Slice And Dice

By: Angeteen


I'm doing this fic because it's been bothering me for months now and since it won't quit bothering me here it is. The next fic I'll write will be a humor one that should be clean and then it's back to being serious again. Also I still need requests.

Disclaimer: I do not own digimon because I don't have a few quad billion dollars to buy it. As for the story I got inspiration from whoever it was that wrote that Tenchi Muyo story. *********************

Tai was thinking just about one thing. How to kill, kill, and kill some more. You see he got bit by Agumon who had a slight case of rabies so when he bit Tai he passed it along.

Walking through the hallway he noticed that Kari was sitting in her room moaning loudly. Peeking in he noticed what she was doin was... intresting. She seemed to be looking at something between her legs and after close inspection he noticed that it was a picture of HIM.

'That little bitch' Tai thought. I've got just the way to get her. Walking to the bathroom he pulled out the dential floss and kept pulling string after string out until he had a thick cord. Walking back to Kari's room he knocked at her door and said "come here! I've a surprise for you!" Pulling her clothing back on she walked out the door and over to Tai.

The next thing she knew she was being strangled with some kind of thick cord! She turned and bucked but couldn't escape. Finally after being chocked to death by the cord she died. Tai laughed and chocked up a bit of blood and went to see who's next.

Walking over to the phone he picked it up and asked if Joe could come over for a visit. His mom okayed it and Tai sat back waiting. As soon as Joe got to the door he walked in the house trying to find Tai. After looking just about everywhere for him he realized that the kitchen was the only place he hadn't checked.

As soon as he walked in he noticed that there was no trace of Tai anywhere. Suddenly a can of beans fell from a shelf above and Joe raised his eyes. The last thing he remembered seeing was the glint off a knife as it cleaved his head in two.

Laughing and chocking up some more blood he chopped Joe's head off and walked out the door and over to Sora's apartment. Walking into her apartment he called out her name. When she came to him she gasped as she saw Tai laughing and holding Joe's head in one hand, while holding his other behind his back.

Recoginzing it as rabies she cried knowing what she had to do. Running to the kitchen she picked up a butcher knive and with tears in her eyes started to charge at Tai. Just then Tai pulled out what he was hiding behind his back. A .20 calibar pistole with a silencer on it! Pulling the trigger about seven times he walked over to her riddled body and spat in her face. Then he picked her up and threw her out the window laughing all the time.

Relising that Matt was suppose to drop T.K. off in about an hour he ran back to his house to make plans. After doing a bit of reconecting to the door bell he sat back and waited. As soon as Matt approached he pushed his finger on the door bell and started screaming in pain. After about 1,000,000 volts of electricity quit flowing through his now dead body T.K. screamed and ran into Tai's house.

Figuring that Tai would be in his room he ran there first. Sure enough he found him there with a smile on his face. As soon as T.K. was in his room Tai rushed over and slammed the door shut. Then turning to T.K. he threw him against his dart board and threw a few at his hands nailing him there. T.K. screamed in pain so Tai ripped out his vocal cords silencing him. Picking up the remaing three darts he threw them at T.K.'s heart where he writhed in pain until he gratefully died.

After moving T.K.'s body aside he chocked up some blood and walked over to Izzy's apartment. Walking in he asked what Tai wanted and he told him that he needed to take a bath since his water at home quit. Saying that it was okay he walked over to the bathroom and filled it with water. As it finished filling up he threw a hair dryer, curling iron, and other electric appliances into the water.

Removing his shirt he wrapped a towel around his waist, leaned out the door, and hollered at Izzy asking if he could come here? As soon as Izzy walked in Tai threw him into the water, put back on his shirt, and left as he heard screams and electricity buzzing in the background. After the noise quit he noticed a tube of sulferic acid. Picking it up he figured it might come in handy.

Relising that Mimi was the only one left he decided to visit her next. Walking into her apartment he saw that she had her back to him while doing her nails. Notcing there was a drink behind her he suddenly remembered the acid he had in his pocket and poured it in her drink. As soon as she took the next gulp she started clawing at her throat as the acid slowly and painfully ate it away.

Noticing that all his friends were dead he decided to have a cook out. So collecting all the dead bodies he went over to the basement of his complex and lit a roaring fire. After throwing all the bodies in it his heart suddenly exploded from the rabies. But he died with a smile on his face and someone's arm in his hand.

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