. "I dunno...I thought it would be funny." Izzy sat down, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. Everyone chucked.

Mimi stood up. "Good idea, Matt! Let's play "Ultimate" Spin the Bottle. Now, instead of just kissing, you have to french the person for a least 5 seconds. Everyone ready??"

"YEAH!", everybody shouted, strangely turned on by this game. Now, nobody cared WHO they frenched, whether it was a guy or girl. After a while, Mimi and Sora seemed to ENJOY played "tonsil hockey". So did Tai and Matt.

ESPECIALLY Tai and Matt...



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