Reawakening 2

By: TigerCat

"We guess so." Silver responded.

"Tentomon digivolve to: Kabuterimon!"

"Biyomon digivolve to: Birdramon!"

"Gomamon digivolve to: Ikkakumon!"

"Palmon digivolve to: Togemon!"

"Go on up to the Ultimate Level! We need all the Firepower we can get to defeat a Megadigimon!" Izzy yelled.

"They have another digivolution?" Silver asked, surprised.

"Just watch!" Matt yelled.









"Agumon warpdigivolve to: WARGREYMON!"

"Gabumon warpdigivolve to: METALGARURUMON!"

"Horn Buster!"

"Wing Blaze!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Celestial Arrow!"



Machinedramon and Puppetmon met the attacks, drawing the battle off to the side somewhat. Silver jumped on Machinedramon's back and began slicing and dicing. Piedmon focused his eyes on TK and Kari, who were watching the Digimon fight. The clown-like Digimon crossed his arms in front of his chest and released several bursts of black energy.

"Look out!" Silver leapt off Machinedramon and intercepted the attack. Piedmon grumbled, and charged his throwing knives with the black energy. He hurled them at TK and Kari, but again, Silver managed to intercept.

"I will have to deal with you first, it seems." Piedmon snarled. His entire body began to glow, gathering black energy in an evil aura. The power built and formed a large ball. "I always did enjoy games, especially baseball!" Piedmon yelled, throwing the sphere of energy as though he were pitching.

Silver braced herself for the impact. It slammed into her full force. She dropped to earth, hitting with a sickening thud. She no longer matched her nickname either. What…Ow…I hurt all over…Huh? No correction to we? Then…oh no…my symbiote…the attack destroyed her…and now I won't live for more than ten minutes. Once Joined, separation for any longer will kill both symbiotes. I might as well make the best of it. She dragged herself to her feet and took a fighting stance in front of TK and Kari, shielding them from another attack.

Piedmon looked down and snickered. "Pathetic! You stand to fight when there is no hope of survival instead of saving your own life while you have the chance!"

Silver glared up at the evil Digimon. "That is because I have honor, you despicable excuse for a Digimon! We know it is our duty to protect the Digi-Destined, no matter what personal risk there is for us." Silver forced in the plural pronouns, making it seem as though nothing had changed.

Piedmon apparently thought this hilarious, so Silver told the others in a much softer tone, "Run. I can hold him off long enough for you to escape."

Joe stepped up behind her, still several feet back. "Too bad you're lying. I'm staying here."

"Joe, go on! We can handle this!" Silver whispered frantically. Piedmon had stopped laughing and was preparing to attack again.

"I'm staying. You gave your life to save me once, and I'm not going to let you do it again." Joe said stubbornly. Something around his neck began glowing.

"Hey, look! Joe's Crest is glowing!" TK exclaimed.

"That's not his Crest!" Izzy pointed out. "It seems to be in the shape of a Dragon!" It's the Dragon pendant Silver gave him to save his life!

A bright beam of orange light shot out from the pendant. The light took shape in the sky, becoming a solid form. It fashioned itself into a large silver-scaled Dragon.

"The dream!" Tai and Sora whispered. All activity had stopped and was now watching the Dragon. The great beast curled its neck into several loops before opening its heavy, lidded eyes. They burnt like dark coals of orange fire. The large spiked tail flicked forward, aiming at the Digi-Destined. Joe moved to block TK and Kari, but Silver was faster, jumping into the path of the whip-like barb. It struck her and projected through her back.

Silver looked down. "Um, I may be mistaken, but shouldn't this hurt?"

The Dragon's eyes flared. "Chosen, meet your Destiny!" It opened its huge mouth and released a brilliant orange beam of energy at her, moving its tail rapidly out of the way. The beam surrounded Silver and blocked all view of her.

Joe watched as Silver bounded in front of him, letting the Dragon's tail impale her. Something's not right. He thought to himself. A wound like that should be gushing blood, or at least soaking her clothes through. She really doesn't seem to be in much pain. There, she just confirmed that there is no pain. Chosen? What does he/she/it mean by that? Hey, what's it doing? I can't see her…the beam's too bright…it's burning my eyes!

The light finally subsided. Silver stood there as though nothing had happened. A small orange circle floated above her head; too high up to be a halo. The Dragon fired a less powerful beam at the circle before disappearing. The circle expanded and began spinning clockwise.

Piedmon shook his head. "I tire of this nonsense!" He gathered his dark power about him and released the same attack that had destroyed the symbiote. Silver moved to block the beam, but unhurriedly, as though she were in a trance. She raised her left hand and Piedmon's attack halted in midair. A silver beam shone from something around Silver's neck and curved to strike the hovering orange circle, which lowered and passed over Silver's body. As it spiraled over her, wounds vanished. After it had completed its pass, the circle dispersed and phased into Silver. Her eyes had been glazed over from the time the Dragon's beam had surrounded her and now, in a manner that did not seem like her, she raised other hand. In a voice that was both hers, yet not, she said, "Spirit of Dragon, accept this energy to take solid form to delay an evil force."

She closed both fists and lowered them to her sides. Unnatural wind swirled around her as white energy collected in both fists. The energy of Piedmon's attack shifted colors from black to orange. Suddenly, Silver clapped her hands together, sending the white light at the pulsating orange ball of energy.

Silver staggered a step ahead, then slowly dropped to her knees, finally falling forward and sprawling in the sand. The energy that Silver had collected was now taking shape as a medium sized Dragon. The Digi-Destined never saw what the Dragon did, though, because they and their Digimon ran for their lives. Joe displayed incredible strength by picking Silver up and carrying her with him as he ran.

When they finally stopped running, Joe set Silver down and dropped into a sitting position against a tree. Panting for breath, he gasped, "I think…I'm allergic…to running…danger and…evil Digimon that are trying to kill me."

Everyone turned and stared at Joe. Finally Gomamon ventured, "Did Joe just make a joke?"

"I think he did." Tai looked amazed.

"Where-where am I?" Silver found herself in a black space. There was absolutely no light, yet she could see, even though there was nothing to be seen. It's like outer space, without the stars. Suddenly a voice rang out among the still quiet of the blackness. "Welcome, Chosen."

Silver paused. I recognize that voice. "You! It was you that told me the way to save Joe's life that first time! Who are you? What are you?"

The voice reflected her own words back at her. "Who are you? What are you?"

Silver practically screamed, but forced herself to calm down. The voice answered its own questions. "You are the Chosen. For now, all you need to know is that you fate lies in the hands of the one you saved."

"Joe? What does Joe have anything to do with this? If you touch him, I swear-"

"Quiet. He merely needs to perform a simple action within ten minutes, or your body will die."

"Wonderful. Wait, ten minutes? That's how long it takes to-"

"Quiet. There must be silence."

Joe finished catching his breath and went to check on Silver. He rolled her onto her back to check her breathing and pulse. Something around her neck attracted his attention. What is that? A ring? Hey, that looks familiar. He picked up the small silver ring between his index finger and thumb.

Light? There's light here now. But where is it coming from? I-whoa! I'm being pulled somewhere! "Farewell, Chosen." The voice called, fading with the darkness.

Joe jumped back as silver light radiated from the ring. It swept over Silver's body like a wave of fire. She opened her eyes and sat up. She looks more like her normal self somehow. I wonder what happened. Joe thought.

Light washed over everything. Finally, information about her true identity was being revealed to her. The voice was that of her inner power, as well as that of the Dragon.

Silver opened her eyes. "Huh? Where-where am I?" She stood up slowly. Her eyes widened in surprise. "Where are…we?" She looked around. There were her friends, staring at her. Joe was getting up and dusting himself off. Izzy was the only being normal, rapidly entering information into his computer; occasionally glancing up to make sure the data on Silver was accurate.

"What just happened?" Matt finally asked. Izzy finished typing and closed his laptop. Silver flexed her hands, seeming to be in shock over something. Izzy held back a smirk, knowing exactly what had happened, but also knowing that Joe had figured some of it out.

"I think the symbiotes were separated and they just Rejoined." Joe said. Silver nodded, still testing various weapons. Tai looked at Joe. "How did you know she had lost her symbiote?"

"Well, it was just a guess, but when Piedmon launched that second attack on her, she hit the ground with a sound that a human would make, not an invincible piece of metal. Besides that, she had returned to human appearance." Joe reasoned.

Sora asked, "What happened with the Dragon and the light and those words you used?"

Silver sighed. "We did not want to have to explain this until we had it sorted completely out, but since you asked, we will answer." She paused and continued after a moment. "The best I can figure is that I am the Chosen, the set protector of the collective Digi-Destined. All of this started approximately two hundred years ago by our world's standards. An old wise woman predicted that a female from my family would be great and gave us a Dragon pendant that has been handed down for generations. It is supposed to be a powerful protective charm, as was apparently proven. When my grandmother passed away, she gave me the pendant to keep. I did so until very recently." Joe brought one hand up to fiddle with the necklace before remembering its disappearance. Silver went on. "When I was first brought to Digiworld, Myotismon had captured everyone except Tai, Sora, Izzy and their respective Digimon. Kari and Gatomon, you were not yet part of the Digi-Destined. I was summoned to help release the rest of you. There was an incredible battle. Myotismon was losing, but he figured out a way to get rid of the Digimon for a while. He used his Crimson Lightning attack to injure all of you, but Joe attempted to block it and ended up absorbing most of the energy. I believe Myotismon must have an allergy to tritanium, for I was able to handle him. However, the coward preferred to destroy his own castle rather than be defeated and fled in the confusion. The Digimon were able to get you out before the building collapsed, but they were extremely exhausted and returned to their primary forms unconscious. I checked on your injuries and all of you except Joe were doing well. Joe, on the other hand, was dying."

"Oh boy." Joe turned pale as he finally realized what had happened.

Silver paused for breath. "Then a voice which we could not at that time identify told us how to save his life. The procedure required that we give him the pendant, while taking from him a ring, which I currently have on a chain around my neck. We are fairly certain that we died in Digiworld and were returned to our body in our world. Skipping a few weeks, we were tracking a much-wanted criminal leader. He came to Tokyo and we overheard him talking of monsters destroying his factories. Skipping a pretty boring section of time, we followed you into Digiworld and regained consciousness just in time to block the attack from Metalseadramon. The energy provided enough power to use an attack that the human half didn't know of. The next event that we know of as significant would be the appearance of the Dragon. That was a direct summoning from both myself and Joe, although neither of us knew it at the time. There is something about the symbiote that I did not know that partially explains that Dragon. The Great Dragon, the first Dragon to ever exist, created the symbiote race. One of the other functions of the Chosen was to release the Great Dragon from his imprisonment. When I did, he bestowed extra abilities to our symbiotic body. The ring restored us. This is pretty much all we know."

Everyone took a moment to absorb the huge load of information. Izzy immediately began entering the information into his computer. Mimi started whining about how she couldn't understand "all that stuff about Dragons. I don't even like reptiles!" TK and Kari started playing a game with Gatomon and Patamon. Matt sat down and watched his brother playing. Tai and Sora had gone off a little ways and were talking. Joe and Silver moved off to another corner to speak, at Joe's request.

"We already know what you wish to say." Silver said. Joe looked taken aback, but recovered and asked, "And?"

"We feel the same way. One of the conditions that enabled you to be healed was love."


"Yes. And now we will be here always, until the two worlds have been completely restored. It is our duty to protect the Digi-Destined, and we can't do that if we are not close to them. Closer to some than others." Silver and Joe both smiled, each knowing what the other implied.

"You-you had the same dream?" Tai nearly stuttered. "Yeah," Sora answered. She pulled Tai into a hug. "And you know what Silver said about our dreams…" she whispered playfully into Tai's ear. She leaned forward and-

"Hey, guys! Are you coming or what? Geez, even Izzy is ready to go!" Matt's voice rang out nearby. This close…this close! Tai and Sora both thought, but headed back towards their friends and the future of two worlds.

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